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Ishikei’s Comiket Plans? To Love-Ru’s Mikan & K-ON!


This new artwork from ero-artist extraordinaire Ishikei (aka NiseMIDI), of To Love-Ru‘s resident loli imouto Mikan, has been attracting attention for some time now, both for what’s shown in the full image (shown below), but also for reminding us what we can expect from the artist when his scheduled Comiket 75 doujin becomes available this August…


The back cover to his recent Oshirito doujinshi (shown below along with the cover), as well as Ishikei’s usual selection habits for what series he’ll cover in a current year, makes a K-ON! book practically assured for C76.



Considering what he managed to do with this lovely preview image of Yui that was posted to his website some time ago, fans will doubtless be anticipating his next release:


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  • Even if a feeble minded feminist troll under “anonymous” desires to conflate cartoon characters with flesh & blood human beings, To-Love-Ru character Mikan in the years running series started at age “12”, so this Mikanal hentai based upon the character’s physical blooming “appears” to be hitting her 13th birthday – totally morally legal according to Japan Federal Law of 13, and some Iberian European countries & the laws of all the World’s religions… and almost Barely Legal according to many Central & Eastern European countries. Any rational human being knows that fixed menstrual cycles is Nature’s design & green light to feck. Recalling when I was 13 & in Grade Eight, I NEVER met a classmate who was heterosexual or bi-sexual would didn’t want to boink a hot 13 year old classmate… and get arroused by her – so how can it be wrong or unnatural? Should 12 year males only be allowed to fap to women in Playboy in their late twenties or so, old enough to be their mothers?.. You’d think that feminazi trolls would think THAT is pedophilia.

    “The publicity created by Butler’s England feminist tabloid press campaign spread to the United States, which soon saw the rise of its own liberal religious feminist movement to raise the age of consent. As of 1886, twenty-five of the American states, following earlier English law, had an age of consent of 10 years; four states, following Christian canon law on marriage, had an age of consent of 12; Delaware, following Christian canon law on the age of discretion, set its age of consent at 7.
    The “drinking alcohol is a sin” Women’s Christian Temperance Union and various allied organizations conducted petition drives and lobbying to raise the age of consent in the states and the District of Columbia.

    Initial successes sparked a backlash in some states; in 1892, the New York Senate, which had previously raised New York’s age of consent to 16, considered lowering it back to 10. Reflecting a split between liberal and conservative views on the subject, reports from Texas indicated that older men tended to favor retaining a low age of consent while younger men favored raising it. Nevertheless, by 1895, liberal religious “sexuality is a sin” feminist reformers succeeded in raising the age of consent to between 16 and 18 in twenty-two states. However, those states reflecting the most conservative religious views – those in the South – lagged in raising their age of consent. Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina kept their age of consent at 10, while Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia set their age of consent at 12 (thirty-something Joseph marrying 12 year old virgin Mary, rockers Jerry Lee Lewis & Elvis anyone?). But eventually, these states as well raised their age of consent.

    By 1918, the Catholic Church finally raised its permissible age for marriage from 14 for males and 12 for females (remember Brooke Shields in the film Pretty Baby getting married at age 12 in all legality in an American Roman Catholic Church?) to 16 for males and 14 for females. To this day, in a number of underdeveloped, predominantly Catholic countries, it is common for adult males to marry and impregnate barely pubescent girls. In Mexico, adult men may wed girls of 14 years of age or even younger”.

  • I see people calling upon moral and telling lolicon pedo. Well to those i say: If you came here it is because you actually took more ressource on earth that you deserved. Ressource needed by other being in order to survive so in a way your a murderer.


  • After Ishikei, Mosha is probably my 2nd-favorite hentai artist. His style is less detailed and smooth than Ishikei’s (you might say the style is more “sketch-y”), but there’s just that certain je ne sais quoi in Mosha’s work that you can’t find in Ishikei’s (and vice-versa).

    There’s also Naoshi Onizuka, who is responsible for such masterpieces as “Life is Peachy?” and “Lovable.” He doesn’t do any singles – just doujins – and very rarely does anything in color (except for the cover pages of his doujins). His style can be characterized as much more “simple” or “pure” than that of Mosha or Ishikei. However, this simplicity allows for more expression in Onizuka’s works. He is probably my favorite doujin artist (rather than favorite overall).

    No, wait, cancel that. My favorite doujin artist/circle would definitely be Urotan. Known for such masterpieces as Milkie Strike, Milkie Strike 2, and Cream Korone Syndrome (among others), Urotan’s strong points are mouths, hands, and cumshots. Heck, just go check out Milkie Strike (which has been hard-translated into english) and Milkie Strike 2 (soft-translated into english and available on the channel). And what I said earlier, cancel that, too. Urotan is definitely my favorite hentai artist. Ishikei takes second.

  • I’ve been seriously thinking, is there a better (more skilled) artist in hentai? I cant think of any. Shiwasu no Okina is great but not as great skill-wise as Ishikei. He’s just too awesome and even so you can still see progress in his newer works, he gets ever better. I dunno, i just find his style and technique amazing, i have most of his mangas and i dont really read them i just stare at the artwork and wonder how can he be that good 😀

    Anyone knows of an artist/circle with similar quality of artwork as Ishikei?

  • Anonymous says:

    Let’s face it, we all turn to lolis and freaking HOT 2D images because we never had Girlfriends.

    I speak for all of us here :’)

    (If you do, no surprise u keep this secret away from her) lololololol

  • Photoshark says:

    Do you know that there are a number of UNICEF and WHO workers that are pedophiles and have diplomatic immunity in the country they are stationed?

    Now, now, they should fix their ranks first before butting into an otaku culture in a country with the least cases of real life pedophilia.

  • Anonymous says:

    WTF? If a human (male or female) has grown the needed genitals to fuck and wants to fuck said human is old enough to fuck.

    This was right for all human evolution, why should it be wrong now?

  • Anonymous says:

    Whats up with these 2D lolis are immoral/wrong talk. I have a 28-year old friend that is purely is on to loli anime characters and never ever in his life that he had interest in 3d/real lolis.

      • History

        The age of consent for heterosexual vaginal sex was previously 12 years of age;[2] in 1890, parliament raised it to 14.[3] The punishment for anyone who breached the law was life imprisonment and whipping, while the punishment for anyone who only attempted to seduce an underage girl was two years’ imprisonment and whipping.[4] From March 2008, the Tackling Violent Crime Act became effective, which among other crimes included under the Act has raised the age of consent in Canada to 16. Anal sex still remains at age 18 under section 159, and the new measures still allow for close in age exceptions only between 12 and 16: if there is no more than a two year gap for those 12 and 13, or a five year gap for those 14 and 15.

        • British colonies are all hypocrites its okay for 12 years old back in 1890. Whats the difference between 2009 and 1890 did human life span increased to 1000 years old? Thats why they can hand out 150 to 750 years life sentences in prison judgements when the criminal only serve 2% of the judgement before their life span expires.

  • Anonymous says:

    Please tell me that I’m not the only one that finds the fact that the thread descended into a cockneyed moral debate rather than people actually, you know, enjoying Ishikei’s art, a little sad and depressing?

    • I am with you. That was the very first thought that came to my mind when the moralfaggotry started. I was about to post something akin to “I miss the times when we would just gather to appreciate the great art” and then got drawn into the debate before I even noticed.

      It is sad and depressing, and not just a little.

  • Meidoganekko says:

    K-ON! and Mikan-chan (one of the two best characters in TLR)… Mmmm..

    Other than possessing incredible skills of making awesome CGs with realistic skin textures, Ishikei really has a good taste in picking girls for his works :3

    • Major Bukkake says:

      Screwed up. Meant to leave response to Anoymous below.

      Comment by Anonymous
      01-07-2009 19:54 # Report
      you got a point.
      even though i dont like loli, someone must explain this to major groups like UNICEF

        • “BAN NATURE!”

          Pretty much the only notes you’ll ever need to take on the average self-described “moralist”‘s self-described “arguments”.

          So when should puberty begin in their personal little microcosm?

          When the human animal turns 18, they should start having erections and ovulating?

          Because for most of us that starts 7-9 years earlier, when our ancestors were breeding, and where our instincts begin picking up on the observable percepts of sexually viable mates. All animals begin breeding upon puberty, that’s why it occurs when it does, humans aren’t magically special.

          And as for “The past and the now operate under vastly different conditions and sets of rules“, there is a latency which you gleefully wish to ignore. Real evolution takes millenniums to occur. Cultural evolution takes generations well into the lower half of the single digits.
          In a way, it’s not a terribly bad idea that humans should age slower and begin their sexual impulses at 18 to account for the rising complexity of society. But the latency makes this impossible.

          In the meantime, here’s a study for everyone to consider:

          “…according to Nagayama Hall, Hirschman & Oliver, more than 25% of a sample of normal men reacted with arousal to pedophilic stimuli. So, we’re not talking about a small deviant minority, but about a normal variance in human beings – in an era in which anyone who reacts like this would be considered a monster by most people.”

        • “I know maturity differs for each individual but the majority would pretty much reach the same point at the same time, save for a few special individual.”

          May I ask what you base this assertion on?

          It has been my experience that, above everything else, it is the environment in which an individual grows up that controls how quickly they reach “maturity”, if we can even quantify such a vague and elusive concept. Followed by what would be best described as individual variation or genetic predisposition… but even that barely has any effect compared to environment.

          Consider, for a moment, two individuals. One grows up living the perfect carefree life, enjoying every comfort of modern society and the love and devotion of his or her parents. The other grows up in a time of war, losing loved ones and suffering hunger and distress almost every waking moment. Do you really think they’ll mature at the same rate?

          And if you think that example is too extreme and nothing but a marginal case, then what about an individual growing up in the average suburban setting compared to one growing up in a family that struggles financially? What about one growing up in an average middle-class family with loving parents and the other in a only slightly more poor family, but with an abusive parent or perhaps merely a divorce?

          No, I just don’t see how you can honestly claim that people mature at the same rate. It’s the sum of our experiences that determines who we are, not how many seasons came and went since we were born.

          “So should we accommodate for the minority or the majority?”

          Apart from the above criticism, I also have to disagree here. If we want to live in a free society, we shouldn’t bias our public policies to better accommodate for any minority or majority. Instead, we should try to accommodate for everyone so long as said accommodation doesn’t inflict harm on anyone else. In other words, find common ground where possible and turn a blind eye to things we don’t like so long as they aren’t harmful to us. And by “harmful” I mean real harm, not “other people doing this hurts my feelings/sensitivities/etc”.

          Now, naturally it won’t always be practically possible to achieve this to the point of perfection. But it is what we should aim for. Instead we see more and more people expecting society to adhere to their personal set of standards and morals and, indeed, feel they have a right to demand it or even get their way by force (of law). The law is there to protect people from harm and punish those that inflict it on others, not to enforce your moral standards on everyone else.

          “As for the argument made against a legal age, so what do you suppose we should do? Impose a mandatory test for all children so as to see if they can pass the mature enough to have sex test?”

          Oh, there certainly is considerable practical merit to having a standard age of adulthood, at least for legal purposes. But it’s important to never forget that it is rather arbitrary and merely serves legal purposes, rather than some natural, objective standard. And it’s the latter that is implied when people, for example, call lusting for someone who isn’t 18 yet “disgusting”, “unnatural” and the like.

          As for a “maturity test”… well, that might not be such a bad idea. But why impose it? It seems far better, and more practical, to leave the 18+ as the default and give people the option of taking such a test to bypass that standard provided they’ve reached puberty. That would certainly prevent nonsense like 18 year-olds being thrown in jail for having sex with their significant other just because they’ve passed the magic 18 mark and said significant other hasn’t.

          But even that isn’t necessary. All it would take is for people to realize that the law isn’t an objective standard of right and wrong, nor is it meant to be. That it is imperfect, being but an attempt to put the vague concepts of right and wrong into words. That, ultimately, the only thing that matters is whether the PURPOSE of the law is served, not whether it is executed word for word. And that said purpose is to protect the people, not to suppress them or impose the moral standards of one group on another.

        • tl;dr: 2D is not real. Get if right, moralfag. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it.

          If you think it’s real and fucks up with your mind, then go back to being raised by your parents; an adult is supposed to know the difference between fantasy and reality.

        • Oh shut up,these stupid arguments just repeat themselfs it’s very simple.And stop trying to waste your times on such long comments.

          2d does not exist in reality,shows a character,is not human, doesn’t really show humans,is a created connection of lines collor and pixels.

          It’s fiction fantasy and freedom of speech 3F RULE.

          2d does not connect pedophilia to 3d.It only exists in the 2d world.
          Anything other is your own fault for being fail.

        • Meidoganekko says:

          After those blocks of texts and self proclaimed philosophies of yours, you finally failed as you start recycling the seriously same old ideologies of imaginary pixels will bring total reality disasters and for still believing on the magical number 18. Seriously, what’s so awesome about that particular number that people turn it into AOC, that some/most idiots also apply it to mere fantasy girls? Human beings tend to be retarded and still act childish even as someone who’s above that age so there’s no such thing as “If she’s 18, she’s EXACTLY a mature adult”.

          Not to mention your butthurt expression for finally spitting the typically overused “You Pedos should die (for being not moralistic like me)!”

          Now enough of this and go to bed, Little Bob.

        • Anonymous says:

          I do not in anyway believe every thought being promoted right now to be the “right” thought. It is a constant evolution. Things will keep changing according to a wide range of variables. I was merely stating that it was a fallacy to assume that practices promoted in olden times should continue to exist just because of hierarchy. It existed long before, therefore it should? That kind of thought is just dumb (do note that although I am currently engaged in this conversation with you, you have to remember this with respect to why I said that at first)

          I don’t know if you get what I have been saying, I guess it didn’t go across. I have been stating that there isn’t a universal right or wrong, just a set of norms that a group of people living under similar conditions believe to be so. Though you can look at it from a more personal view (the bit about personal happiness and fulfilment), I think laws should exist to protect the young simply because it is a grey area seeing that exploitation can occur too. If an adult ask a minor for sex and she/he says yes, there won’t be much that I can say. But what if an adult approaches a minor, befriends her/him, gains her/his trust, in-calculate his own set of opinions in her/him, threatens her/him and so on? Are we to stand by and just let it be?

          I know maturity differs for each individual but the majority would pretty much reach the same point at the same time, save for a few special individual. So should we accommodate for the minority or the majority? As for the argument made against a legal age, so what do you suppose we should do? Impose a mandatory test for all children so as to see if they can pass the mature enough to have sex test? An age has to be set and it differs for each country according to their own cultural beliefs; I don’t think it isn’t such a bad idea.

        • “So that correlates with what I said about things being different now right? The past and now operates under vastly different conditions and set of rules. What was once the norm, won’t stay the norm, and we aren’t even going into the right or wrong domain yet.”

          In general, you’re right of course. Not every development is a positive one though, and history will show that the world aimed for by today’s oh-so-righteous moralists would carry with it a huge set of injustices and wrongs of it’s own. I dare say even more than is the case now. It’s a huge mistake to assume that every development that occurs as humanity evolves will eliminate wrongs and replace them with rights. The desexualization of minors has passed the point of being actually helpful and positive to them (children being thrown in jail for taking pictures of themselves for private use? How very right.), and further restriction of free expression on behalf of morals will prove to have devastating effects in the near future.

          Let’s venture into the “right and wrong domain” a bit more. You need to accept that there is no such thing as universal rights and wrongs. To stay with the topic of underage sex: it can leave feelings of regret and shame in some, and genuine happiness and fulfillment in others. It depends on the individual. What is underage anyway (see Splat’s reply for what pretty much are my thoughts on the matter)? Who is to judge what is right and what is wrong for everyone?
          The closest thing to universal morality we get is liberalism and the harm principle. And yes, things have definitely gotten better over the past few hundred years in this regard. Human and civil rights (also for children!), equality, freedom of information etc. etc. Right now, things are starting to go backwards again. I would be more cautious about praising the change of norms.

          tl;dr: if you’re too lazy to read then GTFO.

        • The sheer inanity of some of the beliefs moralists have would be very amusing if not for the unfortunate fact that their incessant scheming and meddling are such a pain in the ass.

          I mean, think about it. These people have actually subscribed to what can only be described as the faith that even so much as thinking sexual thoughts about girls – real or merely a pattern of pixels on a screen or some ink on paper – is utterly disgusting and reprehensible. Until, of course, our little rock of a planet makes exactly – to the day – 18 full orbits around our unremarkable little sun since the day said girls exited their mother’s (potentially imaginary) vagina. At which point it magically becomes perfectly acceptable to fantasize about them, take pictures of them, get them naked, give their pussies a nice pounding with your hard cock, or whatever else floats your boat.

          BUT NOT UNTIL THEN. Oh no. Even a day earlier than the 18-orbits-celebration and you’re a disgusting piece of shit if you even so much as think about it. And, of course, you deserve to rot in jail (and later burn in hell) if you have the audacity to even so much as possess patterns of ink or pixels that form what appears to be images of imaginary girls with over-sized eyes and disturbing lack of nose who look like they haven’t reached their imaginary 18-orbit-day but are already engaged in acts of exposing or, worse, using their mouths, mammaries or that unspeakable thing in their nether regions for anything that might be considered indecent. ROT IN JAIL AND BURN IN HELL I SAY!

          [Queue national anthem and look up at flag with hand over heart and tears in eyes]

        • Meidoganekko says:

          Dear Anon, while you and those so called perfect societies frown on ppl who jacks on 2D lolis and found them disturbing, i found that your extreme disability in distinguishing between 2D and 3D a million light years far a lot more pathetic.

          To be honest, ppl who thinks that 2D lolis are supposed to be treated and frowned upon just like sexual images of RL children is equivalent to freaky otakus who think (in a serious way) that their dakimakuras and figures are their real soulmates..

        • Anonymous says:

          “It had nothing to do with children being “exploited” because they were denied basic rights (which is true, but is not the cause for this), and everything to do with people’s life expectancies being 50 years or less”

          So that correlates with what I said about things being different now right? The past and now operates under vastly different conditions and set of rules. What was once the norm, won’t stay the norm, and we aren’t even going into the right or wrong domain yet.

          “It’s also just not true that humans used to eat each other. There’s a natural aversion to cannibalism built into our genes, as it would be counterproductive to our species’ preservation (and to that of most other species). The same applies to incest. It is actually the advent of intelligence and culture that brought about those deviancies.”

          As for your comments about cannibalism and incest, I think what you said might apply to certain regions of the world but I wouldn’t call it the bible truth for human history. Many regions and cultures practice vastly different rituals that would seem strange to our modern or unfamiliar eyes. Technology has and is playing a big part in refashioning a set of norms according to the predominant voice of the modern world.

        • It had nothing to do with children being “exploited” because they were denied basic rights (which is true, but is not the cause for this), and everything to do with people’s life expectancies being 50 years or less.

          It’s also just not true that humans used to eat each other. There’s a natural aversion to cannibalism built into our genes, as it would be counterproductive to our species’ preservation (and to that of most other species). The same applies to incest. It is actually the advent of intelligence and culture that brought about those deviancies.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Not in Japan or in many other places. Thinking sex with adolescent girls is wrong is a very recent phenomenon.”

          I wasn’t talking about having actual sex with minors. I mean the sexual images (both 2D and 3D) are frown upon in many societies.

          As for the sex with adolescent being wrong is a recent thing, well, humans evolve. They question their own surroundings, their own genetic makeup, everything. They look for answers within things they are curious about. They use to eat other humans, procreate with their siblings, kill/hate other humans who look remotely different from themselves (still do I guess), witch hunts, etc. As far as history shows, humans don’t always make the best choice. They evolve with the times according to the new knowledge we have acquired.

          Human rights and free speech are also new phenomena, even more so than not having sex with adolescents. Should we not give them credit base on your argument about things having a shorter history, therefore being less credible? Children being exploited in the past because they don’t have a voice doesn’t mean it was right. It just meant they had no choice in the matter because of societal norms, and we all know norms does not equate to being right.

        • I was referring more to the renowned lolicons of the islamic world actually…

          Disclaimer: I know that porn is even more frowned upon in Islamic countries, but the idea of minors having sex sure is popular there.

          Should have known this would happen and just have refrained from adding in the “western”. Let’s face it, Japan basically is a western society.

        • Anonymous says:

          And the fervent displays of the right to enjoy loli is also one of the major reasons why otaku are seen as creepy and disgusting within Japanese society. Defend it to the ends of the earth, enjoying pictures of loli will never be seen as positive or desirable. It might be drawn, it might be pictures of real children, ultimately the pictures show children in a sexual manner.

        • Anonymous says:

          Are you implying that only westerners find this immoral and wrong? I think pretty much anyone who is unfamiliar with the whole 2D culture finds it immoral and wrong, regardless of race, religion or country or residence. And even within the community, there are plenty who don’t exactly enjoy it either.

  • Anonymous says:

    Do you people consider yourselves pedophiles for fantasizing about little girl anime characters that are involved in sexual activity?

    I find it most interesting that you group of people would actually masturbate to images such as the ones posted above.

    I really wonder what you group of people (adults I assume) would do or think about when you face a preschooler or elementary student in real life.

    I’m kinda worried.

    • Actually years ago I did look after one of my friend’s daughter while her parent were working,she was five or six year old and cute as hell.Let see what we did together make her brush her teeth,watch TV,draw pictures,listen to music,take her to playground,take a short nap,help her wash up after she finish using the toilet,watch the cartoon she like for around 50 times,teach her something useful,play together with her toys and watch teletubbies (I hate that show).

      As you can see I’m not much of a nanny and the only regret I have is not being able to cook a decent food for her and the only abuse involved was my arm constantly having these bite mark and sometime said cute thing like I could marry her when she grow up.Looking after a child is hard work and require lot of patience.

      So what would I do if I face a real child if they were crying I would try to help them,if they wave me goodbye I would wave them back,if they stare at me then I would make faces.Does this answered your question or were looking for something else. Sure we look at loli pron that because we have 2D complex,we like anime girls(not that we hate real one) or do you think that we would all grow up be child rapist or molester.Do you even think those child rapist or underage hunter are interested in “cartoon” than searching for their next victim.

      It just happen to be you normal fag are trying to look at thing from only your point of view and try to denial anything that doesn’t “meet your match”.So just accept it for us fantasize work best(in most cases anyway)

    • Anonymous says:

      If faced with a cute young girl, I would think lots of things, some of which you would no doubt find highly indecent or even disturbing – however, I would DO nothing. If however she was of legal age (16 where I come from), she’s fair game for anything.

    • Hence your ignorance. Sure their is a fraction of people who watch this kind of anime and have immoral thoughts towards REAL children, it would be stupid to deny that. But I can assure you that the vast majority here would be disgusted by those thoughts. Their is a border between reality and fantasy and I think the anime fans are the ones who can distinguish that line better than anyone else who accuses them of such ”indecentes”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Its funny because the vast majority here actually find the images amusing, a turn on,and desirous.

        Fantasizing scenarios like the images above is disgusting .period.

        Its not questioning whether if their fantasies will become reality,

        its questioning the intelligence and morality of the men living today.

        • Daoist Sage says:

          Just ignore the troll. You *can’t* possibly fail to understand that on this site, amidst these forums, that there will be many -alt- hentai fans of all sorts. It’s as big a troll scheme as an XBox 360 owner going into an entirely PC owner forum and trying to start fights saying “XBox pwnzorz PC any day of the week, Hurr hurr!” And they’re doing it on morality of all things. :rolleyes:

          But to actually provide a brief answer to the query posited, lolita and loli hentai characters are almost never portrayed as children per se; the vast majority of them have adult features of some sort – their breasts and/or nipples are at least somewhat developed, their demeanor, etc. You can project sexual fantasies onto this image, whereas you could not do so with a real 8 year old girl, even if there were no taboo or societal consequences for doing so.

        • Ok, so when I legally get a gun, if we assume I like violent films and stuff (you know, the things the majority watches), I’m gonna

          a)rob a bank.
          b)just kill some random idiot.
          c)go into serial killing.

          … The logic is astounding…

        • That moral fag is a pedosexual he likes to go around pluge his moral equipmentation into others he deems as moral low ground and starts fantasizing that they are pedos. This stems from a early childhood longing for the pedo bear’s love since he didn’t receive any and hence forth hunts for pedos with a un-quenching thrust. In his fantasy he makes out that loli and loli lovers must have serve consecutive life sentences and have been prosecuted by the many worlds over and over due to his believe in what is the moral high ground.

          To simple sum it up. “thous is holy than ye. fetish pedosexual sytle” -his logic if children are the innocence than therefore you are guilty.

        • Nibel Gilguem says:

          “its questioning the intelligence and morality of the men living today.”

          Intelligence is not of the matter here. Morality, tell that to those people who talk about peace, even though they use force.

          Or how about to those who take lives on whims, or to those who sell their children.

          Now.. have you tried voicing to these people, even if you are alone?

          Am guessing that the only Reason you can post this is due to the fact that you can using, Anonymous.

        • Meidoganekko says:

          “..its questioning the intelligence and morality of the men living today.”

          I assume you’re a nosey moralist who has too much time butting in other people’s personal life, giving them lectures on how to have a pure healthy mind in order to be so-called alpha males by abandoning their fetishes.