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AIKa Zero “150% More Panchira! 200% More Sexiness!”


Classic aerial secret agent pantsu anime Agent Aika is being revived after a 10 year hiatus, and true to form the latest of the new anime series, AIKa Zero, is set to include a mindnumbing array of panchira combat scenes and gratuitous skirt adjustment.

The new video promo for the series will leave viewers in no doubt that serious pantage is on offer here:

A “150% increase in levels of panchira” and “200% more sexiness” in relation to previous titles are gleefully promised, which given the levels of panchira in previous incarnations of the series may give fans pause for thought.

The anime itself will take the form of three OVA discs, with release starting August 25th. Pre-orders for both DVD and Blu-ray are open now.

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