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Gothic Idol Faces Three Years for Urinating on the Dead


An amateur exhibitionist idol faces a possible three year sentence for defiling the resting places of the dead, after she was photographed urinating on their graves and languidly posing on their headstones.

The Interior Affairs Directorate of Russia’s Yaroslavl region filed criminal charges against her after photos which she posted to her public Live Journal account came to their attention.


She faces possible charges for desecrating the headstones at the Yatoslavl cemetery, and may face up to three years in prison.

Several Russian citizens reported the photographs to government officials after they appeared on some entertainment websites.

“The woman and the photographer have been identified. A criminal case has been filed in accordance with Part 1, Article 244 of the Russian Federation Penal Code [Desecration of Graves],” reads a statement prepared by local police officials. “We thank everyone who showed their civil position on the matter and reported the crime.”

The unidentified photographer may be tried as an accomplice as well.

The rest of the desecration exhibitionist’s grave defiling exploits are visible in lurid detail below:





Via Heaven.

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