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Children Get Teacher Sex Video


A school teacher who distributed a DVD containing her home made sex videos to her own pupils has been mortified by the ordeal of trying to chase down the copies before her reputation was irretrievably besmirched, though sadly for her it appears her impromptu surprise sex education programme worked wonders…

The lady, Crystal Defanti, a teacher at the California elementary school in question, compiled a DVD of the year’s memorable events for distribution to pupils, and soon the DVDs were in the hands of parents.

However, soon after the DVDs reached parents and children it became apparent that she had included an unexpected extra in the form of her private sex videos, which apparently cut in after a few minutes.

The intimate video provided some unscheduled sex education, as one anonymous parent attested:

“It goes from my son, straight to her on the couch. My son’s reaction was, ‘Dad, is that Ms. Defanti?’

We were up till midnight doing the ‘birds and the bees.'”

The next day the distraught teacher featured in the video tearfully called parents and begged them to help stop any more children being exposed to the evils of sex, specifically her own.

School authorities are said to be considering disciplinary measures, but as the teacher is much liked (perhaps more so after this) and respected, she is unlikely to be dismissed.

At least some parents are said to be wondering how their children could cope with the knowledge of such an unnatural and hideous thing as sex.

Via CBS.

Such “unfortunate” events perhaps do more damage to the success of parents in keeping their children in the dark about natural bodily functions than they do to the inquisitive children themselves…

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