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Otaku Steals Seiyuu Chihara Minori’s Sweet Fluids


The predatory nature of otaku when confronted with their seiyuu prey has once again been brought to the fore by the shameless theft of Nagato seiyuu Chihara Minori’s water bottle, with the gleeful thief proceeding to publically quaff down her liquids and even brazenly post photos of himself doing so online, delighting many in the Malaysian otaku community.

The incident took place at the recent Daicon anime convention, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Chihara Minori, a singer-seiyuu most noted for her role as Nagato, amongst many others, was booked for a singing appearance; this went ahead without issue.

However, no sooner had the main event concluded and she had left the scene, one of her opportunist stalkers spied that she had left a bottle of Evian mineral water unattended, from which she had drunk.

He immediately seized his chance and filched the bottle, in plain sight of all.

With the warped logic of men who have never tasted the flesh of a real woman, this is considered an “indirect kiss” by way of a notional exchange of fluids, which is naturally considered a prize of no small standing when it comes from the lips of none other than Nagato herself.

The online reaction amongst the notorious pack of seiyuu stalkers which makes up the Malaysian otaku community has been to fete the daring bottle snatcher for getting a sup of Minorin’s precious fluids, though some non-Malaysian observers have not been so kind:

We have a guy, who’s even a blogger of some reputation, sneaking up on stage and swiping the Evian mineral water bottle that CM ingested water from, and running off with it gleefully.

It might have been less creepy if he had just kept it, but he proceeded to drink the water, take photos of himself with the straw in his mouth and post the pictures online showing off his brave deed. Where the fuck is your dignity and pride as a human being?

Harsh words indeed, though as anyone who saw the fiasco surrounding Aya Hirano’s fleeting visit to Malaysia can attest, perhaps well deserved.

It seems Minori herself is as yet blissfully unaware of this liquid theft, though with the propensity of such scandalous news to propagate wildly across the Internet, true fans can only hope that she be preserved from the knowledge of just where her fluids ended up.

Thanks to Aoshi for the tip.

The maniacal actions of otaku with respect to the objects of their obsession is sadly an occupational hazard for seiyuu, with all manner of bizarre and vindicative behaviour directed against them. Chihara Minori herself has even been the subject of death threats from her otaku following, so this latest act is at least unlikely to faze her…

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