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Man Arrested for Sharing Rapelay


Japanese police have arrested a man for sharing a rape game on P2P networks, thought to be Rapelay, though they claim to be motivated by his sharing of an uncensored version of the game.

Kyoto police’s high tech crimes unit, who have a reputation for attacking P2P, arrested the Kawasaki resident, a 38-year-old brothel employee, on charges of distributing indecent material.

He is accused of using the “Share” anonymous P2P network to distribute “a game depicting sexual violence, with the mosaic removed,” charges which he denies, saying “I downloaded it, but I wasn’t sharing it.”

The ostensible reason for his arrest was the lack of censorship on the game.

Although the title is not specified, an “uncensored” version would likely be either an international release or a hacked 3D game, such as Rapelay, and reports speak of a game involving molesting women on a train

Japan’s farcical laws against pornography, a holdover from General MacArthur’s efforts to impose good Christian morals on the deviant nation, require genitals to be hidden in most adult material, usually accomplished by way of the hated mosaic or censor bar.

The ambiguous and selectively enforced rules on this appear mostly to be used to keep unruly or unlucky producers and viewers in line, and are routinely flouted…

Via Jiji.

Observers will of course be wondering whether this is related to efforts crack down on the evils of eroge, efforts to crack down on the evils of P2P, or efforts to crack down on the evils of unmosaiced sex

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    • lol. Now waiting for rapelay2. They should really start using 1920x1080p resolutions instead of limited games to 1024×768. Also they should add some directx 11 tessellation and physics.

  • I think they forgot to mention a game involving fictional molesting fictional women or if pixel can be call a women??!?!? and fictional train.

    Its like they make it sound like there was a real woman non actress at a real train and getting molested for real while the computer some how filmed live action for the game with a disclaimer real woman was hurt many times in making this computer filmed live action game.

  • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

    This situation is becoming more and more pathetic. It’s a fucking game. Pornography in America is completely uncensored (America being the one’s who proposed the censorship in Japan in the first place) while Japan can’t even have unmosaiced art? Nay I say. Just end this farce already.

    Hail hentai!

  • Japan: where all deviant depictions of sex are allowed as long as no genitalia is shown.

    Seriously, Japan was most likely influenced by Westerners when they enacted that stupid law, and now that the “barbarians” don’t give a damn and consume sex like food and water, it continues to adhere to outdated and unnecessary regulations.

    Perhaps we should invade Japan again, but this time imposing nihilism and libertinism above all forms of pseudo-morals.

  • “a holdover from General MacArthur’s efforts to impose good Christian morals on the deviant nation”

    Can anyone give me a reference to this? I’ve tried looking up the history about this supposed factoid, and it sounds more like urban myth than anything else. Wikipedia claims that the laws used for censorship date back to 1907.

    • Yea, what he said was wrong.

      The obscenity law is Japan dates back to the early 1900s, and the practice itself very much prior to that.

      Article 21 of the Japanese Constitution, which was mainly written up by occupation forces and not the Japanese, ensures freedom of the press and disallows censorship and control.

      Article 175 of the Criminal Code, however, imposes censorship on obscene materials.

      It should be unconstitutional but the Japanese courts have upheld it over and again.

  • It seems that in a not to distant future this game would be erased from history as well, like it never existed.

    Thanksfully i have my copy and i will for sure, not forget this game.

    But there is another milestone that none of this femenist or polititians ever mentioned yet,

    Biko, another rape simulator from illution, its funny to see rapelay to create all this mess when biko has almost the same degree of rape content.

    Really Funny in fack the rape scenes of biko 1 are the funniest, because the girls are li milk boxes (PS1 style poligons of course).

  • mauro_cbc says:

    Well… erm…

    I played this game sometimes, perhaps I still have the game here somwhere, but I’m not distributing this…

    Better no comment…

    Here in Brazil nobody is talking about arresting for sharing things like that, but the possibility still exist, anyway brazilian federal police (know as brazilian FBI) can do that if necessary…

    But is impossible to play this game only one time… XD

  • I just knew that somehow one rape game was going to cause trouble…The whole situation with the ban in my case, started with this product being on, which was a stupid move. I thought that if anybody was that smart, they keep those games to themselves and put these games up in an attic or trash it either way. Matter of fact why did Illusionsoft make that game anyway? (yes they’re the company that made rapelay.) Long time ago, I never even thought that rape games could exist that way, but throughout the years of just browsing, I was proven so wrong. Besides I was never into rape games ever. *sighs* Japanese politicals are making darn sure that they’re serious about this, and this is one of them.

    • It’s crazy though. Even if Illusionsoft didn’t make Rapelay, there were still other adult games out there that would get bashed on completely if it shows up anywhere where everybody, including the feminist would see it and they bash on Japan regardless.

      • Lazydabear says:

        Considering that Adult Games are not that mainstream because laws that are enforce to prevent children under the age from getting there hands on the this type of game for the fear that that Rapelay would influnce people to rape.

        Whats so strange is Grand Theft Auto games had rape and violince yet Feminist groups never bother to attack that game?

  • Narcissist says:

    Good old US national hero MacArthur. If he would have had his way communist China and North Korea would probably not exist today.

    I and many people still curse Truman in his grave for what he did against MacArthur.

    • Nah, just nuke America and most of Europe and the problems of the world will be solved. Just as easy as that.

      But damn, if P2P is in danger, we better think of better methods to gain several steps ahead.

      • True. During the American occupation after World War II the US actually abolished all censoring in Japan on top of ensuring certain rights when drafting their Constitution. Aside a short period of time where certain topics relating to the war were banned from the media by the US, Japan became relatively censor “free” afterward.

        However, Article 175 of the Japanese Criminal Code – which is the obscenity law in Japan – was continually upheld since its inception in the early 1900s. Oddly enough, this article should be considered unconstitutional since it imposes censoring. Yet, as you refer to, the practice of controlling obscene material has dated back prior to the law’s creation.

        Anyways, this article needs to be clarified so as not to spread misinformation. Their obscenity law and practice of censoring is not a holdover from MacArthur but one that dates back to the mid-late 19th Century.

    • MacArthur had nothing at all to do with the laws

      In Japan, it is illegal for any commercial work to display the human vulva and phallus in an explicit manner. This law dates back to the Meiji period and has never been amended[citation needed]. Any publications depicting the penis or vulva must be shrink-wrapped and barred from sale to minors. However, it is not uncommon for pictorial magazines to depict nude women with their genitalia airbrushed over in black, and video pornography routinely depicts explicit sex scenes with the participants’ genitalia obscured by mosaics. Until 1991, the entire pubic region, including hair, was deemed obscene and unpublishable. Recently there has been a diversification in the censoring market with there now being several companies which offer it. The government’s sexual watchdog group is still considered to be the more harsh though this in many cases depends upon personal taste as most of the companies practices vary, with some opting for the more controversial (as opposed to the mosaic) big black bar.

      • is that from wikipedia?
        you shouldn’t quote wikipedia.

        if i’m not mistaken, the law is formulated in a purposefully vague way: effectively all obscene depictions are illegal.
        however, the definition of obscene has changed a lot over time, with the current consensus being “no primary sexual organs”.
        if the japanese government suddenly decides rape, child porn or similar is “obscene”, it will be illegal (which just recently happened). they wouldn’t even have to change the law for that.
        correct me if i’m wrong.

    • i don’t see how this article has anything to do with mac arthur or communist.

      the people of china and north korea still practice communism, most probably they find it good. just let them be. its about time this communism war end.

      • Anonymous says:

        If MacArthur would have had his way, we’d had nukes dropping in China, Korea and possible escalation into regional nuclear war with Soviet.

        Since we’re talking the early 50s, and hence no ICBMs, the US mainland would probably escaped most of the damage, but in worst case we’d be talking a complete nuclear holocaust of all US allies and bases in the far east and south east asia, including Japan.

        You need to remember that the Soviet block leadership at this time, meaning Stalin and Mao, where highly unstable. Mao was essentialy stupid peasant with zero ability or experience in foregin policy.
        Stalin in his last years was a incresingly paranoid alcoholic with declining mental and physical health.

        In the event of an american first strike, Stalin would have given nukes to Mao without second thought – remember the Soviet leadership almost gave them to Castro a few years later.

        Nor was McArthur, while no doubt a skilled commander in conducting amphibic warfare, capable of comprehending the political and strategic consecoenses of nuclear warfare in the Korean War.

        In other words, thank god for Truman, or we might not had a Japan today.

        …oh and stop lying in the headlines please.

  • JimmyLuong says:

    Wait….does this mean ppl who download it get arrested too?I thought at least you would be safe from P2P network now if even that is isn’t secure anymore soon we will not be able to get anything from p2p

    • Anonymous says:

      The way Share works is that when you are in the process of downloading something you are also available as an uploader as long as that process is incomplete. Your cache files are used to help others and you can’t do anything about it until you are finished (after that point you can delete the cache files while still maintaining the resulting output files). Share used to be effective in hiding what was being transferred from your machine in that you had no idea but eventually that encryption was cracked. Recently PD’s encryption was cracked as well.