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SOS-Dan Seiyuu Karate Practice


This image from the SOS-Dan’s previously covered article in Voice Newtype magazine shows the brigade engaging in some martial arts, with Tomokazu Sugita again being the likely focal point of attention.

The 2ch Photoshop above displays one possible pose inspiration – Kyon charging up a Kamehameha.

The seiyuu and their respective characters were covered in our previous post on the magazine, so a quick left-to-right rundown of the character names should suffice: Itsuki, Nagato (Minori prior to her fluids being stolen by Malaysian otaku) , Haruhi, Mikuru and Kyon.

The original image:


Those curious as to when the current Endless Eight story arc will end would be interested to know that Hirano recently made an appearance on a radio show where she said that voice recording on the Endless Eight episodes has ended.

Since such recordings are typically done at least 2-4 weeks prior to an episode actually airing however, this does not narrow it down very much, although some 2ch goers are suggesting it to be a “flag” signaling a conclusion shortly.

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