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Evangelion Movie Trailer is Hollywood Quality


Funimation has released the trailer for the English dubbed American edition of the first of the Rebuild of Evangelion movies, “You are (Not) Alone”, the second of which recently hit Japanese theaters.

Fans who have watched the original trailers cannot help but notice the stark contrast in style between the two, and many are not amused…

The all-American version:

Original Japanese versions:

(More detail of the recently re-remastered Blu-ray version is visible in the previous article)

The original Japanese trailers basically shows scenes that would evoke memories of the TV series, coupled with the song Fly Me to the Moon, a much appreciated element of the original series.

The US version meanwhile focuses on the giant robot action, complete with the mechanical crotch shots seen in the posters above, making it look rather like typical Hollywood fare…

Even source Gigazine can barely contain their scorn, and fans are generally scathing, though of course the reaction of the wider cinema going public is what will be of ultimate concern to the distributors, for better or for worse…

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  • I really don’t understand people’s whining about the English dub. I saw it, it was pretty good – hardly anything worth complaining about. All these people saying there’s no emotion and they could do better – really? I mean, how do you expect it to sound? Identical to the Japanese? All the lines are read just fine for what they are. My only real complaint was that they didn’t bring back more of the voice actors from the original ADV dub, and altered some of the better lines from that version. (Like the unfortunate exclusion of “Feel free to take advantage of everything here – except me, that is!”)

  • Anonymous says:

    The American one is better. The Japanese ones assume that you already know what the series is about. Honestly, if I didnt know anything about Eva, seeing the Japanese trailers would not make me want to whatsoever whereas with the American one, I at least get some idea of what the hell its about.

    + I fucking hate “Fly Me to The Moon”

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m going to have to agree with a lot of people here. I’m pretty sure Hollywood has been much more successful than the Japanese movie industry, therefore would have a better understanding of enticing their respective cultures. Meaning, mimicking the way Hollywood promo’s their movies isn’t a bad idea; and frankly, I thought it was a good trailer, even in spite of the fact is lacked any indication of the internal conflict present in the series.

    I don’t even think you could consider the two Japanese trailers to even be trailers; there is no narration or coherent plot illustration. If anything, they are just industry-backed AMV’s.

  • Anonymous says:

    It could’ve been better if Don La Fontaine did voiced it:p

    “In a world constantly attacked by beings from a another dimension, a young boy struggles to save his city… and earn his father’s respect.”

    “Toby Maguire as Shinji Ikari…”

    “…Miley Cyrus as Asuka Shikinami…”

    “…and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the voice of EVA-01.”

    “One boy… one giant robot. Neon Genesis Evangelion.”



    the end.

    Protip: The Japanese trailer doesn’t tell you shit, unless you were already a raving otaku. The American trailer tries desperately to make it an all-action blockbuster. Both are failures because the story didn’t need to be rewritten in the first place.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hate to admit but the US version is still accept for the Western audiences taste. but still if we all follow on how Eva’s story works than it’s not just about big things hitting other big things and blow it up. Thats why for this case, I’ll prefer the JP version cause the trailer has meaning and brings back memories from the old series for the fans.

  • Um, whats the problem with the US trailer?

    Honestly, weeaboos need to stop being such bitches. Obvious the US version is better than the Japanese version, which looks like a shit quality AMV.

  • Anonymous says:

    it’s a trailer, so i can ignore it.

    my problem with american trailers is that it’s spelling out the story for me through key events. key events that i’d rather be nicely surprised by than spoilt. I do watch these things ALSO for the animation.

    and as for the faggots who hate on naruto and GTO, don’t be so elitist. Just because it’s popular doesn’t make it not good, learn how to have fun.

    Plus, if you guys watch TV shows like Heroes, Lost and such, that takes away your right from hating on Naruto since it’s written and directed better than a lot of the typical american shows you’d watch instead so you can pretend you’re more socially acceptable.

  • GAWD I hate when americans bastardize stuff…
    For all the good stuff they do, they mess up alot aswell…

    That song on the JP trailer is Hikaru Utada right? I know I’ve heard it before…. *just checked* Glad I can still recognise her voice lol.

  • Charred Knight says:

    One is a commercial for Evangelion, one is a commercial for Utada Hikaru’s Beautiful World.

    The American trailer made me want to watch Evangelion until I remembered that Evangelion was completely boring.

    The Japanese trailer caused me to buy Beautiful World on ITunes.

  • Assuming for a second that that trailer wasn’t really well done(which I thought it was), there’s no point in being angry about it…that’s just the way north american cinema is. We don’t get angry at final fantasy characters when their hair is physically impossible, that’s just the way Japanese character design is:P

  • when 1.0 was aired on the big screen here, the poster they used was not what the japanese had.

    what they used were well you probably could already guess.

    i really like the original poster much much much more. the whole picture with them on the stairs just seems much nicer. it was a poster truly worth getting. cant say the same for what they used locally …….

  • Mad Alric says:

    I don’t really see why people feel a need to be up in arms about the US trailer. Evangelion has had a prominent place in the Japanese (at least otaku, if not popular) culture for over a decade. Whereas the series is only really well known in the US among the first couple generations of anime fans.

    The Japanese audiences that see it will be more receptive to the imagery and memories the original trailers evoke, while American audiences unfamiliar with the franchise might have been intrigued, but would walk away not having a single clue as to what’s going on.

  • DieHardjagged says:

    .. Ah.. tell me people, why 1.0?
    They could also take a bit more time and release 1.11 right away in the Cinemas.. Why not?
    Milking the Cash Cow later with dozen Releases?
    1.0, then 1.1 and then 1.11?

    • well as those f’ers at anime expo said last night they plan to release 1.01 on dvd this year and 1.11 on dvd and blu next year around spring time. but i have to say they really f’ed up the dub, its like they didn’t even try to get anyone that worked on the original dub by adv or manga entertainment. the only returning voice actors i notice were the ones that played sinji and misato. at lest they come with the jap audio track….THOSE FUCKERS!

  • Anonymous says:

    The trailer is fine for it’s democratic…You can imagine how people that are new to Eva watching the Japanese trailer would and probably think “…eeeettooo…MOU ICHIDO!…”

    and liking Naruto or GTO is fine! I’m not a big fan but I’m not going to be put off just cause a bunch of fans that aren’t Hard Core otaku but think they are, get in the way. They are plenty of people who fawn over it that ARE. Thats why it’s still one of the major attractions in the lovely weekly shounen!!

  • Okay, I don’t see the problem. So the promo has more of an emphasis on the action rather than the nostalgic and sentimental value. Die hard fans were probably going to go see the movie either way, so Funimation’s main goal would obviously be to pull in new viewers, and how do you do that? By getting them interested in the movie. I’m fairly certain most people, or at least Americans, wouldn’t look twice at a movie promo if it just had some pretty music and vague shots of some scenes. It’s more acceptable in Japan as the Otaku culture over there is very wide spread, but here in America anime is almost non-existent in the mainstream other than Shounen like Naruto. If Funimation wants to make a profit off of this then making it “Hollywood quality” is the obvious route to go.

  • It seems like the Japanese versions were geared toward appealing to the long time fans of the show, focusing on the nostalgic elements. Meanwhile, the USA version will draw attention from the new generation of anime fans that probably never saw the original show.

    I’d favor the USA version, mostly because it builds upon the audience, bringing in new blood. The effect being both old and new fans coming to see it. New-generation Japanese fans might be perplexed by their trailer, since only the old fans would get it.

  • I like it. And I refuse to be butthurt about the changes or whatever. The new trailer will help attract new fans to the series, even if it is misleading. The old fans will bitch no matter what so why even try to please them?

    • Punchmyballs says:

      because they are the ones who keep making this series a total success even after all the yeas that have passed.
      I agree they need to attract new followers, but the old fans are very important

      • Sort of. The old fans are very important, but no series can stay a success if it only please old fans. If you are going to update a series, there is a whole new generation by now that needs to be exposed to it for it to be a true success.

        And the movie itself is what does that. Pleasing the old fans with a trailer is really not going to do much.

        All the true Evangelion fans are already following everything. They’re aware of it. They don’t need the trailer. I understand the disappointment some felt, but you can already hear it. Most hate the dub, tons never cared about the American version anyway, and many were following it in Japan (or, at least, every single Eva fan I know is already on the second movie).

        There’s a new generation of fans out there that barely know Evangelion. This helps reel them in. The savvy American fans seem to not care about the American version anyway, except to bitch about when it’s not up to their standards. I’m sick of hearing all of it.

        If Evangelion ever hits an American theater, I am so going. End of story. And if I see that trailer in a theater, I will lose my mind. Because I can actually enjoy myself.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wouldn’t worry much about American, it’s not like this movie is getting a very wide release. Much to my annoyance. Even though I think I might enter the theatre with some sort of portable device and the Japanese audio just so I wouldn’t have to listen to those atrocious, wooden-sounding dubs.

  • Punchmyballs says:

    heck i just remembered i still have the Evangelion poster hanged in the back of my studios door! (since it’s nowdays always open i didn’t noticed it!)
    i acquired at the SDCC it was a giveaway poster from ADV, and i always felt it was awesome.

  • Punchmyballs says:

    also those posters are awful in terms of design! heck now days everybody hires their nephew know-nothing, instead of professionals to make things.
    just the font a lone makes this poster a total failure, it simply gets lost.
    just yesterday i was watching at some 80’s movie posters, and quite frankly
    they were awesome, now days all they do is this photoshop compositions.
    sadly i start to think photoshop has killed the trade instead of helping artist create better ar.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well you’ve got to admit, the English version gives anyone who hasn’t seen the series an excellent idea of what exactly the series is about. The Japanese trailers kind of come with the expectation that you already know what Evangelion is, tailored more to the fans than to a general audience.

    That aside, honestly, the animation quality is kind of disappointing to look at. The images are produced at a higher visual quality, but the hand-drawn animation itself isn’t anywhere near as fluid as the 90’s version.

  • Conrad awesome says:

    I see nothing wrong with this at all. It looks like something Micheal Bay would do but that doesn’t detract from the overall awesome and the focus on the action scenes and visual awesome is a selling point for those who are not nostalgic and don’t know what the fuck NGE is about. The VA isn’t half bad at all but something tells me shinji’s voice is going to suck. Stop with the glorious nippon does everything better and enjoy this for what it is.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed, in my opinion, the first Japanese trailer sucks ass, it doesn’t show what Evangelion’s about at all, just a bunch of random clips of random characters doing random stuff. Unless you’ve already seen Eva, in which case you’d probably watch this movie even without seeing a trailer for it, the average viewer would be left confused as hell. The second trailer is a little better, but I think the American trailer is the best for what it’s supposed to do. Provide JUST enough info about the movie to generate an interest in the viewer.

      • As I say above, it depends on the target market. Anno meant this movie for the original viewers, NOT new ones.

        Why did Gigazine scorn it? because the trailer was misleading, and did not show what it’s truly about. The interaction between Shinji and the people around him, the hedghog dilemma, and the mystery of the eva. In the trailer, it was shown like everyone bar shinji develops the eva as a mecha weapon, Ritsuko’s line about eva 01, “The greatest ultimate weapon”. Compare that to the original line, literally “a humanoid fighting machine”. That by itself has changed the context of how people would view the evangelion.

        • thanks linkinstreet!! you are right!!

          well like i said i am not a guy who likes everything made in japan (even if i am a half otaku) i think just america does never do it right… well except for golden boy and furi kuri english cast they are quite better then nippon!!

          Well i am portuguese not saying my country is the best but it does better casts when they really work on it!! Or even Spain wich really suprises me with their voices they really know how to do it!!

          But back to it i am a really big fan of NGE and also of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (correct me if i am wrong), i have seen the anime and the movies both 5 times and i know what i talck about (not saying i am super but i have quite the knowledge, cause also i have read many things about it) and this movie was really ment for the fans and not new viewrs cause the plot is really new!!

          Also i bet some few of the people who posted here didn’t even NGE and only 0.1 so they don’t know about that!! Wich is quite a shame cause NGE the original is quite a masterpiece and i admire it very much! Also i aim one day to create such complex stuff!!

          Cause many think “this is deep cause we have screwed minded people!!” well not quite true it as pretty many religious bases! They not refer them pretty much but there!! Just try to read the bonuses parts of the manga and you will see!!

          Oh and don’t read the manga if you didn’t saw the anime to not mix caracters new aspects and the few changes they made to the story!!
          Like the fact in the anime are 18 angels and inthe manga if i remember acuratly 12 or 13!!

          Thank you for losing a bit of your time reading this jerk’s comment!!

        • Conrad awesome says:

          Anno meant this for original viewers? So he’s going to scorn the shit load of money he’ll make from new comers? Lol.

          The trailer is not misleading. The action scenes were intense, the children really are the last hope for humanity (more so shinji) and the EVAs really are weapons of mass destruction. I don’t see this as false advertising or misleading information because those bits are also emphasized in the series as well. If you haven’t noticed the scenes are more action packed there’s more emphasis on BOOM and KABOOM and jut how powerful evas are. I don’t think any person who hinged his expectations on this preview would be disappointed.

  • Anonymous says:

    The movie is going to be shown in theatres what do you expect? The trailer was meant to catch the attention of the general American market, not the Otaku fanbase. To maximize the profits, you know capitalism.
    Why else would they spend 20 million dollars to produce the film? So fat basement dwellers could complain about it? No, to make money, dumbasses.

  • Anonymous says:

    Boo hoo people. Just be glad Eva’s still popular enough overseas to warrant a dub of the newer film. A trailer’s a just a trailer, and it’s still Eva and that’s all that really matters.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, that could be any of the easily forgotten action shit movies America pumps out relentlessly. Complete with Average-normal-kid minding his business when a hot older woman explodes onto the scene with sunglasses and a nice car. Explosions, explosions, giant things, girls, the end.

  • It’s understandable. They need to appeal to the FPS playing testosterone jocks of the states rather than people that are already familiar with the series. People like us will go see and buy it anyway. They need to sell to the people that don’t know what its about.

  • Most likely this is because of the different target group. While the US are targeting people that had not watched this before, Anno meanwhile is targeting the original fan of the series.

    Do not read if you have not watched anything about Eva

    The leaked trailer for movie 3.0, the Quickening definately points to the fact that the renewal is a continuation of the End of Evangelion movie instead of a full remake, thus whichever way, you NEED to see the original to understand it

  • okay… well i am not those kind of dudes who say “i only like japanese stuff”, but the American trailer quite fails… tipical american comercial…

    While the japonese focus on the fans realy reving those old times.. *going to cry* it really were good… Hey i am only 20!! X3 Still the first one capture only their routine life a “dead vdeo trailer” but the music makes it feel in other way. So it’s like remmember the caracters a bit happily.
    The second focus on the Evas and the Angels, this is supposed to be all action but the slow paced “Fly me to the Moon” changes that feeling realy making you go all nostalgic about it and slowly apreciating the things… The hard fights they had…

    Now on the American… well they got the movie and thinked “this movie had a great sucess on america so let’s make a tipical epic trailer like we do.” and that stuff came… wow what a epic trailer!!-says a dude who never watched Evangelion-gonna watch it!!”
    so let’s say this trailer was not thinking in the fans but in how much people they would get!!

    Sorry for being a fag but dood some people just need to see more anime or anime legends!!

    Furi Kuri??

  • Anonymous says:

    As long as they stay and hold that way – the whites i mean – then it’s all right. Just not try to attempt to make another horrifying issue or news of attempting a live adaptation movie of it or any other animes , again. PLEASE~!

  • Anonymous says:

    Maniacs are retarded anyway. The American trailer is obviously targeted at a new audience who are unfamiliar with the story. What is the use of showing this MV with random images which probably means shit to the unschooled audience? It will probably just go over their heads and leave zero impressions. Ask yourself if you would watch a movie if you watch a trailer like so? Watch the Japanese version again and be honest. Fans might not like it but it serves its purpose in bringing new fans to the magic of Evangelion.

    What I have an issue with is the shit house dubbing. Even the way they say Evangelion grates.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try recording yourself saying ‘evangelion’ and tell me if it grates. It’s just a strange sounding word. You’re just used to hearing it in a japanese accent. You should hear japs trying to speak english and see how much it grates… watch the japanese dub of Beck.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have seen Beck and have no problems with Japanese speaking English with an accent, if the character is a Japanese speaking English. The problem is their shit grammar and engrish. The script should have been corrected. The Caucasian roles should have been done by Caucasians.

        But that does not mean I shouldn’t find the dubbing for the American release shit house when it is shit house. I look at the things objectively, my aim is not looking for some worst case scenario versus some other equally terrible solution. Yes, the word is weird but it isn’t all that difficult to pronounce. I can say it exactly like how the people who invented the word say it, I am sure the voice actors can too. But the way they say Evangelion is only the tip of the iceberg of how terribly stiff the acting sounds. I am not some purist that is against things being dubbed, just employ people who don’t sound like robots.

  • Anonymous says:

    The US trailer is actually not bad , except a li’l effort from voice acting and the narration..

    However , the Jap’s version is also not bad at all too , the only thing i see that’s disturbing is that they’d use a j-pop idol song for it , w/c kinda breaks the feeling into it.

  • Castronaut says:

    Well, until they start having the EVAs sound like offensive stereotypes and make them look like a random collection of triangles, you can’t accurately call it Hollywood quality.

    • Indeed, the American version just focus on the “apocalyptic issue” and the effects on the development of new technology (aka EVAs). They treat the selected children just like your average military pilot and leave all the psychological factors (and for me, the best part of this anime) on the side.

      Meanwhile, the Japanese trailer is all about the consequences that the 2nd impact had in the Japanese society and their “adaptation” to the chaos. It shows hands holding, the landscape after the destruction, and a LOT of other types of non-verbal communication. All of this, mixed with the beautiful voice of Utada Hikaru just shows that you’re not going for the Mecha Action, that it’s just the side dish.

      Oh well, I suppose that these trailers are another example of the cultural differences between the “east and the west”.

      I did like both versions though, but the English one is just trying to sell action and leaving behind the true beauty of Evangelion.

        • @dzodzu: nice to hear that!


          Well, I felt that since the beginning there were a lot of both psychological and social factors being shown subtly.

          Mind you, that’s just my point of view in the matter, so what I saw isn’t necessarily what you saw too. xD

          The problem is that this is a movie, so a couple of things are lost in the process. We only have one released at the moment, so maybe we could make a better argument when they end all of this and finally could compare the differences between the original and the re-make (and obviously, the trailers).

          But oh well, I have to agree with you in the fact that the original show progressively introduces, most notably in the later episodes, the psychological factors and the existential problem of Shinji. =)

  • hmm
    I’m a huge fan of teh original and all but I prefer the american trailer.
    Irradiates more hype imo.
    Sure the Japanese song and trailer capture better the essence of Eva but I prefered the hollywoodesque one.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t see a problem; I liked the American version. Come for the giant robots, stay for the psychotherapy.

    But really, it feels like more of a trailer to me than a conglomerate of random scenes thrown together to create nostalgia.

    • Anonymous says:

      lol. The newbies will be in for a shock thats for sure. The japanese version is more accurate though.

      The american one makes it out like some great adventure in the glittering city of neo-tokyo with stalwart defenders of humanity with great action… and so on.

      The japanese one tells it like it is: flawed, traumatised individuals, angst ex machina, a blatant lack of therapists, RAGE… etc. Bleak and depressing, like EVA is.

      Oh well.

      • Anonymous says:

        What’s wrong with being surprised? Some people may go in to watch it for the action, and then find that it’s about so much more, and like it. I think the American trailer’s great.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well you see the japanese version imo is more of a montage of what is true to the anime and it wasn’t just fighting robots cause its not what its a about.

      I wouldn’t get mad over the American version but this proves you can never replace the original.

    • Not really. What Gigazine pointed out was that the trailer was really misleading. Instead of the “oh hi I am the spineless hero and this story is about me” now it’s more of “ZOMG WE WILL SEE LOTS OF ACTIONS AND FIGHTINGS AND ETC!!!!!!”

      • Meidoganekko says:

        Pretty much it might slightly going to shock unawared watchers like how Twilight did.

        Trailer- Vampires beating each other arses, main hero shows his super hero abilities…

        Movie- Dialogues, romance, love bite, dialogues, dramas..

      • Anonymous says:

        But the “fans” will bitch about anything that isn’t the original version from the glorious land of nippon, unless of course it has wonderfully obnoxious sing-along subs because everyone knows that the animators intended to have groups of ameteurs throwing three lines of text over their work. Not to mention the fact that a fair chunk of “fans” have already seen it subbed and have no intention of seeing a domestically produced version. The trailer is honestly fine for what it is: a movie trailer to generate attention for a movie and drum up interest.

        • Agreed. It’s not a concern about the story, just mindless ranting about how the trailers differ due to cater to differing audiences. This should have been expected. There’s no need to stir the hot pot and get people riled up.

          You show the original Japanese trailer in the US and it won’t have as greater an effect on interests than one specifically made to do so.

          I enjoyed the US trailer personally. I would have liked it more if they ghosted Beautiful World in the background but overall it was good.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve already seen V1.0 — which is a misnomer, it just rehashes the entire storyline and compresses most of the first half of the series into one movie. Oh, and Asuka doesn’t appear anywhere in the first movie.

      It’s probably great for people who never saw the original series, but the movies contain little of interest if you know the storyline already.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, it contains a lot of interest to those who saw the original series — especially to those that didn’t like it. 1.0 is a marvelously expedient and visually stunning take on the first few episodes and there’s a lot of mysterious changes that point towards a different resolution from the original ending(s).

        Consider the world’s oceans turning red, Kaworu apparently on the moon with a Lillith-like figure, and another Child, Mari, introduced in 2.0.

  • I don’t like this Holywood-like promo but το be objective it’s not bad. At least it can sell well at the mainstream market without ruin a lot from the original. And I have seen a lot of anime trailers much worse than this.