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SOS-Dan Seiyuu 3 Years Later


The latest cover story of Voice Newtype (Newtype’s seiyuu-focused magazine) shows the collected seiyuu of Haruhi‘s SOS-Dan, much as it did in a previous 2006 cover.

Displaying the old (on the left) alongside the new makes for an interesting comparison, with the likely focus falling on how Tomokazu Sugita (Kyon) now appears ready to jump onboard a mecha in a leopard print plugsuit of sorts.

In case a primer on the brigade’s seiyuu is needed, they are from left to right:

Back Row

Daisuke Ono (Itsuki Koizumi), Tomokazu Sugita (Kyon)

Front Row

Minori Chihara (Nagato Yuki), Aya Hirano (Haruhi Suzumiya), Yuuko Gotou (Mikuru Asahina)

Some more information on Chihara and Gotou’s seiyuu careers is available at the past Seiyuu Surprises – Same Actor, Different Roles article.

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