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Agnes Chan: “We Don’t Need Freedom of Expression!”


Anti-pornography crusader and former bikini pin-up girl Agnes Chan has made one of her sternest proclamations to date, saying that freedom of expression is not needed by some, specifically those she does not like.

In comments made to rag Nikkan Sports, she excoriated the Democratic desire to amend the coming loli ban in order to ensure individual liberties are not trampled underfoot by moralist crusaders:

“People who think of children’s nudity as a tool don’t need freedom of expression.”

We are then reminded by the article that “The children must be protected, as they cannot protect themselves,” apparently the favoured mantra of Agnes Chan.

In case you were wondering about the legend below the above image of a rampant Agnes, she is saying “Manga and anime are doing cruel things to children! Can you see the children behind me!?”

It might be the case that she would be more comfortable in the worker’s paradise of her native China, where no one need worry about freedom of speech, as there is none…

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