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K-ON! Quality MADs – Sakuranbo & Idol Master Parody ED



These two MADs only share K-ON! and especially impressive production qualities in common, but otherwise are very different in most other respects.

The first is a wonderfully edited MAD of the K-ON! cast set to a catchy J-Pop song, while the second is a hand-drawn version of “Don’t say ‘lazy'” featuring the youthful starlets of Idol Master.

けいおん! 『さくらんぼ!』 / K-ON! “Sakuranbo”

Before anyone asks – the song is さくらんぼ / Sakuranbo (Cherry) by 大塚愛 / Ai Otsuka.

アイマス×けいおん!ED / Idol Master x K-ON! ED

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