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First Arrests Over Loli Links


In a first for Japan, two men have been arrested for posting loli links to a forum, and the two youths running the board were also arrested for failing to remove the links.

The two men, a 37-year-old pachinko parlour employee and a 37-year-old restaurant worker, were arrested on charges of public distribution of obscene material, after posting links to overseas websites carrying videos featuring under-18s, which would be illegal to distribute in Japan. They were each fined ¥500,000.

An additional arrest of a 41-year-old Korean man is also reported.

Additionally, the two students (19) who ran the site were also arrested, with police alleging that they knew of the links but did nothing to remove them; they admit the charges but say they thought they did nothing wrong.

To further complicate the matter, the forum itself was hosted in the USA, and Japanese authorities had the host provide details of the pair, and close the site.

It is not clear what the illegal content consisted of, or where it was hosted; such sites tend only to be established in countries with very liberal laws regarding underage pornography, such as Russia, but there are suspicions that the videos were merely uploaded to free file hosting services.

Japanese legal experts have raised concerns over the implications of the action, with Internet users now potentially facing charges for merely mentioning links to sites carrying illegal content (which in Japan could include uncensored pornography), or being the victim of redirects; site administrators too face dangers in allowing user submitted links…

Via Yomiuri.

The wave of recent unusual arrests based on new interpretations of the existing law is being greeted with suspicion by some, particularly with the Diet still discussing such matters…

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  • Anonymous says:

    So basically knowing that there are page like youpr0n and red**** (add rest that is the same as googles videoplatform) and actually being so prude to write it down can net you a charge you would get in other countries for major theft, willfull destruction of ones goods, or beating people to a pulp?
    Sometimes I wonder why politicians – japanese ones first and foremost – aren’t awarded the Darwin-Awards. They didn’t have the grace to wipe themselves of the face of this planet but maybe it would be a motivation.
    After they would’ve done that let’s blame it on the stupid censorshiprights and them being unsatisfied.

  • Distrance says:

    I cant bother to read all of the comments but… Are we talking about real loli here, or like.. H-loli ? If the latter.. The world is coming to it’s end D:. ( I’m sure you meant the latter but Ill have to make sure.. )

  • Yeah like Ice-nee-san said:
    – “Now begins a dark day for all lolicons D:” [2]
    But we have hope… at least the Porn Indutries are involved so… Agnes-chan 0 x 2 Lolicons!!!
    ALL HAIL LOLICONS!!!!!!!!! * Come to our side ……..We have nice DLolisCakes and DFC*

  • Anonymous says:

    To prevent misunderstandings: I’m against child porn and molestation. But:

    A 17 yr guy fucking a 14 yr girl = legal
    A 18 yr guy fucking a 15 yr girl = illegal

    17yr couple filming themselves = child porn
    18yr couple filming themselves = great watch

    Who can explain this in a way your brain doesn’t start to rot?

    • Anonymous says:

      “A 17 yr guy fucking a 14 yr girl = legal”

      In places where 16’s the AoC? Pretty sure that 17-yo would be in quite the fix.

      Or they’re both charged with statutory rape on the other, minus the situations where “Romeo & Juliet” laws apply, which is hardly universal. It’s happened plenty of times and will probably continue to do so. In some cases R&J won’t null the entire case, just reduce it to a much more sane (lol @ secondary-school registered sex offenders, thank you, Megan’s kidnapper!) penal level.

      Further, note that, as it is right now, at least some R&J laws don’t cover same-sex liasons, leading to full-term statutory rape penalties to the older of the parties.

      I’m not sure about R&J laws interaction with age-of-legal-majority, though.

  • Russian laws are not liberal, it is illigal to post loli links, even normal pornography is illigal!!! But for violation you only get small fine 500 – 10 000 rubles (32 rubles = 1 $) if you only civil, not goverment employee. Hentai status is under qestion

  • I’ll be more worried if this turns out to be over 2D media, or when that inevitably happens. (Not that I’m into loli stuff, but it’s a slippery slope from there to ALL 2D pron.)

    Arresting harmless internet 2D lolicons in Japan is kind of like arresting people for smoking marijuana where I live: Pretty soon, you’re going to have to do everything yourself, because your wise and all-knowing government just put the entire low end of the working class in jail. Way to go!

    Then again, it’s Japan. They would probably get around it by perfecting android technology to the point that they could handle most menial labor and retail jobs…

    …which would then of course lead an enterprising few to make loli sex-bots.


  • Everyone encrypt your hard drives with 256-Bit security passwords. Use ten fingerprint readers and an eye scanner!

    Throw the hard drive in a sealed, fireproof vault. Send it to space.

    Are you ready? Once the storm is over and reformation begins, we shall all reunite.

    We shall secretly travel to the moon to reclaim our drives filled with folders of 2D lolicon porn. Only then can there be peace.

    This is barely just beginning, many will be lost, but if we act now, we can decrease the amount of failures.

  • Anonymous says:

    in my country, enforcement practice of laws regarding internet are always derailed for questionable, gray-zone purpose.

    Japan is seriously GOING THE WRONG WAY. i might not be liking your lolies, but i’m with you in this crusade against anti-net-freedom retards.

        • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

          Anonymous: I am endorsing nothing. I am merely pointing out how this entire process of charging someone for posting a link to supposedly objective material is a poorly constructive method. I do not endorse pedophilia but neither do I criticize something that people can’t help. Time for another rant albeit this one is smaller.

          So if someone says that pedophilia is wrong and is sick if the person does nothing but openly admit to being a pedophile what right do we have to charge this person? It would be the same thing as a lolicon. Lolicons and pedophiles are not quite as different as you may think. What even makes one a pedophile a sexual desire for children. Well lolicons have a sexual desire for non-real children and yet they never actually harm anyone. I have no doubt that pedophiles that do nothing to garner attention do exist in this world. Pedophiles are also not just males but can be females as well as the definition of pedophilia is towards children not just young girls or young boys.

          One also has to take in account that the actual set age for pedophilia differs in each country. In the United States a pedophile is labeled anyone who has sex with someone under the age 18. In some countries in Europe the age limit is 16. Does that make everyone in Europe who has sex with someone at the age of 17 a pedophile? It would in the States but since they are in a different location it has a different meaning.

          I want to emphasize the fact that although I am saying this I am not endorsing anything merely pointing out certain situations and problems with these ideas and the methods in which the law is enacted.

          Thank you Just for actually understanding my whole spew. These people were arrested for merely posting a link. They could have been told to post the link by one of their friends for all we know. It could have been a joke. They could have been pedophiles. They might not have been pedophiles. These people were charged with distributing illegal material when the very nature of link means that you distribute nothing. Whether they were pedophile or not doesn’t matter. It was indeed a grave injustice that these people would get in trouble for merely posting a link. This is a direct attack against people through use of the internet. If anyone has ever read 1864 the idea of big brother is slowly becoming a reality through the constant surveillance of the internet (let alone other things). This article is a simple example of how our freedoms (net and art/expression in this case) are being slowly stripped away. Considering we still don’t know if this article is even about 2D or if (as I believe) it is about 3D we can’t really see the full effect this arrest will have on the rest of the world. Regardless of what the situation actually is be it 2D or 3D this will effect everyone because soon it may be illegal to even talk about pron (3D or 2D).

          Hail hentai!

        • This is not a matter of child pornograhpy-.- The matter is that merely posting a link to illegal material makes you responsible for distributing it and i call that a grave injustice wether the 2 guys were actually pedophile or not

  • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

    I’m not sure what to make of this. I’m assuming the “loli links” were of actual real 3D children. I don’t see how anyone could get away with arresting people on the charge of 2D. This leads me to conclude that the whole thing is technically within the current bias law.

    In the United States a sever penalty for possession or distribution of child pornography is in place and is unlikely to change any time soon. I’m not positive about Japan’s own laws and regulations but am going to assume it is pretty much the same. In which case the people should have expected it considering the majority of the world and their current attitude towards underage pron. Although I find it unlikely that the police in any of these nations actually went around random sites looking for this type of thing it is much more likely that someone outside gave up the information. In which case I wouldn’t be surprised if Agnes Ban herself were behind this. There is also the possibility that this entire article is fabricated considering hardly any information at all is being told. This could mean that some of the outside moralist groups are trying to trick people into obeying them. This could mean that their plans are failing and they’re attempting to attack through new methods. Who really knows?

    However if this is not a case of mere 3D child pron then there is definite cause for worry. The fact that art regardless of what kind is being looked upon as a reason to arrest people I still have yet to hear of the whole reasoning behind it.

    I mean why is it bad? Demoralizing towards women? Not really. Considering lolicon is child 2D fake pron. Children don’t know better and the majority of them would never even see lolicon until their of the age of masturbation. It can also be said that some women and men actually do act as depicted. How is it “bashing” women when some of them actually act as shown? Hell men act as shown too sometimes but not all the times. Hell the feminists are looking at this all the wrong way rather than be offensive to females it should be it is offensive towards males. This type of artwork makes women think this is actually the true nature of men in which they are all huge perverts and dangerous to be around. The pervert part is not a lie but it isn’t just males who are perverts. Women are just as perverted as the men.

    Back to the topic at hand this idea of arresting people over distributing links is not believable. For one someone can post a link without even ever going to the site of which they are posting (usually not the case but can be hard to prove), the hosts should not be responsible since even a thing here or there can slip by and even if they didn’t do anything they probably didn’t want to check the site and see if it actually was a loli link. They also were probably unaware that they’d get in trouble for something someone else posted…a link is different. One has to actually click to go to the place of the links origin meaning that the site itself is not being distributed.

    The charge for distribution of material should be invalid. Sure they posted a link but they didn’t actually distribute anything but the link. A link itself is not obscene. Considering the user must click on the link on their own it is the user not the poster who follows the link. One can click on a link and if the said link isn’t hyperlinked then the link itself is merely letters, numbers, and symbols. The user has to take the initiative and enter the website into their web browser to actually see the content of the said website. As such the people who posted the link did not post obscene material but rather nothing more than a link or a bunch of letters, numbers, and symbols. Should they be held liable for distribution of obscene material when all they posted was the link (void of obscene material)? I say nay.

    Let’s take a moment to add onto this line of thought though. The guys were charged for the distribution of obscene material right? I’ve already argued a small case (lots more I could add) about how the distribution part of the charge is invalid and now I shall take apart the obscene material part. First off what is defined as obscene material? Who defines it? What one considers as obscene material is a matter of perspective. The word obscene generally has three main definitions; offensive to morality and decency, causing uncontrolled sexual desire or lewdness, or abominable disgusting repulsive. I shall now take each of these definitions and explain how none of them work in this incident.

    Offensive to Morality or Decency: This is largely regarded as the main definition for obscene and it is probably the only thing people thing about when thinking of “obscene material”. It does however have multiple flaws. Exactly what is morality and decency? The word morality in this case most often refers to the idea of what is right and what is wrong. This does not work however. Who exactly says what is right and what is wrong? How is right and wrong even determined? Right and wrong is generally made to be what is socially approved or disproved however as I’ve said this has many flaws. One example of this flaw was in Germany during World War II, the nazi’s slaughtering all those people was socially accepted by their country and people. Likewise slavery was socially acceptable in various parts of the world. The idea of not having a slave back in the early 1800’s in the United States was disapproved by society. The concepts of right and wrong are most often portrayed by whatever religion someone follows. However in such countries as the United States of America religion is supposed to be separate from the government. So how is right and wrong decided without what is socially acceptable or without religion? The general answer would be by our conscience however each person has a different conscience and way of thinking. I for example believe something is wrong only when it physically hurts myself or others. However certain things as we were taught when younger also determine what is good or bad however these can change overtime. So in the end what is deemed good or bad is different to each person so this definition to the obscene charge is quite invalid.

    Causing uncontrolled sexual desire or lewdness: Even if this were the real definition of obscene they mean to use it has flaws. The causing of uncontrolled sexual desire can be seen in three different ways all of which are completely absent from the posting of a loli link. In order for something to be uncontrolled sexual desire it must mean that their is absolutely no control and I am pretty sure the people masturbating to said pictures have plenty of control. They know what they are doing. Sexual desire in itself is not a bad thing and many people will even say masturbating is healthy. Masturbation though is a controlled sexual desire. One doesn’t just all of a sudden masturbate for no reason (male or female) something triggers it. It is still controlled because one wouldn’t masturbate on a train full of people would they (okay so some would)? The whole idea of uncontrolled sexual desire might be further called forth as in only being in a place of public decency (which as said above is different to each person). One could find pictures as causing a sexual desire and one could find real women in the real world as being triggers for a sexual desire do you really plan to arrest people because of that. Hell women or men that wear slightly (very slightly) revealing clothing or even if they were fully clothed could cause a sexual desire in a man or woman and based on this own definition they should be called obscene material. We are all animals we may be a different type of species but we are all animals and we all get sexual desires. I don’t see people getting in trouble for having a dog that’s in heat rub against someones leg, or for men and women in swimsuits that cause sexual desires. Another word for these sexual desires is lust and regardless we all have it.

    Abominable, Disgusting, Repulsive: Three words basically meaning the same thing that also can not be effectively used for the word obscene. What one finds abominable, disgusting, or repulsive is all according to oneself and no one else. Hell someone could find someone drinking milk or soda as obscene simply because they themselves find it disgusting. According to the rule of obscenity half of the world would be considered obscene to some. One may find the nudity of 2D children obscene, one may also find obscene the one who says that the naked 2D child is obscene and one could say the person who says that the person who finds the 2D child obscene is obscene. Simply by physical appearance half of the world could technically be called obscene through the use of the above definition. The other half could be called obscene through the mental state and the idea one has.

    In the end the word obscene is different to each person. What one person finds obscene the rest may not or vice versa. In the end their is no real way to determine what is “obscene” and it is simply a random group of people who have similar ideas that which to block out the principles and ideas of the others.

    Seriously though how did these people determine what is and what is not obscene. There is no real way to determine it and the sexual meanings for obscene are simply subjective. Hell just start cases where just about anything is obscene and argue a good case for it. Eventually they’ll have to get rid of it altogether because they themselves will not be able to determine anymore what is and what is not obscene.

    Sorry for the above. I know I repeated a few things but it was to make a point. Regardless of whether it is 3D or 2D art of any form should not be illegal. I will fight for the freedom of expression and speech in all forms.

    Hail hentai!

    • Moral subjectivity doesn’t dismiss the notion of right and wrong. You walk down the street, and a madman tears your throat out. It’s okay. He didn’t think it was wrong. I don’t think it was wrong (because I don’t like your longwinded, poorly thought out post). No worries, right?

      There may not be an absolute objective right and wrong, but at the least, we need a functional model and it tends to be from the culturally relative. Why? Because it works for the majority of people, and it’s a fair assumption to make that most people would consider child porn obscene.

        • Very astute, Anon. While thegirlguy… may have whatever validity in their distribution argument. He/she later rambles on to this…

          “Offensive to Morality or Decency: This is largely regarded as the main definition for obscene and it is probably the only thing people thing about when thinking of “obscene material”. It does however have multiple flaws. Exactly what is morality and decency? The word morality in this case most often refers to the idea of what is right and what is wrong.”

          And in summation states this:

          “Seriously though how did these people determine what is and what is not obscene. There is no real way to determine it and the sexual meanings for obscene are simply subjective. Hell just start cases where just about anything is obscene and argue a good case for it. Eventually they’ll have to get rid of it altogether because they themselves will not be able to determine anymore what is and what is not obscene.”

          Seems like someone is talking about moral subjectivity. Why, isn’t that the word subjective right there?

          I’ll state it again. Subjectivity does not dismiss the notion of right and wrong. Happiness, sadness, etc. are subjective states yet they are no less real. Right and wrong do exist even if they are defined on different levels by the individual, society, or biological imperative. While the denizens of this sight might exist in a little bubble where they feel it’s okay to say loli is alright, don’t lose sight of the fact that the rest of would look at this and think (justifiably) those people are fucked up.

  • Anonymous says:

    From the linked sourced article:
    海外の児童ポルノサイト = Foregin Child Porn site.

    The readers of this “news site” must be the most trolled people on the internet. Well, I’ll admitt the hysteria is somewhat amusing.

  • On the subject of photos and videos, Russia law is not liberal as this article says. All nudity, adult or child, is illegal under the law. Law enforcers have better things to do in this case. I wouldn’t title this article “loli links”. I would title it “ch p links,” because loli means lolicon and lolis are just drawings.

  • Anonymous says:

    here’s the engrish version of the news…

    Address on the international child pornography, seized the 19-year-old student of Private Colleges and Universities

    July 8 3:08 Yomiuri minutes delivery

    Bulletin board on the Internet as the address of the overseas child pornography sites, employee of a pachinko parlor in Ginowan, Okinawa Prefecture Kanagawa Prefecture (37) The clerk of the city of Kagoshima and restaurants (37) man of the people, child prostitution violating the law against child pornography (public display) was found to have been arrested on suspicion.

    An investigator said. Asked for an alleged violation of the law on international child porn site address is the first in the nation. Police near the university, Chiba Nagareyama this forum opened a two-year-boy (19) Odawara Branch sent papers to the Yokohama District Public Prosecutors Office on suspicion of violating the law abetment.

    Seized on the cases of child porn site address in the past but, in the case of overseas sites, there was a specific publisher.

    Police in April, private organizations accept the report of illegal and harmful information on the Internet “Internet Hotline Center” (Tokyo) assistance. Center, and contact suppliers and get a domain name registration to the address on the net, and found a company in California, the U.S. publisher.

    An investigator said, the two men last month and in February this year, and to address child pornography in connection with about 11 overseas on a bulletin board, which read, too. 2 sin fines and violation of the law firm with 50 million yen.

    The boy in August last year, while knowing that your site address child pornography, police launched a bulletin board. They “did the crime,” he said.

    Hisashi Sonoda甲南大Professor of Law Schools (Criminal Law) “was seized on the link to your site from harmful foreign national boards, there is a significance in terms alarmed,” he said.

  • None of them possessed any CP in their computers or otherwise (even though they must’ve known about the content in the links), right? this is getting out of hand, now you can’t do shit in the internets.

    Why are even the people who own the site getting arrested? sometimes websites get so popular it’s hard to keep up and comb every single thread, that’s crazy.

  • People getting arrested for merely posting links in a forum. Ok it was child pornography but what if e.g. i posted a link to one of that half a billion ??? pages or something could i be sure that there would be no child pornography between the normal pornography? If a webmaster could not keep the content of his site at check all the time how should i as a normal user? If you can’t see the problem that occurs for us normally perverted people when 2 frieds of real CP get busted due to such a travesty of justice then you are either sanctimonious or plain stupid

  • The webmasters may have gotten a bad deal. Unless, they knowingly allowed the link to exist in which I would consider them as guilty as the linker himself.

    I’ve got to agree with that Anon. The overlapping of 2D/3D in this article is a bit disturbing and the enthusiastic response suggest a lot of you condone actual child porn or lack bask reading comprehension.

  • Anonymous says:

    I really dislike the apparent ideological overlapping of the subjects of loli manga etc and actual child porn displayed in the (somewhat misleading) choice of wording in titles/articles like this. 2D=/=3D

    • Witchhunts against 3D loli porn have thus far without exception led to attacks on freedom of expression in 2D, most of which have been successful. In the popular imagination, and in all political discourse, the two issues are inextricably linked. No politician will be able to defend against charges of “supporting virtual child pornography.”

      Since raping children is already highly illegal and it is not even clear that viewing porn, watching movies, reading books or playing games actually encourage people to act out whatever it is that is depicted, a cautious approach is far more desirable than one which will inevitably lead to freedom of speech being severely restricted.

      It is for these reasons that this site will not be supporting the witchhunt, or using its established vilificatory language and the emotional conditioning which goes along with that.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’d hardly consider “child pornography” a term of vilification or one of emotive media/governmental spin, it is merely a matter of fact title for such material.

        Using the term “Loli” to describe real child pornography is, however, a phrase of “emotional conditioning”, -merely one which is serving the opposite purpose to that which you describe.

        I don’t mean to have a go at you Artefact, but using such terms in this context does not come across as merely presenting neutrality towards the subject. -But can be interpreted as an active attempt at desensitisation of the perception of child porn.
        -As well as just being a confusing melding of terms used for two very different subjects. One of which I’m sure the vast majority of those here would not like to be associated with.

        • Anonymous says:

          There’s really no need to take that tone. I am neither trolling nor interested in insulting anyone at all. I was not suggesting you “condone paedophilia and child abuse”, I was merely stating to MelancholyMomo that that would be a hypothetical reasoning for your ‘opinion on such things’ mattering to me.

          I’m not “just an anonymous commenter”, man. I am a person. A person who enjoys and visits this site everyday.

        • MelancholyMomo says:

          – Just got some Seiyuu Healing.. and after listening to the sensei thought it would be better to respond..

          – From the many recent articles on this site that about matters such as these..
          I myself believe he/she is a liberal.. and has a broad perspective on child pornography, essentially what can be considered child pornography, after all even your own views on 15/16/17 year old teenager having underage sex are probably not the same as your views on literal child porn..

          – And again in my opinion agrees with the majority that 2D does not = 3D..
          As he states earlier in this debate?, that ‘Witchhunts against 3D loli porn have thus far without exception led to attacks on freedom of expression in 2D’.. and like you is outraged?/has his own opinions on such matters..

          – Never once has he ever ‘condoned’ child pedophilia (well.. none that i have seen), instead he has merely written articles in a more liberal manner, to allow us viewers to create our own views on them instead of being force fed by the media that any child under the age of *insert your regions legal age* having sex = evil..

          – and your earlier argument on the title…

          Controversial = More page views..
          More page views = possibly more income

          p.s. You need money to survive in this world..
          in case you didn’t know that.

        • You are just an anonymous commenter, you aren’t associating yourself with anything, merely trolling – evidently all you are interested in doing is insulting myself and the site by suggesting we “condone paedophilia and child abuse” because we refuse to go along with the idea that fundamental liberties should be abrogated for the sake of mass hysteria.

          Go elsewhere if you want to see moralistic theatrics.

        • It’s a common method in an argument to pick the term that best supports you position. Loli may have a more positive effect in this environment but it still would be a factual statement. Cp would also be appropriate. The problems is that cp is weighted down by it’s association with small children being abused which isn’t actually the case. Remember how the Japanese porn industry has problems with teens coming in with fake IDs. Anyway, I think loli is more appropriate because of the more extreme associations made by the alternative.

          I’m a “tell me the facts” kind of guy myself but the majority of the world can’t get past their own emotions and assumptions. You have to learn to work with it.

        • This is actually a common method in an argument. There are always a wide range of words which could be used to describe something which can be very bad, good, or vaguely related. Calling it loli may be a way of lessening it’s negativity for us, but as long as it is possible to use the term here it’s fine. Calling cp is also a way of creating a negative image. Both are fact, but this isn’t a question of fact but of opinion. It makes all the difference to consider how the audience will view the term. Cp brings thoughts of abuse to most people. I won’t bother arguing whether that’s actually the case but calling it that bears that weight more than it bears the facts.

        • MelancholyMomo says:

          I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it – Voltaire..

          Why does his/her opinion on such things matter..?

          All he is doing is writing an article..

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m sure many peoples’ dislike of child porn has more to do with their own personal views regarding the morals and ethics of child abuse than ‘conditioning’. Although don’t get me wrong, I do agree that the tabloidised paedophilia ‘witchhunting’, as you put it, is often very much over the top.

          I can assure you; my mentioning of ‘neutrality’ was more “hopeful” than “naive”.
          -As you had stated you did not want to present child pornography in a negative context and now apparently, neither in a neutral manner… So that leaves one to assume you desire to present child pornography positively.

          So I suppose that leads me to ask; do you, and in turn Sankaku Complex, not disapprove of child pornography? (Oh, I mean “loli”, as it has now apparently been rebranded.)

        • People have been conditioned to think “child pornography is evil.” I am not interested in presenting the issue in this light so I will not use the term.

          Most anime and manga would be considered child pornography by many of the most active proponents of this term. Equally an 18-year-old taking photos of a 17-year-old is a child pornographer. Is this a term we have any use for, save in promoting irrational witchhunts?

          I will leave the rather naive notion that there is such a thing as neutrality in reporting well enough alone.

  • Needs further clarification…

    The guy who posted loli stuff.. it’s loli as in 2D loli, or 3D loli?

    I’ll say again: I have no problems with 2D loli, but if it’s 3D loli the guy WHO POSTED needs to be arrested indeed.

    I’m radically against child abuse, even if I do like my 2D loli.

    Now, for the second and most important part that Artefact pointed out: The hosting owner.

    It’s legally wrong to arrest him, and might be a very bad precedent for all hosts out there.
    A host can’t be held responsible for all the content they have, because it’s plain impossible for some to keep track of everything shared… some hosts would have to hire hundreds of thousands of employees to monitor everything.

    Another point is that this might start a new trend of hunting content hosts, blaming them for random stuff that are stored on their servers.
    The problem with that is that it’s fairly easy to create fake accounts to plant illegal content thus making the host owner to be arrested for something he didn’t do.

    Finally, it also kills internet privacy. If hosts starts feeling threatened by the content users might post on their servers, they’ll eventually start monitoring everything that is stored on their servers, then privacy and anonymity will be effectively killed.

    So what, you ask? Well, one consequence of that, you can imagine, is that for instance, the iranian people who are protesting against the elections would all be found and who knows what the government would do to them. But this isn’t a good example… just to illustrate.

    • Oh yeah, about the censoring stuff for regular porn in japan, it’s a fucking joke right? I don’t even have to elaborate on that.

      I don’t really know what twisted line of thought leads to thinking that blurrying genitalias, putting black stripes on top of it, or pixelating makes it better or more morally right.

      It’s fucking porn! The women in it are having sex in the same way. It’ll make no fucking difference (morally speaking) to people watching and “reading” porn if a penis and/or pussy is shown there or not.

      This is even more ridiculous than some extremist church morality, seriously. I really can’t even start to understand what benefits people think this brings.

      OMG, the guy is watching PR0NZ! Oh, but look! At least he’s watching censored porn! He must not be that much of a pervert after all!

  • clannadfanboy says:

    I know that this article is about 3-D underage children, but if 98% of the Japanese population approves of 2-D loli porn, then to hell with anyone who wants to punish people for possessing it.

    …But then again, with the bureaucratic path the world is taking, WHO CARES ABOUT THE MAJORITY these days?

      • +1

        lotsa retards in this thread didn’t bother reading the article and started protesting that pedos shouldn’t get arrested for posting child pr0n.

        “First Arrests Over Loli Links” sound like it’s in reference to recent loli-bans.

        It should in fact read “Common Arrest over Child Pornography”.

        • That’s true. These are conjoined issues. If were at a point were anyone who is related to the distribution of illigal porn, even if it is just a forum owner who didn’t post or view it, than what happens when they expand the definition of illigal? Don’t just look at the guy with the bat in front of you when another with a knife is to your left.

        • Anonymous says:

          In which case, the fact that child pornography was involved has little bearing on the point of your posting of the article. So I don’t quite understand why you felt the need to create a title associated with “loli” -a word that most would interpret as referring to 2D works.

          “2D loli and uncensored porn may be next…”
          Well the possession of either is illegal in a fair few parts of the world.
          -As for the arrests merely being for linking, yes, it is an interesting dispute that’s coming up a lot recently (see torrents/piratebaytrial).

          But you could have raised such a subject in a slightly less misleading and easily misinterpreted fashion.

  • Anonymous says:

    can somebody explain whats that anyway with the censored pics??

    some are censored > blurry pig pixels

    some are with funny black stripes…

    some are censored with see-through whits stripes…

    me gaijin no understand

    some not censored at all!!? why not?? must all pics in japan be censored? like the cars can only drive 180km/h? (me german, sorry, I drive legally 320 with my motorbike)

    please someone explain!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I glad someone finally mentioned it. How old is underaged? It would be much to assume that they looked like primary schoolers. Also remember the issues the porn industry is having in Japan. They don’t look underaged, they are and lie about it. To detain viewers and the site owners is reckless. Also, in the US, legal age varies from state to state. 17 is legal in some and not others. I believe it is the same for the Japanese regions. It’s too inconsistent to justify prosecution.

      • Anonymous says:

        then tell me where can you find 18+ porn actress looking like a 8 year old kid? is that obviously underage enough for you? and also majority of abuse video is the personal homemade video by abusers himself in his child expedition.

  • Constantine says:

    calm the fuck down people! i give it a couple of weeks before the first otaku suicides take place, which will force japan’s government to reconsider the ban. nobody wants to see people pouring gasoline over them and lighting themselves on fire, not with the current gas prices!

      • There are all kinds of otaku. But if they started to ban 2D and now going to take action against people who share 3D, then…. ehm,. do the maths yourself.

        I don’t like any ban. If there wasn’t anyone forced to do something, anything is fine with me, even 3D loli prOn, aka underage sex, such as the childisch 17 year olds,….

  • Anonymous says:

    ITComments: idiots.

    I suppose it’s to be expected when the title is so misleading though.

    In Japan, loli = little girls, not 2D little girls. There’s no difference. Stop despairing unless you’re in japan and actually link real CP.

    • Newprimus says:

      As mentioned the article’s most likely about real child porn, so this story has nothing to do with fictional lolis. Yes, they too are under danger from the recent events, but this article has nothing to do with those.

  • Anonymous says:

    The webmasters seem to be getting a raw end of the deal, but if they knew the links were in fact illegal and did nothing then they are at fault. But that line of reasoning relies on them actually knowing the content of the links, and that would mean they’re expected to go through every link posted on the site, which is a bit rediculous.

      • AmericanOtaku83 says:

        I agree. A drawing of a fictional character won’t hurt anyone. Unless you try to have sex with it and get a papercut on your junk. But, yeah. If you possess real loli, then you should be arrested…

        • Anonymous says:

          Who speak about some god ?

          Inflicting harm to real children is just prohibited since against grown-up adults, they have almost no chance. Force ain’t gonna help when the other side have like 3 times more power. And logic isn’t really what drives sexual assaults so, ain’t gonna help either.

          And if you like to be gang-raped, that’s your problem. The trauma, physical injuries are such that I completely understand that doing and/or promoting that sort of things should be absolutely prohibited without thinking about some deities.

          Finally, I frankly doubt about your stories, sorry. Sounds more like weird phantasm, IMHO.

        • Anonymous says:

          No, you shouldn’t be arrested if you possess real loli. It is simply time to realize that pedosexuality does NO HARM to children unless they have been brainwashed with the idea that some ‘god’ (and there is no such thing as that) will have problems with them if they have sex before 18 and will ‘punish them’ if they have sex outside of marriage.

          I was having sex with adults when I was 7, and I damned well loved it. And, in fact, it was people MY OWN AGE AND YOUNGER who I had to look out for, considering that twice when I was 12 a gang of boys MY OWN AGE AND YOUNGER tried to force me into sex against my will, and I finally the second time snapped and GELDED some of them.

        • Anonymous says:

          If they posted links to websites containing only pedophile contents, you’re making promotion of such things. And according to the laws of a lot of countries, promoting pedophilia makes you a criminal.
          And we don’t have any information about the two 19 year old. If they replied something like “Waow ! That’s some good stuff”, they’re also accepting the promotion of pedophile content.

          Plus, there’s no informations about how the Japanese police began the investigation and why they were arrested those people. If USA wanted to bust these guys for infringing american laws, that’s totally plausible. It’s not because you’re not actually in the given country that you can’t get charged for crimes you’re doing, remotely, in this said country. International laws work well.
          Try to open a website infringing a lot of Japanese laws in Japan and see if you can get over it.

          It sounds like jumping the gun for an affair where we don’t have a lot of informations. Better wait for the real judgement to see if this is really only a “lolicon drawings” problem and some unknown links. With 2ch and 2chan, I think that their lawyers should food for thought about how to defend their clients.

    • Charging people based on a link on a website is far too easy to take advantage of.

      Reminds me of the troll tinyurl links that would redirect you to do a search for “child porn” on

      Ask the site administrators to take it down, ban the users if it’s necessary, but adding criminal charges seems like a bad idea to me. If you want to go after someone, go after the site hosting actual illegal content.