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LDP: “Ban Eroge to Protect the Rights of Women & Children”


A prominent female politician has petitioned the Diet, demanding a ban on “harmful sites” and “games with depictions of sexual violence”, both justified by her demand that “the human rights of women and children must be protected.”


The politician making the petition, Eriko Yamatani, a 58-year-old journalist turned LDP politician and now in charge of women’s affairs, demanded that those making or distributing “games depicting sexual violence” be subjected to criminal prosecution.

In its broad interpretation this might encompass every adult game where a woman expresses clichéd recalcitrance during sex by squealing “iya!” or “dame!”, practically all such games and most Japanese erotica in fact.

Even more broadly, she called for “harmful sites” on the Internet to be banned as well. Just what is considered harmful is presumably something she thinks best left to her discretion, as she gives no hint as to what she wishes to ban.

Her reasoning is apparently that fictional depictions of sexual violence in games harm the “human rights” of women and children, perhaps by their mere existence, and that such considerations obviously trump any concerns about freedom of expression.

Notably this time the excuse that “international opinion is against us” is not even mentioned.

Once again, no evidence in support of a link between crime and real, let alone fictional, depictions of violence, perversion or otherwise has even been mentioned.

Via Nikkan.

It would appear once again that the weakness shown by the industry has only emboldened its opponents, and that the old adage “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile” holds quite true when confronted with politicians desperate to obfuscate their chronic policy failures by playing at moral demagoguery.

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