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Minori Changes Tune: “Foreign Users are Criminals”


Barbarian excluding eroge maker Minori is seemingly not content with excluding non-Japanese visitors from its site in retaliation for being forced into extremes of censorship by its own puritanical ratings body; the risible message on their site claims to be “defending our culture”, but in comments to prying Japanese media their CEO provides another excuse entirely, claiming they are protecting foreigners from making criminals of themselves by visiting their site.

For some reason their email response to the enquiries of Japanese news site J-Cast was made publically accessible to all comers; it can be seen here whilst it lasts (a proxy will be required for those outside Japan), or cached here.

Their CEO’s comments on their reasoning run thusly:

“If one of our products or the site itself were viewed overseas it might be a crime, and the viewer might become a criminal in their country. Since that would be our fault, it would be most regrettable.

We also take other measures, such as checking the user is running a Japanese operating system, to ensure that only Japanese users can run our software.”

Quite a different response to that given to foreign visitors.

Of course, on just about every other website on the Internet, the burden is on the viewer to ensure the content they are viewing is legal in their locality, not the publisher.

They also go on to rubbish the sale of eroge to foreigners as being a tiny market where they would have to translate their games into every language under the sun, presumably having never thought of just translating into English like every other company in the international market for visual novels…

Putting aside the suspect nature of the excuses they offer, it seems the real reasoning behind their ban is a lack of interest in the international market coupled with a desire to show that they are taking care to restrict availability of their products overseas, so as to undermine the notion that they are provoking overseas groups into Japan bashing.

Unfortunately, their real opponents are in Japan, and are interested in pursuing a domestic ban, not one on the tiny export trade…

Fans of the visual novel are doubtless well advised to support progressive, internationally minded companies such as Nitroplus, whose recent efforts promise a wealth of quality titles.

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  • Man, Japan must be the most xenophobic country in the world. Every time I visit this site, it’s just another story of a Japanese website blocking foreign access. And don’t even get me started on those Uyoku pricks.

  • DOTA, lolz…no nakid loli there getting raped, dude.

    Oh, well…if it was up to me then ppl like that (the geeks who agrees with that action) should just get their ban…xenophobes deserve that if you ask me.

    Why fight it yourself when you can get the geek in the world riled about it? Right, Japan? *shakes head*

    Fuckers deserve their Agness up their asses

    /me goes to annoy his friends in japan to take revenge, kekekekekekkee

  • I have said it before and I will say it again, the reason why they are not doing well outside Japan is because their games are overpriced . Unless they are willing to change their strategy than it’s unlikely they will receive much support outside Japan and hope they don’t do anything stupid like “Japanese operating system”.

  • Anonymous says:

    What is it with human nature to go way to over-board with reforms, with the band wagon jumping media, doogooders and ppl scared of reprisals been the main culprits. I remember a few years in the UK, the whole man-woman equalty thing went too far with with alot of sexist against men tv progs been made while woman sexist things were a big nono.

    im not even a Vis novel fan but this pisses me off. i mean neko banned WTF?

  • This is it I’ve had enough of the feminazis.

    A stand must be taken.

    The whole of Sancon and its forum should protest.
    What they are doing cannot be good.

    Th ban of eroge and eroanime will cause the dam of desire to break. And the libidinal vagaries of otakus worldwide who have drawn their strength from the loli boom will deluge the streets… increasing crime rates, societal mayhem and massive unemployment.

    We need a joint petition.

  • Anonymous says:

    >support progressive

    does not compute

    any one trying to get the GOVERNMENT to ban/regulate anything is the one with the progressive agenda despite any claims to the contrary.

    regulations are bad for everyone P.E.R.I.O.D.

  • Anonymous says:

    Fact of the matter, foreign eroge market is nothing compared to domestic market.

    It’s not painful or even itchy at all for minori to cut off foreigners.

    If you have a problem, perhaps you should show them otherwise. The $ way.

  • Anonymous says:

    Minori might have made ef, but they can go fuck themselves for all I care. If the foreign market is an issue, they’re just losing money by blocking foreign customers from their site, and if it isn’t, all they’re doing is trying to kick up some worthless (and pointless) nationalistic sentiment. It sure as hell won’t help them oppose any bans.

    • Minori makes nearly all of its money domestically.

      I don’t s’pose its nationalistic sentiment. But its true the Western groups are the asses that started this. In preventing its stuff to leak to the overseas, they are essentially stemming the feminazis’ argument that Japan is poisoning the rest of the world.

      Any tangible resistance put up by the companies will just be dismissed with aplomb by the moralfags. In an oriental society, producers’ standing of adult material are compromised to begin with as they are expected to submissively stand down in any conflict….like prostitutes.

      Then again, the eroge industry could have been too pro-active and prominent in recent year, prompting the crackdown.

  • Artefact I think you are being awefully harsh on the japanese firms judging from how you describe their actions.

    I think it is only reasonable for them to block out the foreign net viewers to save their business.

    Since problems came from overseas and as usual western’s tendency to dominate other cultures caused alot of problems.

    Given the political situation, japanese politician will not disagree with what the feminist are saying.

    Also since most international fans torrent their products, it is no surprise they care little about overseas viewers

    • Anonymous says:

      But the point is that it’s not really going to help. And I don’t think you can just assume that “most international fans torrent their products”. Is there any evidence of that? All it shows is a blindness to the realities of the situation as well as cowardice, since these firms apparently aren’t willing to object to or challenge the bans head-on.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think this is a chance for other countries to update their Erotica. It should stop being limited to cheap, trashy romance novels that middle-aged, overweight spinsters read.

    We need MANLY erotica in the form of visual novels in the west.

    Benjamin Franklin and Marquis De Sade would agree. It is your duty, men of the West, to make superior Erotica.

  • in my countries, possession of porns, let it be 2d or 3d, loli or MILF, rape or not rape, or just plain nude, in any mediums: dvd, cd, soft copy in pc, books, pictures, you name it, will get you in jail!

    this is the world of isxxmic country

  • “We also take other measures, such as checking the user is running a JAPANESE OPERATING SYSTEM, to ensure that only Japanese users can run our software.”

    FUCK, does this mean we won’t be playing Eden?

    • in my country, possession of porns, let it be 2d or 3d, loli or MILF, rape or not rape, or just plain nude, in any mediums: dvd, cd, soft copy in pc, books, pictures, you name it, will get you in jail!

      this is the world of isxxmic country.

      in fact, i’m having a hard time importing a (just one) figure (not 18xx, no cast-off). soon, there will be a figure trafficking job which pays as much as trafficking drugs!

  • Forlourned says:

    Hey, if they want that corner of the market to themselves. Why not? When they finally get Crushed by the other more progressive companies, it’ll be on their own damn shoulders to bare. >:C

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh come on, Agnes Chan is innocent, it’s Japan fault for listen to her nonsense and UNICEF’s fault for put her in change despair they all already known that her brain are long broken…

  • memyselfandi says:

    well i cant belive im saying this but i agree with lot of this things the Japanese anime companies have been doing, i mean we gotta stop messing into other peoples business and start taking care of our own, if they like loli or whatever it is that they like in japan thats their stuff, we have no right to go and tell them what to do, we gotta stop making a big deal about stupid crap, that first its been around for a loooooong time, like now a days that everybody puts a lawsuit on anything or anyone for whatever little thing, if the Japanese like loli anime or manga or raep games or whatever they like , let them be and enjoy their stuff.

    • Anonymous says:

      it’s not us, it’s the feminazis that’s been poking their nose around. they went after the little guys oversea precisly because their feminazi bullshit could never fly here in america.

      the japanese government instead of doing what they’re supposed to do, in protecting their constitution and tell the feminazis to fuck off. japan’s own moralfag politicians decided to use this as an excuse to promote their own agenda. soon after the eroge industry self regulation body follows.

      feminazis has been out of this picture for a while now. right now it’s the japanese them selfs that are fucking them selfs over.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m hesitant to post this because I see there is hardly anyone else agreeing, but minori is correct.

    They cannot account for everybody outside of Japan so they assume that their website could get people in serious trouble and in turn, get them in trouble too. So to protect them this has been put in place, of course the morals are debatable to say the least, but I think minori just wants to make games, they don’t want to feel scared or pressured like other companies have for more explicit games. And it’s true, the eroge market outside of Japan is very low, with most people using illegal downloading to obtain them.

    While this does not work in the favour of foreigners, I don’t think we should hold it against minori for this.

    Also, the headline is very decieving, minori said foreigners could potentially be criminals, not that they are criminals.

    Sorry if it’s not my place to say this, I’m not trying to make troll comment and I’m not involved in the 4chan community.

    • I do get what you’re saying, but it’s still absurd.

      I’ve never seen a page implement blanket IP bans, or anything similar for a reason like “But the stuff hosted in our country might be illegal in another country”. There’s a “18+ or whatever is your legal age in your country only and if pornography at your place is illegal don’t go here” disclaimer in the front, often in English too even if the page in question is in some other language, when the page has ‘adult content’. If some dork clicks in there despite it being illegal in his country, that is his fucking problem. If it’s content that is illegal due to other reasons but porn, and hence there ISN’T a disclaimer, that’s still his fucking problem.

      What’s next? American bloggers that consider Obama awesome having to add blanket bans for countries whose governments hate western countries? The concept is absurd.

      I look at my (drawn/2d!) loli well knowing that it can get my ass sued off over here sometime because the laws are backass retarded, but if that happens, the last thing I’ll say in court is “But that Japanese gallery didn’t mention it might be illegal over here! Sue them instead!”. That’s claiming like you didn’t know murder isn’t a good thing to do because there was no disclaimer on your fucking kitchen knife. It doesn’t work that way.

      Then again, I’m the sort of person that also gets absurdly pissed off at retarded safety labels (“Danger, hot!” on coffee, “Do not use to dry pets!” on microwave ovens, and “Do not brake chain with genitals” on chainsaws) so my view here might be biased.

      (And at the same time, I kinda think that the sort of retard who makes labels like that necessary can’t read them in the first place, either. x.o)

    • no worries my friend, although i too was concerned that the headlines may cause alot of bashing minori, after scroll through most of the comments, i can see that most people here were not deceived by the headlines. this is good news.

      i totally agree with you there, they are just trying to protect themselves. many eroge actually were meant to be played by japanese ONLY. including the illusion games, that is why you cant play them if you don’t use special technique on your pc. it is the consumers own risk to play it outside japan. any damage caused by it should be the user’s own responsibility.

      and minori didn’t say foreigners are criminal. the law for each country may differs. something like eroge, which is legal in japan, may be a very “dangerous weapon that can harm people” in other countries. it may be fine in US but it may not in , say, islamic country?

      to minori, i am sad to hear you say this, but i won’t blame you.

      • Yeah I get what you’re saying. I haven’t even forgotten about the risk involved with playing imported Japanese adult games. And you’re right about Japanese defending themselves too, it can’t be helped if something happens that gets them pressured and they have to defend themselves in any form. I’m still glad that some companies are willing to send their Japanese adult games to US, so I’m not going to whine about what’s going on. Minori’s not the one at fault here, they were pressured by the ban just as any other VG company that deals with eroge.

    • The problem is the motive of miniori isn’t likely to be protecting the people that may view the site. They probably only have the motive of protecting their business, but are going about it the wrong way.

  • Anonymous says:

    They had crack or sumthing ? OH! I get it! they’re scared that their cultural sex lust might get expose completely to the whole world! – RAPE ANY WOMEN AND YOU’RE FINE! – ONLY IN JAPAN OF COURSE! and this might become a plague to other countries w/c is of course , is a crime~ Well , if that’s the reason , i might say there’s definitely a sense to it. But , if this is the case , then it’s either i’m amazed that… since when did they started to have conscience about their cultural insatiable sex drive?… OR they’re just proctecting it getting expose to the level of like , U.N. ? Hohoho! This is intruiging~

    • I’d suggest you take a look at rape crime statistics in any shape or form of Japan versus other countries. Especially crimes involving children. Even if you assume only ten percent of child rape/abuse cases actually get found out/reported (which I’d consider is a darn pessimistic estimate), and all cases in… uh… ‘child paradises’ like the U.K. do get reported and none fall through the system (darn optimistic estimate), and you math up the numbers to the respective population count, Japan is still better off than the U.K. (and IIRC also the U.S., as well as quite a few other western countries) by a fair margin.

      I also suggest taking a look at any of the newsposts on here involving Japanese men slowly getting sick of women in general for a variety of reason.

      Of course, it’s very possible that my internet-sarcasm-detector failed to light up here, but your post looked so absurd to me that I couldn’t help responding.

    • Anonymous says:

      >_< please don't remind me.

      some guy got arrested for having loli manga not to long ago. didn't he get 12 years?

      anywho. I know a lot of countries have different rules.
      Norway for example, consensual sex age, is 16, where as age to posses pornography is still 18.

      you can have sex, but if you film yourself, your now a criminal.

      wait, i got off track…

      in some states of the US any form of pornography is Illegal.

      so… has anybody herd of what Leaf thinks about all this? the last i herd they came out with was tears to tiara.

      • Anonymous says:

        “in some states of the US any form of pornography is Illegal. ” <– this if a fucking lie. Any form of censorship is illegal under the US constitution. That said, some censorship still occurs, and it is the job of those on the side of Civil Liberties to fight off censorship. Question: I hear about US-based Civil Liberties groups all of the time, but I never hear about, say, German or Japan-based civil liberties groups. Why is this? Do they even exist or do they just lack any spine to fight off blatant censorship?

        • Anonymous says:

          In germany there is a fight against censorship. One member of the Bundestag recently started a lawsuit against a new law concerning internet childporn.

          Said law is a bad joke. Sites with childporn – or other “unwanted” materials – are “blocked” by deleting them from german ISPs DNS servers. Nothing else is done. No action against childporn producers/sellers/whatever at all.

          Basically it is just pure censorship. And very effective. DNS can be changed in seconds…

  • Well, of course it’s simply an excuse. They couldn’t possibly publicize that they despise the ban without immediately being labeled by the people that proposed the ban in the first place.

    I wouldn’t bash on Minori too harshly about this.

    Interestingly enough, I haven’t heard much from Key in this whole fiasco. Persumably, their visual novels shouldn’t be too affected at all, considering the likes of Clannad and Little Busters, which released without any ero in the first place?

    • especially since their amazingly hefty piece of shit debt Ef done so well for them over the past couple of years while they developed it. Although with the anime and the sales I think it’s pretty much balanced out by now; so I don’t think they deserve any sympathy other than a smack to the face. If you’re going to be defiant towards something stay defiant in a single manner, don’t tell someone red and another person blue.

  • ””If one of our products or the site itself ????were viewed overseas???? !!!it might be a crime!!!, and the viewer “”might become a criminal in their country””. Since that would be our fault, it would be most regrettable.””


    OK, minori you’re going to my list of companies that… suck? nah, if it not for Miyako, I’ll ditch them. I still support them. LOL!

    • what do you expect?some(but not all) foreigners are complaining that eroge will create lolicons that will hurt real children, thus making them “criminals”. therefore, for “world peace”, it is better not to let these infectious material leaks out and “corrupt” the minds of the pure foreigners and in the end, all the small children will be saved. btw, agnes chan is one of the foreigner.

  • Anonymous says:

    The more you prohibit/withhold something, the more appealing it becomes. GG eroge companies. Since this foreign devil cant buy your products, im going to go back to downloading them for free on the interbutt. Way to shoot yourselves in the foot, AND bow down to feminazi trash. Cmon Japan, do yourselves a favor and ship butterface Agnes back to china. It sounds like she would LOVE it there, especially with their new net censors.


  • Midnightphantomillusion says:

    Tisk tisk. Everyone knows countries run on the sick fantasies and raging hormones of the people. Its simple fact, but religious and shamed followers act like their better than that. Bullshit. Everyone wants to get off on whatever satisfies them. The entire reason for living is sex. Money, food, survival, all to get laid. Ignorance. No harm no foul, live and let die.

  • Dang,…well one silver lining is that Nitroplus is definitely going to send some of their games over to other foreign companies. Other companies can also do that too…, but…right now I have nothing else to say.

  • Pft… Checking to see if a Japanese OS is being used only stops the most brain dead of people from installing things. Then again, given the mental power of most of the people involved in the march against eroge, it is a very effective tactic.

  • The way things seem to be going, production and use of their works might end up being a crime WITHIN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. At least in the international market they wouldn’t have to worry about censoring content (as long as no sex with children is depicted).

    • D4RK-PH0ENiX says:

      define children. age, looks, clothes of moe anime and games are a crime in the eyes of american puritans who pay for the bashing march in Japan. well, this nonsense will not bring a holocaust, but I doubt the freedom of speech will exist in japan or any other country where american radical feminists with loads of money will force their legislation. people like otaku, anime lovers, gamers and, I suppose, other subcultures don’t need freedom of expression like Agnes-chan says. soon you’ll have your ugly milfs and 10 walls barriers between young sexes.