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Woman Sells Schoolgirl Sex Online


A woman has been arrested for selling schoolgirls online, in what promises to be the new occupation of virtual madam.

“Dating” forums are now required by law to check the ID of registrants to ensure they are of age, but it seems this has just opened up a profitable role for BBS madams, ladies who can serve as online intermediaries to schoolgirls who would previously have dealt direct with their clients.

One such lady, a 31-year-old unemployed resident of Sapporo, decided a lucrative opportunity awaited her if she could help schoolgirls get in touch with their customers, bypassing the age restrictions.

She would help schoolgirls gain access to the sex hungry male BBS users and their money by registering using her own credentials (in return for an unspecified consideration, presumably), and would also help drum up sales by promoting the girls on the boards.

She would eventually come to the attention of authorities for orchestrating the sale of a 17-year-old girl to a 41-year-old man, which brought charges of child abuse and prostitution.

Via ZakZak.

Once again, it seems to be case where the incredible willingness of Japanese schoolgirls to sell their bodies goes without issue…

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