Aoi Nishimata Otaku Watermelons


The small town of Ugomachi, whose fortunes skyrocketed last year following the introduction of ita-rice packages featuring moe artwork by Navel eroge illustrator Aoi Nishimata, will be following up its huge success by employing the same otaku-oriented marketing approach to another staple crop – watermelons.

The watermelon girl illustration shown above was once again provided by Nishimata’s capable hand, making this the third such “ita-food” packaging to be done by the illustrator most widely known for her art on Shuffle!

As was reported previously, the main selling point of the ita-rice was the appealing moe art decorating it, with the actual edible contents being mostly an afterthought.

In keeping with the Akiba marketing style that made the rice such a success, the new watermelon art features an even more moe loli this time around, although some wonder if “Suika-chan” (Watermelon-chan) shouldn’t have been saved for some other product, as the mention of “melons” might more naturally suggest a more well-endowed character…

If you might be at a loss as to what this sort of packaging might look like on the final product, these images of the earlier ita-rice and ita-strawberries (also illustrated by Nishimata) should give a general idea:




The actual contents do not generally differ from their more drab normal counterparts, though of course the price tag is rather different.

The new ita-watermelons are set to be unveiled on July 11 at a festival in Akita Prefecture.

More information is available at the official JA-Ugo website, as well as details on their local brand of watermelon.

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