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Chikan Attacks Schoolgirl with Sextoy


A man who brazenly assaulted a schoolgirl on one of the capital’s packed trains using a sextoy has been arrested.

The chikan, a 33-year-old man in charge of local sports facilities for youths, struck on Tokyo’s Yurakucho line one morning.

Approaching a high school girl, he began to assault her with an unspecified sex toy he had previously concealed in his trouser pocket, pressing it up against her skirt.

Fortunately, there happened to be a police officer nearby who noticed the crime, and subdued the perpetrator.

The chikan was charged under Tokyo’s anti-chikan ordinances, though oddly seems to have escaped charges of sexual assault. The municipal government which employs him also vowed to deal with him strictly.

Via ZakZak.

Shocking as it may be, we have to wonder at the mentality of a girl who would not offer substantial resistance to this kind of ridiculous assault…

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  • Anonymous says:

    He avoided sexual assault charges? You’d think the use of sextoys would fall into that category. I’m just assuming that the line is where things stop being “invasive” and start getting “violating”, and sextoys definitely fall into “violating”.

  • – It is estimated that only 1% of all date rapes are reported to the police.
    (Diana Russell, Sexual Exploitation: Rape, Child Abuse and Workplace Harassment, California, 1984.)
    – 93% of sexual assault survivors do not report to the police.
    (Statistics Canada, The Daily. (Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, November 18, 1993.)
    – Of sexual assault survivors who do not report to the police, 44% state that it was because they were concerned about the attitudes of the police or courts toward this crime.
    (Leaf Lines, Vol. 4, No. 1, November, 1990.)
    As these show, rape and the like are not reported even in Western countries so its not a matter of women of only Japan not taking action but in other places as well.

  • It happened to me too.
    Normally I would have thought, that I’d resist and even do something nasty with the offender’s face or gentials or something.

    That guy was taken a liking in me. I was sitting at the very end of the car. Everyone was facing mostly front, but no one in my direction. The guy had black hair, and he sat right next to me. He was just sitting there for a while. None, including me suspected anything.
    Then he started.
    At first I was surprised. Then, to my own largest surprise, I actually thought: “Well, he probably likes me.” That was my first thought, but that was the last calm one.
    I do not remember that I was shocked or not, but I do remember, that my mind got almost overwhelmed with thoughts.
    I have not ever experienced anything like this before, so I admit I was curious about the offender. What kind of man he could be. He seemed so odd. I was thinking about, ‘how such man would think’. ‘In which ways he thinks differently?’ ‘What made him like this?’ ‘How come he choose me?’ Does he doing it for fun, to humiliate me, to bully me, or he has some questionable sexual motives, or what the hell this is supposed to be?’ And so on..
    Minutes were gone before I finally reached a conclusion to the question: “What to do now?, How to react?”. I decided, that he is doing something unwanted (by me, since he obviously wanted it).
    I thought that touching his hand would not be a good idea, that would assure him, or make him pursue his presumably unknown goal just even more. Thus I tried to Move a bit. Did not work. Then I stud up, and sit just one seat left. People noticed I was moving, and some began to stare at the guy.
    I bet they thought he must stink badly. Well actually he did have a strong perfume in him.

    The point is, that even if I feel, that I’d kick him hard, when it actually happened to me, it was all the way different.

    It was not in Japan, and I am not a girl, but still.

  • SilverTide says:

    “Shocking as it may be, we have to wonder at the mentality of a girl who would not offer substantial resistance to this kind of ridiculous assault…”

    We also have to wonder at the mentality of a man who would do this with a policeman standing nearby…

  • “Shocking as it may be, we have to wonder at the mentality of a girl who would not offer substantial resistance to this kind of ridiculous assault…”
    Precisely!! In Hentai and Eroge or any other kind of fictional work is one thing, but would it kill to yell or call out loud for help?
    Yeah, I know that there’s alot to take into consideration in some cases, but I were in their shoes, I would likely fight back in some way.
    For crying out loud, I don’t know why the bystanders don’t intervene when they see these type of crimes in motion as well. It makes them just a guilty if they’re able to lend a hand but don’t.

    • Anon Onanism says:

      I think perhaps we need to expand on our understanding of the word “loli” and it’s usage in modern society.
      Fist off, it is not a Japanese word to begin with. Originally it comes from the word “lolita” which was coined in the 1950’s by Vladimir Nabokov, an author who wrote a book entitled “Lolita”. The book tells the story of the romance between a middle aged man and a 12 year old girl to whom he gave the nickname “Lolita”, but I’m sure everyone has already read the Wiki, so enough about that.
      Originally the term was generally used to refer to sexually “stimulating” young girls below the age of consent. The book gave an age range of 9-14 when describing the type of girl the protagonist was attracted to, “nymphets” a.k.a. his “Lolita”.
      Since the age of the girl in the OP was not stated, but the fact that she was in high school was, it is reasonable to assume she was between the ages of 15-18, or there abouts. Given the age range of the typical high school girl (Japanese or otherwise), the majority of joshi kosei, including the one in question, don’t quite fall into the category of “loli” or “lolita” by the original standards.
      However, and this is where I finally get to my point, in modern terminology “lolita” is often used to refer to sexually active young women who retain the appearance of a juvenile (underage) while still being over, or very nearly, the age of consent, which is 16-18 in most places. Our high school girl would fall neatly into this category, a “justifiable loli” if you will. Therefore I must side with posters who choose to refer to joshi kosei as “loli”.

      tl;dr Under 18, appearance or otherwise = justifiable loli.


  • Schrodinger says:

    So… it’s settled, right? We all leave for Japan tomorrow. We board the same train…We will sync watches and at a specified time, we get fresh with a local schoolgirl. The police won’t be able to catch us all~

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t be too sure about that….. I doubt that she was ‘too scared’ to make a move…. any child I have ever seen being touched in ANY fashion that they don’t like screams like a yowling cat whose had their tail stepped on.

      On another point, did this idiot REALLY think that he was going to get away with this? I swear…. some of these things I hear, I have to ask myself “Is this a plant? Is this a guy who was paid to get caught doing this to make pedosexuals look more dangerous than we actually are?”

  • Whether she wanted it or not, the fact she opposed no resistance in such circumstance doesn’t change: just imagine it was you daughter/sister/girlfriend, would you still be able to accept it in either of the two circumstances?

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s with all that daughter/sister/girlfriend moralist bullshit on Sankaku lately? Why the hell do you moralists always rely on emotional appeals? Are you incapable of making a logical argument or what? If she didn’t like it, it’s clearly abuse and therefore obviously wrong in every way; it’s also especially sad that her environment made her feel like resisting would shame her even more. If she did like it, it’s still wrong in a sufficient number of ways (like, a train is not exactly an appropriate place to live out your fantasies).
      But most importantly, not a single commenter has stated he/she thinks it’s acceptable at the time of writing of your comment, so why the hell did you assume that?

      But to answer your question: if it was my daughter/sister/girlfriend and she confessed to me that she liked it, I would indeed accept it. Especially if she was my girlfriend, since, well, I like kinky girls. I’d still want the fucker to rot in jail, though.

      • My guess is it’s a single person making that same appeal. It’s one I’ve seen elsewhere too. It’s as if they think we’re insensitive about strangers or something. We care for people even if they’re not sisters/girlfriends or daughters, it’s just we acknowledge that they may have urges they want to do with people other than us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep, unless she told me afterwards that “I didn’t want the touching, but I was too scared to say anything!” and after I berated her for that bullshit, seeing as how I told MY children that they should yell, scream, rant and rave if someone touches them in ANY fashion they don’t like.

  • It’s a cultural thing.
    The girl probably didn’t react due to shame and because the train was packed… the shame part is something most of us guys won’t understand, sadly.

    That’s exactly why they had to create special train carts for women only.

    Many of those girls simply don’t know how to react, can’t call for help because shame and taking abuses quietly are inherent to the culture. And some perverts abuses of that.

    Which is kinda unfortunate because what I’d really like to hear is that the abused girl took the sex toy and shoved in the abuser’s ass, which is what they all deserve. Or something worse.

  • The government is going to deal with him? Thats why he wasn’t charged. What are they going to do to him? Take away his benefits, not getting a bonus this year, no vacation. Thats fucked up that he’s not arrested!!!

    • No. She was likely shocked and didn’t know what to do. A deer in the headlights doesn’t run, even though they know something bad is going to happen. Shock makes minds freeze up.

    • Anonymous says:

      Failed article. The news article in ZAKZAK itself was fairly vague about the details. It was just an article about a chikan who was arrested for pressing a sextoy against her skirt.


      “Shocking as it may be, we have to wonder at the mentality of a girl who would not offer substantial resistance to this kind of ridiculous assault…”

      was added to sensationalise the story. This is just taking advantage of the fact that most readers here can’t read Japanese. You are just making them think that the girl in question did not resist despite the fact that no information regarding that was ever given in the news article itself. She might have struggle for all we know but whatever it is, we have no infor on that.

      • Drivel.

        You can’t just molest people unless they stand there and take it, otherwise you end up with a knee in your groin at the very least. And we know that in most of these cases it seems the victims don’t even report the crime.

        It says a policeman “noticed” the crime and subdued him, I suspect from reading many of these reports that it would mention if she resisted or otherwise.

        And the parting remark is not part of the main account, and by “substantial resistance” I would be happy for her to have at least injured him in self defence…

        • Anonymous says:


          i dont know, i think codecs like 01010101011101010101010110101 transfer information pretty well and that is a form of communication.

          Though most everything has a bias and/or agenda whether conscious or not, there are obviously a few methods of middle of the line mediums.

          Anonymous 13:01:
          what? I was stating that you are looking for middle of the road approach from an internet blog/site/article which inherently makes it bias. No matter what the authors may write or not, the selection of the news pieces, title, format in which the article is written, cover picture, everything is swayed to the creator’s opinion. Unless you’re reading a purpose built manual on how-to-do-something, there is a degree of bias, whether tiny or immense, to just about any written subject. Newspapers are not exempt.

          Rage at anonymous attack

        • MelancholyMomo says:

          I think you guys have been watching to many train hentais.. where the girl is too ‘innocent’ to fight back.. Who knows some rich ojou sama may act like that but a normal woman might not act the same way, especially if it was in the cities.. Girls just aren’t pure and innocent anymore, nevertheless still speculating.. which is all we can do if all we have is that information..

          me thinks, that the woman was actually with the chikan, i.e. they were partners who desired a more adventurous play, which is why no charges were made, and why she didn’t resist..

          to the dude a few comments ago – and aren’t you guys just speculating as well?

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s what people are forgetting to realize it seems. A lot of girls are humiliated enough about what is happening to them but to then draw attention to it as well. No I personally don’t feel that it’s worth the abuse but that’s not every girl out there. Just like how many women don’t report rapes because they feel ashamed and embarrassed these girls are feeling something similar with chikan. Give these girls a freakin break.

        • Anonymous says:

          Doesn’t anyone realize that the girl may have been thinking that while being groped on a train is humiliating, but it could have been even moreso if everyone around her saw her in a state like that? Remember, this is a public setting we’re talking about–The main reason why most girls don’t react so badly in such places despite being groped is because they’re afraid of being looked upon strangely by everyone around themselves.

        • Anonymous says:


          “I think it would be an understatement to say you are stretching things out of a desire to rubbish the article.”

          I thought since it would be difficult to rubbish all your factually correct articles, I should join in on the speculating fun.


          Also, I speculate that the article on ZAKZAK was pretty close to “a non bias or opinionated article”. How fail is that Kortaku?

        • lol, looking for a non bias or opinionated article on the internet…quite a fail indeed.

          Actually i did NOT notice that after the source links was a separation for 2cents pieces but i suppose i am more focused on(pictures > words).

        • -she might have resisted but it wasn’t in the article.

          I said “substantial”. If she broke his nose it would be in there, indeed I would have put it in the title myself.

          -the police could have been so close that he could have apprehended him straight-away.

          The article still states he got his toy out and molested her with it.

          -the chikan is ugly.
          -in fact the chick is ugly too.

          I think it would be an understatement to say you are stretching things out of a desire to rubbish the article.

          I don’t care about any of the other points you raised. There is nothing factually incorrect about the story.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anon 12:05:

          It is just his own two cents but not everyone seems to have figured out that it is just his own two cents. Did you read the other comments?


          You really, really think everyone thinks it is tongue in cheek? I like you; it is hard to find someone so naive these days.



          The fact remains that the news is just a very short blurb with little details about what actually happened.

          -she might have resisted but it wasn’t in the article.
          -the police could have been so close that he could have apprehended him straight-away.
          -the chikan is ugly.
          -in fact the chick is ugly too.

          We could all speculate about the millions of possibilities but:

          -it would still be speculation.
          -there will still be retards who will take your words wholesale despite you indicating that it is your own opinion.
          -there will be tens of little fanboys who worship you just because you post naked pictures and sensationalize stories.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Shocking as it may be, we have to wonder at the mentality of a girl who would not offer substantial resistance to this kind of ridiculous assault…”

        Is just his opinion. Everyone but you seems to have figured out that what’s said after the source link is just their own two cents.