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Akiba Skirt Slicer Captured


A man who developed and exercised the disturbing fetish of cutting the skirts of women he stalked about town has finally been arrested.

The man, a 24-year-old salaryman, was found to have approached a lady riding an escalator in an Akihabara shop, standing behind as she rode. Whilst doing so, he surreptitiously snipped away at her skirt with a pair of scissors, cutting some 7cm of her skirt.

His unsuspecting victim returned to her workplace only to have the gaping gash in her skirt pointed out by a colleague, at which point she reported the incident to police. Fortunately she was able to describe his clothes to police, who picked up the culprit still loitering in the same area.

When confronted with the charges, he confessed: “I did it to satisfy my lusts. Cutting skirts gave me pleasure. I did it many times…”

He was arrested on charges of property damage, but it is common for police to make such arrests immediately and then add additional charges later, which might see him charged with other offences.

Via Sankei.

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