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Lolicon Steals 500 School Uniforms


Police have arrested a man for breaking into the club room of a school volley ball team in order to steal their school uniforms; searches of his home soon discovered he was a maniac and had stolen over 500 uniforms, but police soon realised that the thief was part of a much bigger trade…

Police arrested the man, a 24-year-old car mechanic and resident of Yamaguchi prefecture, and charged him with theft. An interview with the police responsible reveals the details of the case:

So about this case…

He is charged with breaking into the locked volleyball club room at the high school at about 1 in the morning; he took their uniforms and bags. We actually started investigating online auctions of schoolgirl uniforms, and he came to light. Soon we had him.

How did he get into the room?

Well, he unlocked the door and locked it when he left. He didn’t pick it or duplicate the key; we can’t very well let slip how he did it though, we’re the police after all…

You found a lot of school uniforms at his place.

It was mostly skirts and tops, but also with socks, ties, ribbons, scarves and so on, even complete uniforms. He had hired a storage facility near his home to store them all. He lived with his parents so he couldn’t keep them there it seems.

Where did he get them all?

He “aimed for schools all over Yamaguchi prefecture”. They do seem all to have badges from there, but checking them all will take some time. He claims he bought some, but we’ll have to check. It could take a while, as there are a lot, you know…

This was really about his particular interests?

“Taste, and for sale” he says. He had a lot folded up, but he also had them hung up in his storage…

Via ZakZak.

It seems a sinister underground economy trading in the paraphernalia of the Japanese schoolgirl, to say nothing of the schoolgirls themselves, exists in Japan…

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