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Iwate Bans Cutlery


As part of the “dagger knife” ban instigated after the Akiba stabbing spree, a Japanese prefecture has banned knives used to prepare oysters “for being too pointy.”

The knives in question are widely used by fishermen and chefs in the preparation of oysters. Since the law bans “double edged blades over 5.5cm long” and “blades with a very sharp point,” police have decided that the knives are illegal and must be banned.


In an exemplary use of police resources, they confiscated 10 of the blades from local merchants whilst informing them of the new rules.

However, they generously offer to inspect the blades of actual tradesmen to see if they are legal, though just what criteria it is they use to determine whether the blade is “too pointy” is anyone’s guess, and they resort to excusing their vagueness by saying it is “case-by-case”.

Those convicted of possessing such a dangerous blade can face up to a three year prison sentence.

There do not appear to have been any cases of rogue oyster chefs rampaging about Iwate, so the only explanation is perhaps that police have nothing better to do.

Via Itai News.

Expect a case-by-case ban on screwdrivers next…

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