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“Slim PS3” Video Emerges


Rumours and even photographs of dubious provenance of a new PS3 model with a slimmed down case have persisted for some, despite denials by Sony, but now even a video of the supposed new console emerges.

The video purportedly shows a “leaked” system on sale in some unspecified dubious shop in the Philippines. No proof of it working, or of what is actually inside it, is offered.

Whilst a new model from Sony would hardly be surprising, for a complete system to emerge even while Sony denies the existence of such a product, let alone furnishes a release date, is certainly suspect.

Perhaps the real mystery is why anyone who saw such a (genuine) device would not immediately buy it and auction it online to frenzied PS3 fans or sell it to the gaming press as a huge exclusive, instead settling for a grainy 30 second video of a shiny black box…

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