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Modchip Vending Machine


Nintendo may have won some notable successes in its war on modchips, or “majikon”, and related devices, but it seems in some places in Japan they are easier to get than ever, all thanks to the ubiquitous (and perhaps notorious) Japanese vending machine.


Some are sold out…


The usual favourites are those for use with handheld devices.


“(These are not) Cigarettes”

Situated in Osaka’s Nipponbashi shopping district, the vending machines compete with the many shady shops and stalls selling this sort of merchandise.


The vending machine operators brazenly tout their services: “Try selling your wares in a vending machine! If it can fit in a cigarette box, anything goes! (Of course we can’t handle illegal goods!)”

It looks as if Nintendo faces an uphill struggle…

Via Senaka.

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