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Ukraine Bans “Non-Medicinal” Pornography


The Ukrainian government has passed a law banning all possession of pornography, “except for medicinal purposes,” with possession of identical images taken as evidence of the even more egregious offence of trafficking in pornography.

Just what is considered pornography and what constitutes medical necessity are not clear…

The bill passed into law on June 11th, after being submitted by the ruling party, comprised of supposedly liberal pro-western elements.

The Ukrainian President, Viktor Yushenko, famously disfigured by poison in a probable assassination attempt by pro-Russian political opponents, denied an appeal by human rights supporters for him to veto the proposal.

Criminal sanction includes up to three years imprisonment. The definition of medical necessity and pornography are both left vague, so it is not clear how the law will be applied, which is perhaps intended.

Via MosNews.

The Ukraine of course, or at least parts of it, has expressed the intention of pursuing EU membership, so it will be interesting to see their (non-)reaction to this grotesque assault on freedom of expression and healthy sexuality…

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