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Loli Gagger Arrested: “I Did It Over 100 Times”


A lolicon who indecently assaulted little girls by grabbing them on the street, covering their mouths and groping them has finally been brought to justice; he admits to carrying out his attacks over a hundred times…

The 26-year-old salaryman, a resident of Chiba prefecture, came to police attention when he grabbed a 9-year-old girl on her way home from school, covered her mouth and began feeling her body.

Police arrested him and charged him with indecent assault, but appears this crime was but the tip of the iceberg; he admits to similar crimes, all apparently accomplished by cruising the routes girls took to reach their schools in his car, and then attacking any which took his fancy.

By his own admission “I did this around here over 100 times.”

Via Sankei.

Given what gets reported as a crime by such children, we have to wonder what police were doing all this time…

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