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Nitroplus Partners with JAST for English Eroge


Top eroge maker Nitroplus has announced it will be making its properties available in English in partner with English language localiser JAST, in a move which is likely to finally put an end to the notion that English language localisations consist chiefly of B-rank titles.

JAST and J-List president Peter Payne announced the venture thusly:

“As the leading producer of adult ‘dating sim’ games and visual novels in English, JAST USA is excited to take the bold step of forming this partnership, devoted to the release of high quality, English language versions of Nitroplus products.”

Nitroplus have opened an English language site, which will be carrying details of their releases.

Nitroplus are a highly respected eroge maker, with a long history of acclaimed releases, starting with Phantom of Inferno in 2000, and represent one of the most significant makers of visual novels to commit to a program of English language releases.

Their most recent title, Sumaga, has attracted much acclaim for its story and spectacular artwork; they also jointly produced the Blassreiter anime with Gonzo…


Their first English release is set to be Zanma Taisei Demonbane.




JAST themselves have long been releasing digitally and physically distributed English language eroge, with their substantial catalogue available through a variety of retailers, with digital downloads available from J-List. Their localisations have thus far always been of a high standard.

With the increasing credibility of English language visual novel releases, and the development of the international market for such games, it seems likely that even more quality titles await…

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