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Loli Ban Faces Rejection


Political observers are predicting that the controversial ban on the possession of sexual depictions of under eighteens will be rejected by the Diet.

The extreme version of the bill proposed by the LDP and their Sokka Gakkai lackeys the Koumeito was challenged by a revision from the DPJ which would have seen only “repeated” or “for profit” offences subjected to full prosecution, but all three parties agreed on the need to jointly pass a piece of legislation.

However, politics being what it is, they have completely failed to agree on the scope of the law even whilst agreeing in principle that a ban is required.

Both major parties intend to keep trying to gain agreement on a bill however, and they still have until the 21st, when the current Diet session will dissolve, to reach an agreement. Political observers do not think this likely.

2ch has naturally entered matsuri mode, their vitriol predominantly falling on loli protector and former idol Agnes Chan:

“Serves you right Agnes!”

“Japan isn’t finished after all, eh lolicon?”

“A great victory! Take that LDP!”

“They’re going to keep debating until the end of the session, don’t let your guard down!”

“A huge victory, justice has prevailed!”

“Honestly I think 3D should be banned, but seeing the tears on Agnes’ cheeks feels good!”

“You guys are getting so I excited, I laughed…”

“It’s dawn. Dawn for Japan.”

“I hate lolicon but I hate Agnes and UNICEF even more! Serves you right!”

“Before sticking your nose into Japanese politics, go and look into the rights violations in your own country, Agnes!”


Truly God’s country!”

Via Itai News.

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