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BlazBlue Panchira Trigger


2D fighting game BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger’s recent port from the arcades to the PS3 and Xbox 360 has been greeted with no small excitement, but it seems hardly a kick is let fly without some form of intimate exposure, as the pantsu-packed screenshots below amply demonstrate:


Some characters are however unexpectedly chaste…


The game itself is considered a successor to Guilty Gear’s mantle of 2D fighting excellence and creative character design; it is available now for PS3 and Xbox 360.

The PS3 version is said to be outselling the Xbox 360 internationally, supposedly on account of the best Japanese players being overwhelmingly on the PS3 – serious US players wanting to pit themselves against these elite players online therefore need the PS3 version…

Via Hachimaki.

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  • Metronome says:

    Wow, uh. Don’t feed the trolls. <w<;;


    I hope I don't have to import this game.. such a hassle.

    I liked my GG, looking forward to this.
    Don't get much over here in New Zealand.

  • Berzerkazn says:

    so Taokaka likes practicing headbutts apparently…. (you won’t understand this unless you’ve played Blazblue….. and this was a “lol time” moment in the game i actually enjoyed, thanks “boobie lady” XD)

    Played it, loved it, keeping it for years to come 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I have both PS3 and 360 and thanks to a friend I’ve played both versions. PS3’s version online plays smooth 360’s when compared lags. As for the controller debate PS3 gets my vote again. In the heat of battle its more reliable to execute combos with PS3’s d-pad. So there you have it case close.

  • Likwid Jeenyus says:

    People forget that the PS3 is region-free. Europeans tend to buy PS3s because of it. It is usually due to the fact that they get games much later than US and Japanese markets. And with BlazBlue not gonna be release until sometime late next year in Europe, of course they would get the PS3 version.

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    No way around the Xbox 360 controllers’ d-pad suckiness, I’m making no bones ’bout it. And it’s not realistic to expect everyone to get an arcade stick just for this game, either.

  • I love this game. Playing this on the PS3. Well, what can I say. I love the storyline for this game. And/// of course, I love litchi’s, especially when she got hit! sounds p0rn. but, noel is still my no. 1:)

  • Anonymous says:

    If you find GG as one of those unsung epic games , you’ll definitely gonna like this one too! And please this one a favor , for the people who are aware of this game esp GG – w/c is a great game but unfortunately didn’t get into the top – make this one get in it as a tribute and justice for GG and this franchise itself!

  • Anonymous says:

    The Japanese hardcore fighting game community’s system of choice is the 360. It has been since DoA4 and will continue to be for a very long time. Even the SoulCalibur community has pretty much completely abandoned the PS3.

    The PS3 version did outsell the 360 version by a little over 10k according to Famitsu, but that has more to do with there being many more PS3 owners than 360 owners in Japan. As for the PS3 outselling the 360 version internationally, that is really just baseless conjecture unless you can provide some numbers. In the US for example, the 360 version of almost everything significantly outsells the PS3 version.

    I know I shouldn’t expect you to know what you’re talking about though. 🙂

  • man, after hearing so much problems about obtaining blazblue now, I’m glad i pre-ordered the special edition online.

    blazblue on blu-ray? just to catchy to not get this on ps3, not to mention the superior controller for fighting games, although you can make the argument that if your really hardcore, you are playing with a stick but whatever…game is pro.

  • International sales of the ps3 version has almost NOTHING to do with Japanese players. It’s all about the controller. Nobody would be caught dead playing a fighter using the 360’s broken ass d-pad.

    • wouldn’t blame the D-pad I know several people that can do rotate moves better on 360 d-pad. Personally I use an arcade stick. For controllers I prefer 360s because it fits the human hands alot better than a PlayStation one and don’t cramp up your fingers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anyone who’s living in such abject poverty that they can’t afford to buy or make a decent stick shouldn’t have a PS3 or 360 in the first place, they should save whatever rubles they have for malaria medications and what have you.

      Seriously, why would anyone EVER subject themselves to ANY controller in a fighting game? It’s only a step or two above using a keyboard, which I’m pretty sure is outlawed by the Geneva Convention. They probably force prisoners in Guantanamo to play Third Strike on a keyboard right after they finish waterboarding them. Well, not 3S, probably one of the KoFs. It’s torture after all.

      • Oh god just shut up. Plenty of people can play extraordinarily well with a keyboard, and just as many can excel with a d-pad. Many people’s first long-term exposure to fighting games came with the SNES version of SFII, and they learned to pull off just about anything with a d-pad.

        • Anonymous says:

          I used to rock faces on GGXX#R using the original Xbox’s S-Type controller analog stick. all I’d hear is “HURRR STICK IS SUPERIOR” “LOL ANALOG” “LOL SCRUB” And then I’d kick their ass.

          Sticks are not superior, if you practice enough with ANYTHING you can become damn good. A lot of the motions only seem difficult to some on the dpad because they haven’t found the right way to do them

        • Anonymous says:

          I hate these scrubs posing like they were competitive gamers. 360’s controller might suck, but you won’t lose solely because of it. Whatever works for you is fine, really.

          There’s not much of a difference between pad and stick warriors in the Saturn Pad tier. Arcade sticks allow for better, faster inputs, mixups, etc, but this does not mean there will be really a big difference if you are using a pad (and have the skills).

  • That’s all well and dandy, unless you live in Canada and didn’t pre-order it; We’re pretty much forced to wait until the end of July for restocks ( or the standard version, no less ) to come by because they somehow didn’t make enough.

    I’ve never had so much trouble getting a game after its release. D:

  • Anonymous says:

    “supposedly on account of the best Japanese players being overwhelmingly on the PS3” This kind of comment is from people that has completely no idea of what gaming community in japan is like.
    even in japan xbox360 community has much better player in term of quality. this apply to all fighting game, fps alike. go read up 2ch before making biased comment. ps3’s rubbish like friendlist system makes it impossible to communicate, its like only 10% of the japanese actually have a mic for ps3 while for 360 mic is a standard accessory for people who play online. I own 2 console btw.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bias*. I wouldn’t expect a 360 fanboy to know how to spell properly though, since they’re all 12 years old – either physically or mentally (or both). PS3 has free online, built in Blu-Ray and WiFi, true 1080p HD support, and better exclusives. 360 charges you $50/yr to play games online that you already bought and are gonna put ads on the dashboard. You’re paying $50/yr for advertisements.

      How does THAT make you feel? And you’re exclusives – What’s 360 got coming out in ’09? Halo ODST, Forza 3, and Mass Effect 2. So, 1 shitty Halo rehash, a Gran Turismo ripoff, and 1 good RPG. While I’m jealous of Mass Effect 2, I think E3’s Game of the Show – Uncharted 2 – as well as God of War 3, Ratchet and Clank Future: ACiT, Demon’s Souls, White Knight Chronicles, Gran Turismo 5, M.A.G., The Last Rebellion, Katamari Forever, and Fat Princess will cheer me up. Not to mention InFamous, Killzone 2, Yakuza 3, Flower, MLB: The Show, and a handful of other AAA games that came out in ’09 that will keep me goin’ ’til the holiday season.

      Oh, and lets not forget that 2 of the biggest games this year, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Assassin’s Creed 2, both have exclusive content on the PS3. Suck that GTA4 and Fallout 3.

      • WHO GIVES A SHIT WHAT YOU PLAY ON?! For fucks sake you say they’re all 12 year olds yet just the fact that you think it’s important what other people use to play video games on makes you a fucking idiot, seriously people who fight over this remind me of when I’d fight over whether pokemon or digimon was better when I was 8 years old grow up you fucking trash. Sorry if that got a bit cursey, my hatred poured out of my fingertips right there.

      • Why the asshole treatment to the 360 owners? I own both consoles, and I rarely turn on my PS3. The games that come out for both consoles lean towards my 360 almost all the time.

        PS3 has additional stuff that you don’t really need. You’ll say, “oh, that’s cool…ok, I’m over it.” PS3 exclusives aren’t that great man, the year of the PS3 is yet to come…if it ever does.

      • Rinfinite says:

        So, is 2009 the year of the PS3 too? I keep on hearing that every year.

        The cell is so awesome that even when sales drop, it’s still amazing. Thats why 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 are supposed to be the years of the PS3.

        Don’t underestimate the PS3. It’s got everything you could ever want! Like BluRay…and…WiFi…and…and…a bunch of other stuff you don’t need!

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, to be honest, a lot of the Ps3 exclusives aren’t coming out until 2010.
          That part of the press conference was pretty sarcastic.. The audience seemed to lol too, as it was somewhat obligatory to add something like that in.
          Should have seen EA’s conference. They got some fucking 12 year old girls on stage to play some random shit. Painful to watch =\

        • Rinfinite says:

          “Keep trying to tell yourself the PS3 doesn’t have the most amazing lineup of exclusives this year.”

          “What was Sony’s E3? Oh yeah, nothing but PURE games. 1 game after another. SO MANY GAMES THEY DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TIME TO SHOW ALL THEIR EXCLUSIVES IN 2 HOURS. Microsoft showed off a bunch of multiplatform games and some bullshit with Halo. Their big Epic exclusive? A fucking XBLA Arcade game.”

          This year? Just this fucking year? ROFL.

        • Anonymous says:

          @ Rinfinite

          No one said shit about 06/07 being “Year of the PS3”. The only reason ’08 wasn’t dominated by the PS3 is ’cause 360 actually had some decent exclusives to contend with it. Now that it’s ’09 though, 360 doesn’t have *SHIT*. You saw E3. 1/2 their damn show was a demo of some 15 yr old autistic girl spazzing out on PS Eye. Errrr, Project Natal***.

          What was Sony’s E3? Oh yeah, nothing but PURE games. 1 game after another. SO MANY GAMES THEY DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TIME TO SHOW ALL THEIR EXCLUSIVES IN 2 HOURS. Microsoft showed off a bunch of multiplatform games and some bullshit with Halo. Their big Epic exclusive? A fucking XBLA Arcade game.

          Keep trying to tell yourself the PS3 doesn’t have the most amazing lineup of exclusives this year. It’s gonna be hard to deny it when the holidays roll around and the only exclusives you have to enjoy is a racing sim. Your tears of jealousy will feed me while I play Uncharted 2 and over 36 other exclusive titles dropping in ’09 for PS3.

        • Anonymous says:

          “year of the PS3” is fanboy bullshit ignore it due too no factual basis. Cell has it’s pros and cons.

          The PS33 also has digital optical audio output and no bullshit money squeezing schemes,so it doesn’t require you to buy extra god damn cables because microsoft decided “haha we wont allow you HDMI cable+ the standard audio cables because we are greedy scumbags and want u to buy this EXTRA 30 dollar cable etc.

          The standard PS3 beats the 360 Elite hands down in value and could possibly challenge the premium xbox for anyone considering a HD tv + any kind of sound not coming from the god damn monitor. Now a logical human being would weigh the features and games and prices against eachother and decide based on that which is the “best” console for him, long story short there is no static answer for best console

      • Anonymous says:

        Kotaku itself is so biased toward sony dont u see that? Japanese hate sony you can go research on things called GK, Sony Timer. In fact ps3 got tons of assholes because anyone could just keep making free ids. for gamertags u need to give up ur gamerscore and flish to make a newone, i encounter less assholes on live though. I play in Japanese community, almost all my gaming friends are around 30s while my ps3 flist has lots of high schoolers. GT5s reign is already over, after so long in development i still do not see any thing coming out except gt5 prologue where cheaters just zoom pass u and most importantly no one fucking owns a mic. While forza u can design ur own car its really interesting to see people with IMAS or dream club car racing with you. The Last Rebellion is complete rubbish period go look at the screen shot, i bet u wont buy it. Ryu3 is interesting to some extent, but ryu kenzan is complete rubbish though. White Knight Chronicles is not interesting at all, you are doing the samething over and over again and the main story ends abruptly you dont even know wat is happening.

        • Anonymous says:

          Play Halo 3 and then play Killzone 2. Tell me PSN has more childish assholes than XBL. I *DARE* you. It can’t be done. Absolutely impossible. Also, most people accuse Kotaku of being bias *AGAINST* the PS3, not TOWARDS it. I personally find them to be a well publicated, unbiased source, but people will always find something to bitch about (They are teh bias! They said something bad about the 360! Oh noes!?!!”

    • Stonehound says:


      The leaderboards give precedence to players with large numbers of wins, and uses percentage as a tiebreaker. Not to mention that making a new account won’t do you a damn OUNCE of good if you haven’t gained the skills to improve your record.

      For instance: I have a record of a little under 50% wins, with 40 total wins. If I miraculously gain new skills and decide to use them to go win 100 games straight, I will be sitting in the 100-win zone… but if I gain those same marvelous skills and stick to my guns, I will be in the 140-win section of the leaderboard.

      tl;dr: Multiple accounts will weaken the record of the multi-accounter. ALWAYS.

  • I already have this game, but the thing is that I don’t have a PS3 yet because it’s so dang high for me to just buy yet, So I had to get the Xbox 360 Version. Online battles should still be happening in the Xbox360. It’s obviously why PS3’s is getting more sells than Xbox360 to me.