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Air Travel, Chinese Style: No Seats


A Chinese low-cost airline is planning to run flights with standing room only tickets, with passengers being made to stand for the entire duration of their flight, allowing up to a 40% increase in human cargo.

The president of the airline, Spring Airlines, claims the Vice-Premier Zheng Dejiang suggested the idea:

“He suggested that, for a lower price, passengers should be able to get on a plane like catching a bus, with no seat, no luggage consignment, no food, no water, but very convenient.”

The plan would entail discounted standing room only tickets, which has apparently been previously mooted by aircraft maker Airbus, with passengers strapped to boards during takeoff and landing.

Approval has not yet been granted, but with the blessing of so senior a figure the president is confident of approval.

Via Wanderlust.

What could possibly go wrong…

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