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Onsen Peeper Busted After Filming Self


A voyeuristic deviant who abused his position working at an onsen to plant cameras in the female changing rooms has been arrested.

The man (30), who worked at a Gunma prefecture onsen, was the eldest son of the proprietor, and apparently routinely abused his position and ready access to the facilities to secretly film countless female patrons. His camera was finally spotted, and he was swiftly charged after he was found to have filmed himself…

An interview with the police responsible reveals the details of his crime spree:

What were the charges?

A man has been charged with trespass after entering the female changing rooms of a local onsen. He was looking to film so there are also public nuisance charges.

Why was he busted then?

He secreted his camera in the ceiling, but he filmed himself doing it! It was a local event day so there were a lot of customers from out of town. One of these ladies noticed the camera and tipped us off. It was a little family run onsen so finding the culprit was a cinch.

Any other charges?

“I did it loads of times” he says. His modus operandi was pretty well developed, he placed that little camera in a few minutes. Quick worker.

Was he a peeping maniac?

We haven’t searched his house yet, so we don’t really know. But it looks like he was just a little wimp enjoying them secretly at home, doesn’t it?

Was he popular with the ladies?

Doing something like this, I don’t need to tell you. If he could easily approach women he wouldn’t do something like this.

The onsen proprietor’s response:

(5 second pause) … I’m speechless. This is inexcusable, that’s all I can say to his victims. I don’t know if there are more victims. We’re atoning by closing until later in July.

Via ZakZak.

At least it appears he was not flogging his videos online or elsewhere

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