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Pony’s Maggot-Ridden Penis Ordeal


A bizarre and grotesque case of equine penis abuse has left a man facing animal cruelty charges and a pony suffering a hideously afflicted penis.

The owner said his pony was a family pet and was loved by his daughter, for whom he bought the animal. This made it difficult for him to finally get around to disposing of the pet.

When inspectors with the RSPCA discovered the animal after receiving an anonymous tip, its member was already bloody, fly-infested and crawling with flesh-eating maggots, emitting a foul odor, among other concerns, particularly a cancerous growth.

The wound left by the cancerous growth, which was discovered and deemed treatable five years ago, was largely ignored by the owner who gave the pony pain medication and antibiotics instead.

He said the pony could urinate and walk without issue, so felt the growth was no longer a problem.

“You noticed the growth five years ago and were told to keep an eye on it so it could be removed at a suitable time, however, you did not. You were aware of the pony’s plight and did not take reasonable steps to mitigate harm to the animal,” said the magistrate hearing the case.

“It was my responsibility to get him put down, but I kept putting it off,” said the owner, who pleaded guilty in the case.

Charges were leveled against the owner for neglecting his pony and its ailment, amounting to an inconsiderable $2,000 fine, though the courts could have set as this sanction as high as $20,000 or two years in prison.

Via The Border Watch.

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