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Virgins Rare in Japan’s Lusty Schools


Otaku are struggling to come to terms with their enforced celibacy after recent surveys revealed that half of all third year high schoolers were no longer virgins, marking them as even more abnormal than they thought.

The surveys conducted by Japan’s Family Planning Association revealed that 47.3% of boys and 46.5% of girls had some experience of sex by their third year of high school, which coupled with results from other age groups shows a general trend towards sex at earlier ages.

However, observers were puzzled by the 40% decrease in sexual aspirations amongst younger children since the last time the survey was conducted in 1999; now it seems 31% of boys and 14% of girls in their third year of middle school “would like to try” sex, which could either mean their sexual ambitions have decreased, or possibly that they have already tried…

In spite of all this, a disturbing 15% of boys and 18% of girls agreed with the propositions that “it’s best not to have sex” (which bodes ill for the Japanese race) and “sex is best left until marriage” (which in Japan will usually mean waiting until their thirties).

Online reactions range from “I won’t accept it!” to “It seems healthy that there is no great gap between the sexes here”, and of course the blustering “We should be proud that we made it this far as virgins!”

Via Ameba.

Some would say Japan of all nations could use a teenage pregnancy crisis, as it is the only way short of ten or fifteen million immigrants that the nation’s aging populace can be supported with the extravagant pensions they have voted themselves…

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  • Anonymous says:

    Nothing in those surveys is really surprising at all. What is suprising though, is that all those high school girls manage -not- to get pregnant ( as their declining birthrate proves quite well).

    • Anonymous says:

      true. I think when it comes to virginity you should consider your own and judge yourself, not others. I want to be a virgin but I don’t mind if my wifu is or isn’t, that’s up to her.

    • Anonymous says:

      Quite the contrary, you should be glad that you dodged the bullet. I can’t speak for everybody but the times I had with virgins were really messy, in a quite literally sense. That should really put you off unless you have some weird blood fetish. Well at least they won’t complain about you coming too quick. So I guess that’s good…

  • Anonymous says:

    You’re absolutely right about that, people should be really careful about it and give theirs to the right person. But I think most people are ready and have positive experiences if they have sex. We have been talking about teenagers as one vague group, so it depends on the age too. I’d never argue that most 13-year-olds would be ready, I was talking about more like 16 to 18-year-olds.

    All I’m trying to say is that sex isn’t something just for adults and that there’s nothing wrong with teenagers having sex. thesadtree’s comment sounded like losing your virginity would automatically be a really bad thing to do and Endeavor made it sound like teenagers having interest in sex in the first place is a no-no. Both of these attitudes seem very unnatural from a psychological and biological point of view, and that is what worried me.

    • I do agree. Teenengers do have a choice of deciding whether to keep their virginity or not. I’m still choosing to hold mines on till I’m married. Some people think that it’s a no no because they’re still young. And even although a teen’s young body feels ready to do it, some parents are afraid for their child deciding to have sex too early, maybe knowing some of the consequences. Hey, this is basically new to me, and I never thought that Japan that has many high school girls would undergo losing their “V” before they get either get engaged or married.

  • Anonymous says:

    So… what’s the secret? I’m fit, good-looking and quite intelligent I suppose. I dress just like any other ‘cool’ guy in my college, I speak in a similar, yet more refined way. I don’t have anime posters in my room and don’t do typical otaku stuff. But still, I’m 22 and a virgin. What the hell?

    • Anonymous says:

      You got it all wrong buddy. Good look scores you some points but girls don’t care about looks nearly as much as guys(also cleanliness is HUGE for them, I can’t stress that enough). It’s all about personality and whether you are an interesting people to hang out with or not. College chicks are VERY easy to score, especially if you are in one of those “party schools”(plus sex is a great stress relief from school works). Try a different approach, you will realize girls aren’t as much a tease as you think they are. And if you get to know them they are tons of fun!(ok and drama sometimes…)

      • Anonymous says:

        Not really, as far as cleanliness goes. It’s weird, but I’ve seen a lot of girls say that they hate clean-freaks. I personally don’t get it, but there it is. And a lot of them DO care about looks. Basically every girl I know is always trying to change my look in some way, and the first thing they do when they look at another guy is how his hair or fashion or this or that looks. I always yell at some of them about it. Just think about how many times you’ve heard a girl say “eeewwww”, I often think girls are actually far more superficial than guys are. One of my cousins that I play fighting games with sometimes will hate me whenever I pick a strange, funny, or ugly looking character of any sort against her. She goes on and on about why they would ever put a character like that in a game. Yeah, now who want’s equality?

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree with you on the latter bit ^^ I think quirks are cute as long as they don’t affect peoples’ lives in drastic ways. It’s not like she enjoys cutting up little animals or something. But if people can’t see her little quirks as cute, they probably are just superficial people who deserves other superficial assholes.

        • Anonymous says:

          XD Yeah, I didn’t consider how far a person’s obsession with cleanliness can go. I guess that makes sense. Personally I think things like strong perfumes and colones aren’t clean at all and just a way to cover up or hide stenches rather than get rid of them cleanly.

          But still, I don’t think that when someone mentions a “clean freak” or being a “clean freak” that it necessarily implies having OCD so much. Even still, I don’t think such a thing should be such a problem. Why not try to understand and help out such a person, especially if they’re otherwise fine? I know someone kind of like that and we’re not really annoyed by her but tend to see it as part of her character and just have some laughs about it, because she’s really a wonderful person otherwise. Is it so bad that I remember seeing it on people’s “turn offs” lists so many times?

        • Anonymous says:

          Just a comment regarding the cleanliness bit. Dude, the thing is human hate OCD people, the ones who care way too much about how things look or are presented. I think human beings are afraid of people who show signs that they might judge the individual harshly. If you are too particular about cleanliness, they think you are probably the picky, wishy washy sort. What most people want are someone who shows good sense, clean but not fanatical. But personal hygiene is really, really important. You need to shower frequently and smell like you do so, therefore remember to apply deodorant to keep yourself body odour free. And you know how most people hate the perfume department in stores? Yeah, you need to smell nice, but not overpowering like some walking perfume section. And if you aren’t circumcised, be fanatical about rubbing it clean. I am not saying that circumcised dicks can skip washing, I am saying that circumcised dicks are real easy to clean and because they aren’t hooded, they don’t start to smell as easily as those that have been covered the whole day. So yeah, just before sexy times, it would be good etiquette to wash prior.

          Anyway I think the middle ground stance applies to most aspect of a human. You want someone who is capable, but not someone who is a fanatic. You want a clean person, but you don’t want a wuss who complains if he has to sit on the ground for an outdoor concert.

        • Anonymous says:

          Also consider how many girls out there choose their idols soleley based on how they look. Don’t kid yourself, most of the top pop stars in the past got what they have due to their image and not much more. Do you think most girls that like Brad Pitt like him because of his acting skills? I mean I think he’s a good actor, but that’s not why most girls like him.

          Fact is, when a guy comments on a girl he’s superficial, wrong, evil, dirty, and a pervert. When a girl comments on a guy it’s perfectly fine. They obsess over their hot bodied pop stars, 11 year old girls put shirtless dudes up on their walls, and guys get the raised eyebrows whenever they talk about girls. 11 year old boys who put up a pic of a hot girl on their walls will get that “aren’t you a little young for that?” talk.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh believe me, I tried to check whether men could get me excited. But nope, no response. I’m 100% straight.

      ‘Too hard or not hard enough’? I never did any stalking and never refrained from talking with people. Whenever I asked a girl out she either declined on the spot or stopped caring on the 2nd date or something. Heck, succesfully asking anyone out is a miracle. These situations happen quite often. I never got past the stage of french kissing and groping.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ok, you are boring then or have some kind of habit that puts people off. I am serious business here, not dissing you. Do you have some close female friends or sister? Ask them to be brutal with you and ask for their opinion. If you don’t have female opinions, I guess ask your male friends, not quite as accurate but no choice eh?

  • might as well try all the stupid things the stupid people around the world do before i get hit by a car. let’s see…

    eat corpse
    get raped by woman
    do it with my dogs and seen by my friends

  • Anonymous says:

    A person can blame eroge and ecchi anime for this the same way you can blame other countries’ statistics on the openness of their societies views on sex (and having porn on cable), or on things like MTV and sexualized dances and fashion at school. Every country has something that someone can point their fingers at.

    Now I just wonder if someone in Japan will actually see these statistics as bad and raise their voice! Japan NEEDS this, not the other way around. This means that the next generation is getting along much better and that the birthrate might grow in the coming future. Japan needs a baby boom.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think the openness is with sexual media and material, not with the society and it’s people. If you know anything worth knowing about the modern Japanese culture is that they don’t always say what they mean. It’s not as sociable as a society as you may think. With the openness, maybe it’s just the secluded fapping that’s increased, lol.

      • Anonymous says:

        I was talking about them getting along better, that theyre more sociable with each other and open to having sex with other human beings at that time and later in life.

        But as for a baby boom, I think it’s going to take a cultural turn or event for that. There’s just something in the air that seems to be holding people back. Japan’s youth needs more reason to celebrate.

  • Anonymous says:

    50-50 is good. It’s all up to them, as long as they’re taught properly about how to go about it it’s all good. they better just understand the risk of AIDS and even more likely the risk of pregnancy at a tough age.

    Being a virgin or not shouldn’t be a factor for anybody. You lost it before marriage? Good. You kept it for marriage? Good. You died without loosing it? Unfortunate as hell, but oh well…

    I mean, lost your virginity to the wrong person because you were “too young and stupid”? That’s got nothing to do with age, you can loose your virginity at 21 and still be capable of getting feelings of regret about it. You just never know how close to perfect or shit things in life will turn out. Didn’t end up happily married with your first? Tough, but don’t kill yourself over it!

  • Anonymous says:

    This has always been the case for Japan (modern times of course). The statistic has always been pretty close to the western world. I always laugh when I hear the Japanese (sexually) is traditional and reserve myth. If you talk to a young Japanese, they wouldn’t bat an eyelid if you tell them so and so had sex at 13, but you will get at least a raise eyebrow if you spill that number in a lot of the western world. And you see all the incestuous (not actual incest but the dating within the same circle thing) dating on anime? It happens all the time in high school among the so called dating elite. And the good looking guys are really like those assholes you see in Koizora, and there really are plenty of those slutty himegyaru all around. And some random lolicon sneaking into the education system as teacher? Pretty damn common, people would be too busy gossiping instead of being shock that there is a lolicon within close proximity. A society that pretty much worships the teenager, lots of older men wouldn’t find anything wrong sleeping with a 16 year old. They wouldn’t mind paying for it and the sick ones would prey on the school kids.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m 20 and female, and I’m going to wait until marriage as well.

    If that means waiting until I’m 30, or never finding the guy willing to wait, so be it. I’m not going to give up my morals.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let me add something to this. I think sexual compatibility is very important when it comes to choosing a lifelong partner. It is just as important as the daily habits of your potential husband/wife. That’s why couples live together to get to know each other really well before getting married, so that they won’t regret marrying a man/woman who has poor hygiene or whatever character flaw he/she has. The same thing can be said about sex. If you realize that there is a compatibility issue after you already got married, then what are going to do? File a divorce? Maybe some married couples can lead a very happy, sex-free lives but I doubt that’s the norm.

      If a guy look down on you for having sex before getting married, well you know what? He ain’t worth a penny. I would move on and find a guy who truly treasure you for who you are, not just some virginity fetish.

      Again the decision is yours to make, I hope you are happy with it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow, did I type this?? I mean I’ve posted a lot here, but I think this one isn’t mine. Still, right out of my mouth man. Actually, I couldn’t have said it better myself (I think I responded to someone before with similar sentiments but I had trouble saying exactly what I wanted). High fives all around, my fellow anon.

    • Anonymous says:

      hey anon who wrote that long ass post, ever watched porn and fapped to it? Since you are here, I bet you already did.

      Its all the same. One involves two people and the other involves one hand and some media. So stop being so super righteous.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the reasons behind WHY you wait for the right moment is what’s more important than the fact that you did keep it. If it’s something like due to repression, or to prove something, or because of religious views, or due to parents, then it isn’t worth it. Well, maybe religious views is worth it just for the sake that you’re part of a religion (and I understand how that feels) but it’s still unfortunate.

      I’m not only keeping my virginity, forget that, I’m personally even against dating. I don’t like that word. My idea is to make friends with someone of the opposite sex, get to know them like you’d get to know a friend, hang out, talk, and do things together (some would call that dating, but I think what I’m saying is really a lot different from that), and then see how far it goes from there. Unfortunately I’m not good at even making friends of any kind. Not that I don’t want to, but It’s just so hard to find someone that fits my description of what a friend should be. I never even talk with any of the friends I’ve had at school growing up, and I don’t keep connections long with friends i make online too long after I meet them. But I think this is all important in the process for me to find the right person… maybe I’ll never win this way, but when I do it’ll be pure fireworks all the way. I don’t want to die heartbroken and lonely, I want a strong family till the day I die. THIS is why I am still a virgin. If I’m going to go down, I rather not take down another person and a family, kids included, with me. Divorce is a poison I never want to touch.

      But why keep it for the right person? Because from what I’ve learned, I feel that love, trust, romance, and basically “the right person” makes sex all the better, especially if it’s the first time. I think a lot of people who sleep around have lost the chance for that and will never get that chance, and I don’t want to miss out on it. I want it to feel all the sweeter and that I’ll never loose that person.

      Besides there’s more to life than sex and I’m busy with those other things instead right now, as I have been while going through school as a teen.

      • Chalkzone says:

        This Anon speaks the truth.

        I have read before somewhere that most couple that only had sex after marriage are more satisfied(sexually) than those couple that had pre-marital sex exp.

      • SilverTide says:

        “But why keep it for the right person? Because from what I’ve learned, I feel that love, trust, romance, and basically “the right person” makes sex all the better, especially if it’s the first time. ”

        This is true and there is a biological basis for it. Studies have shown that the more sexual partners one has, the less and less of an effect that the ‘bonding hormone’ oxytocin has on oneself.

        • Marine-RX179 says:


          You are missing my point. I was merely pointing the possible feelings if that does happen.

          It’s easy for you call someone ‘shallow’ for feeling how they naturally feel, but let me ask you (and be honest)…would you rather know about or NOT know about about the history of your wife having sex with other guys merely for the sake of having sex (not because the guy and her were in a serious relationship or anything like that)?

          What I was trying to say is too many people think having sex and losing their virginity or not is what classify them as being ‘winner’ or ‘loser’, and by being a non-virgin is superior to those that still are.

          I really think this kind of mindset is wrong, as they more focused on the sex part, and women are just a ‘tool’ that helps make them a ‘winner’, instead of focusing on being in a serious relationship. In my opinion, this is even more shallow.

        • Anonymous says:

          what I basically mean is, concentrate on your own virginity, not the virginity of your partner or of others. Being a virgin when you feel you’re with the “right one” effects you more than them, them being a virgin may or may not benefit you more but it sure won’t make things worse (unless you’re crazy about doing a virgin for the sake of it).

          Personally I’ve made the decision to be a virgin until the right time, but I wouldn’t mind if my partner was still a virgin or not.

        • Anonymous says:

          29-06-2009 18:39 Anonymous here.

          I agree with Shuu here. While I talking about the good sides to keeping virginity for the right person and the positive reasons and benefits of it, I think it’s stupid to judge someone like that based on their past actions. While it’s not good to keep information like that from your partner so long (especially lying about it) it shouldn’t be something to judge that person on if you truly love that person.

          Keeping or loosing your virginity before the right person is a choice. A person could regret it or even be happy about the decision later in life. If they regret it, if it was a mistake, then that’s enough guilt for them as it is, and at least they changed for the better because of it, but it’s crappy to add to that guilt by judging them for it. No one is perfect and no one knows how their lives will turn out. As long as she didn’t get any STDs that she kept secret from you before marriage, it should be fine. At least you can be happy in that fact that she chose you over all of them. You know what? I wouldn’t even mind if my wife told me all about how she thought other guys looked and if she was attracted to any of them, I’d find it interesting, and besides she’s with me and not with them 🙂 I think this makes for more confidence and trust in each other and the marriage too.

        • “And later he find she slept with 5-20 different guys before dating him. […] if I was in that guy’s position, I would feel probably feel gutted or hurted.”

          Wait… what? Why the hell would you feel gutted or hurt? You don’t really love her if you care about her past in such a way. And I don’t really know how I should call this kind of attitude… shallow and self-centered maybe, and somewhat sexist. I mean, HEAVEN FORFEND THIS BITCH HAD SEX WITH SOMEONE ELSE BEFORE ME. Sure, you’re not nearly as extreme, but whether you like it or not, you’re following the same line of thinking.

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          It’s interesting how so many guys think it is great and it is a great think everyone should be having sex. But in my opinions they are just short-sighted and not seeing the result it could lead to in the future.

          For example, a guy eventually find a woman that he loves and cherish and marry her. And later he find she slept with 5-20 different guys before dating him. Sure it’s not betrayal since it was before them started dating, however, if I was in that guy’s position, I would feel probably feel gutted or hurted, while desperately trying to convince myself it is ok/it is no big deal/EVERYONE’s wife has history like that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well you are missing out. While sex isn’t as godly as some people claimed to be, it is pretty damn good, even for girls. At least that’s what my current girlfriend and ex told me. Have you tried rubbing yourself?

    • Marine-RX179 says:

      Very wise decision. Many females looking back and regret how they lost their virginity back in the days when they were still young and kind of naive.

      Too many people having sex like doing sports these days. I myself believe that one should not give up their virginity until he/she meet a person which he/she truely believe he/she’s ‘the one’.

      With that said, I wish you good luck and find the right guy, get married and star a family before you reach 30.

      • Anonymous says:

        Some people do feel ok with their early decisions though, or just get over it. It’s different for everyone. As long as you felt you made the decision without ignorance (or too much of it) or naivety, then I think it’s ok. Some teens are too stupid and jump into things, others aren’t (many adults are too stupid and jump into things!). Some may regret their first, some may cherish it, even if it’s at a young age.

        Whatever happens it should all come down to good parenting and probably having the right friends to help you get your head straight.

        The right time is a good thing, but some people don’t realize that this time can also come earlier. The point is that at least you are looking for that right time, even at an early age, and are not treating it like a race or something trivial.

  • Well, same here in Russian, half of all girls (or even slightly more) part ways with their virginity at age of 14-16, which I, of corse, think is a good thing. The sooner you have sex experience, the better. What if a car hits you next day and you wont ever try it?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s better not to die a screw up. So what, you got hit by a meteor out of nowhere, how the fuck would you know what would happen? You can’t do everything you want to do before a time like that. If you live your life thinking it’ll end tomorrow you’ll end it sooner than you think by yourself. Why take life too fast OR too slow? Yeah, you never got to experience something great, what can you do about it? What if you got killed just as your about to stick it in for the first time?

      • You guys talk nonsense. Stupid things are stupid. Robbing bank is stupid (well its not if you’re good at it, which you’re probably not). But doing things you like, things that give you pleasure and satisfaction – that’s what life about. And isn’t it better to do enjoy life as much as you can? Of corse if you’re a sick bastard and your wishes include hurting someone, eating a corpse or fucking your dog, that’s just your problem.

        • Anonymous says:

          People who live the fast life move too fast and can’t enjoy anything long enough. There are more good feelings out there besides fun, like satisfaction, love, accomplishment, etc. There are things that are long term and require time and carefulness to gain, and the joy from them often last longer than any short-term hedonistic fun activities a lot of people throw their lives away on. Ask a gamer, the harder games are the best, not the easy ones.

      • might as well try all the stupid things the stupid people around the world do before i get hit by a car. let’s see…

        eat corpse
        get raped by woman
        do it with my dogs and seen by my friends

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would you want a virgin? The only real positive thing about nailing a virgin is a sense of “accomplishment”, which is pretty laughable. Virgin is a real drag. You can’t go too rough on them. They don’t really know how to please you. If it is for love then I can’t argue against that(again, why would you care even if she is not virgin). But if it is for good ole sex, please give me an “experienced” girl over a virgin any day of the week.

      • SilverTide says:

        If you want to raise children in marriage, a virgin is the way to go. Women who aren’t virgins at the time of marriage are 40% more likely to divorce.
        Go look it up on google if you don’t believe me.

        Oh, did I mention that 1/4 of sexually active women have an STD?

      • Anonymous says:

        Some people look for things like cuteness, sweetness, and innocence in girls, and indeed women. I personally look for experience and sexiness, someone that can dominate me, but I can understand that some people just want a different thing. This is some of the things shown in loli and moe characters that people like so much… it’s stuff like this that makes people like lolis, not necessarily their young ages.

        • Anonymous says:

          im into femdom, but not bdsm and pain-pleasure stuff… so not really my dream material. Any dominating and wild females who aren’t into pain? Also, I prefer the sexy look over the cute look, though more of a mixture.

        • Anonymous says:

          This comment chain restored my hope in humanity after all these comments about having sex before turning 80 being a bad thing. It’s so very beautiful. I love you. ;___;

          ““Cuteness, sweetness, and innocence = inexperienced in sex” is a fallacy. I have met girls who are sweet as pies but became very wild and uninhibited in bed.”

          I’m a pretty extreme case of this, hahahaha. Young honour student, real pretty, dresses properly, kind, loves housework, like your stereotypical wife material from an anime. Everyone thinks I’m a virgin. They can’t talk about sex in front of me, I’m too pure. They tell me there should me more girls like me, since everyone is so corrupted these days.

          Truth is. I’ve had plenty of it and I’m a sadistic dominatrix who likes to bind a man to bed. I love to torture him with pleasure without letting him cum and to make him lick me to orgasm as many times as I command. Stuff like that.

          But it’s embarrassing~. *hides behind a corner*

          I also know virgins who are as far from cute, sweet and innocent as you can be. Even though I have bdsm sex, I don’t think my virgin friends who watch tentacle porn, yaoi and loli are any more pure than me. Seriously, tentacle porn. The most cute, sweet and innocent thing ever as long as you haven’t got laid, right?

          • Anonymous says:

            Sorry this was supposed to be a reply to this comment chain:

            “Why would you want a virgin? The only real positive thing about nailing a virgin is a sense of “accomplishment”, which is pretty laughable. Virgin is a real drag. You can’t go too rough on them. They don’t really know how to please you. If it is for love then I can’t argue against that(again, why would you care even if she is not virgin). But if it is for good ole sex, please give me an “experienced” girl over a virgin any day of the week.”

            Sankaku got buggy.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah, I never really meant to say that that’s how things are (if that’s what it sounded like), I just meant that I think a lot of people see it that way. So maybe they’re duping themselves, eh…

        • Anonymous says:

          ..and let me add a bit to that..

          I beleive that even if you’re a virgin, it doesn’t mean that you’re totally inexperienced and innocent when it comes to sex, though it’s probably more likely. I mean I’m a virgin and while I think I might take it slow the first time, I don’t think it’ll take me too long before I’m going at it the way I’ve dreamt. Though I’m a guy, I’m sure there are many virgin girls who like to watch hentai like I do, and I would consider such people to be the more willing of the inexperienced.

          Also, I find it silly to be too anal about wanting a virgin, because with either men or women you often can’t tell. With guys it’s obviously not easy to tell, and with women too you don’t know exactly how they got their cherry popped if it has been (it’s unlikely that by even the first time they fuck that it’ll still be intact). So I think trust in what your partner tells you about the past is a much stronger thing to have. If you want the characteristics of a virgin then look for those characteristics rather than proof of virginity.

          But it’s sad how these days it seems many teens (at least in crappy sex comedies), treat loosing virginity like getting a golden chalice, and don’t even care about the characteristics of a virgin.

    • Marine-RX179 says:

      May be they are just proud of not losing their virginity to a fat/ugly female just for the sake of loosing their virginity.

      The good looking ones are usually taken, so does that mean one should resorted to having sex with fugly one? If having to do that, I’d much rather sticking with 2-D waifus lol

      • Anonymous says:

        WHY NOT?! If the ‘fugly’ ones are actually good people. Women marry ugly men all the time (and sometimes vice versa)~ and It’s not always for the money, I’ve seen plenty of pretty girl-ugly guy couples where the guy has little to NOTHING.

        • Anonymous says:

          there is more than one kind of attraction. there all all kinds of people that can look attractive depending on who you are, or can manage to find someone who can look past all of that, but it really depends on who you are. A lot of marriages are unfortunately broken due to things like lack of sexual attraction and a bad sex life or infidelity due to uncontrollable urges that can’t be calmed any other way. Sexual and physical attraction is one of many important aspects when looking for a mate and it shouldn’t be ignored. If what you’re looking for and absolutely need is too far off the charts, then you’re just fucked (alright screwed… alright “out of luck”) unless you can get over a few things.

      • Am sry but iam a guy who knows tons of guys, and the ones who anit losing shit is because of the prime example that guy posted a above. you either ugly, fat, loser etc.

        if your masturbating then you want PUSSY period.
        when you masturbate your thinking of pussy.

        i met church goers who got pussy befor i did, and they do all they no sex bullcrap

        • Anonymous says:

          the anon that somewhat long made the long triple post here

          @MINN, I wasn’t trying hard, that’s just me, I pretty much respond like that even when I don’t need to. For me all that was really no problem. Besides, a thicker head requires a harder punch. I’m not trying to defend myself or anyone here, I’m just trying to open more doors and windows to let more light in.

          @CS: I never said masturbation was a replacement for sex, if that’s what you think I meant, but I did say it can help in keeping control. It doesn’t help loneliness, though. Besides, even people that don’t fap tend to have more wet dreams to get rid of that frustration, but I don’t think it’s as effective as fapping. A person that refrains from masturbation can’t think “oh she’s incredible, but she’s such a bitch, I shouldn’t make that mistake, who care’s if she’s hot? I’ll just go home and fap it off to something better”.

          And again, what’s the difference between fapping and just getting pussy without a proper woman attached to it? The woman comes before the pussy, or else you’re better off in many ways just buying a fleshlight.

          generally speaking: Rather than calling people losers why not try to see it their way? It’s not always the case that they’re “worthless excuses for human beings”, no one knows exactly how their lives will end up even if they try to fight it into the contrary. And more so, you’re making assumptions about that person, you don’t know that person’s whole story obviously.

          A comment like – I’m not a virgin and you are, hence I’m a winner and you’re a loser – is just thick headed, ignorant, and mean spirited. Not everyone here is a stereotypical image of a full blown “otaku”, and even if we were it still doesn’t mean we’re twigs in the mud.

          But I’ll admit, I did grow up as a quiet kid that got bullied and called a loser and the like a lot, so that’s a really rotten word in my mind and I feel like doing my part to help get rid of it.

          -“The fullest and best ears of corn hang lowest toward the ground.”
          -“Pride is concerned with who is right. Humility is concerned with what is right.”
          -“Humility is the only true wisdom by which we prepare our minds for all the possible changes of life.”

        • Given: Masturbation (rather, self-stimulation, but we’ll use the colloq. use of the word) feels good.
          Given: Sex feels good.
          Observation: Masturbation has less prerequisites than sex ->
          Claim: Masturbation is used as a proxy for sex.

          I disagree with your claim on the basis that masturbation, feeling good on its own, has sufficient incentive to do so without that connection.

        • Anonymous says:

          and like I said, a the way you see a loser is totally based on your point of view. I don’t care if I meet someone who’s banged 100 chicks in his time, he could quite easily also be a loser in my eyes. In a way, we’re all losers in some fashion, in someone’s eyes, so it seems almost hypocritical to call someone else a loser.

        • Anonymous says:

          Also, LOSER is just the worst thing to call someone. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s totally subjective. It’s like you’re saying “this was a race, and you lost”. I mean, wtf? What race? Why does everything have to be a race?

          It totally depends on the point of view. A person can look at a humble man and either feel shame or pride for him. A person can revere a chef that cooks food for the rich, or revere a cook that makes food for the poor without a dime in return, and either one of those can be seen as winners or losers.

          It isn’t always the case that the person is incapable in their state of accomplishing something. I personally work out and keep myself fit and well groomed, but I’m not about to try and get in bed with some hot chick that’s most likely also a bitch or a dumbass just because “I want some pussy”. Hentai and masturbation are wonderful things because of this, they’re not supposed to be for “losers”. It’s because of it that I can more easily control myself from drooling over and getting myself into shit over the wrong chick.

  • thesadtree says:

    most people by the age of 16 loose it, >_> loosing it doesn’t make them adults, it makes them teens doing adult things, just as adults can do kid things. but then i can’t say if loosing it or keeping it is the right choice, only the people involved have the choice to choose and depending on what they choose it will change their life both for the good and the bad. to each their own i guess.

    • Anonymous says:

      Err, wut. You just sound like a bitter virgin there man! It’s normal for teenagers to have sex, after all they’re in their most fertile age and thus biologically thinking, it should be more of an adolescent thing than an adult thing. We’re programmed to have sex by the time we’re about 15, depending on the person of course.

      You have to be mature enough both physically and mentally, but most people are by then. You can deny your natural instincts for reason or another (religion, love, etc.), but you’re stating that it’s somehow unusual for 16-year-olds to have sex and that’s just pure wrong.

      Sorry but it’s just true, and it doesn’t make you a party animal, a slut, an adult whatsoever either. It’s entirely normal for a high school student to have made love.

        • Anonymous says:

          people need to start an mmo to avoid being bored? that’s the only answer to boredom? Fucking hell, that’s messed up. Compared to MMOs everything is fun, man. MMOs are like a last resort when there’s absolutely no way you can do anything else. I feel sorry for the millions of people addicted to that empty trash.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, teens are capable, but it’s like you’re saying all of them automatically ARE mentally capable and ready. And just like with adults, some THINK they are or others think they are and they’re really not. With both teens and adults you have to be more careful and sensitive, but more so with teens because they’re fresh off puberty and not as experienced not just with sex but with the world and people in general.

        • Anonymous says:

          Experimenting what only adults should do? Why is being interested a bad thing?

          Why can’t a teenager wholeheartedly and seriously make love on a regular basis? It’s a part of many young people’s lives, and as more than what you’re trying to say here. Don’t/didn’t you know such couples yourself as a high school student?

          People whose body and mind have passed the age of puberty are completely ready and mature enough to have some serious hot adult lovings. Unless you’re some severely underdeveloped case or a pious Catholic conservative, that is. In the former case, it’s alright, but don’t think everyone is the same. In the latter case, you should go rinse your face with cold water. Now. And travel to Tibet after that.

  • “…waiting until their thirties.”

    Hmmmmmmm… but it is established that after the age of roughly 33, the rate at which women who conceive producing a baby with abnormalities and other genetic defects increases rapidly.

      • Well, it’s been a while since somebody’s called me an idiot, but I guess I’ll just show you some proof that the “idiot” is right.

        According to this graph, before the age of 30, the rate at which babies with Down Syndrome are born is quite constant. However, the rate increases between the ages of 30 ~ 35, albeit slowly. However, by looking at the rest of the graph, you can see that after 30, the rate of which Down Syndrome is observed increases quite rapidly, almost in an exponential pattern. Since the major guidelines for the axis of which the age is shown is divided up into intervals of 5, it can be assumed that the point at which the rate starts increasing is in the 30 ~ 35 years old interval. Because during each of the intervals, the rate is increasing linearly, it can be assumed that the mean of the 30 to 35 interval is 32.5, which is approximately 33 (though this is based purely on interpreting the graph; the text accompanying the graph states that the age is 35). Lastly, since Down Syndrome is a chromosome abnormality, so it can be assumed that the same applies to other chromosome disorders.

        • @Anon above me: Thank you for pointing that out, but if they couldn’t understand the word “rate,” I highly doubt they will have the mental capacity to fully comprehend what you just said.

          @GourmetPrince: Don’t call other people dumbasses if you don’t know what you are talking about yourself. In science, there is no such thing as a “proven” fact. You can only disprove hypotheses. Something can only be only labelled as “fact” if the phenomenon occurs at such a high rate and is replicated numerous times by a large number of people. It can always be “disproven” though. You can never “prove” a fact in science. So, stop throwing those words around and criticizing other people before you actually understand what you are talking about.

          But yes, I never said that according to that graph, everybody will get Down Syndrome if they are conceived after the age of 33. Like the anon above me said, it is based purely on the word rate. The lifestyle or drug consumption of an individual mother does not impact the average rate found in a sample study (unless the sample size is quite small, i.e. less than 50). It does not mean that it’s a fact that if you are pass the age of 33, your children will get genetic disorders.

        • Anonymous says:

          Note the word rate. Some. People. Need. To. Learn. To. Read. It’s statistically more likely after said age. No one said it was based solely off age, simply that on average, people over 33 have a higher chance of defects.

        • GourmetPrince says:

          Dumbass, this isn’t a proven fact. This is simply some data collected by a curious professor.

          Drugs play a large role in this graph. As does lifestyle. It isn’t based SOLELY off of age.

  • omg no supprize here, medals need to be given out to all that made it to 18 a virgin.
    poor lolis are hunted to existion/penis festivals/eroge/loliconfathers/raep… wat else did i miss *puts thinking cap on*

    • Never remove the Nagi poster. Her and Haruhi will take over the world one day, so make sure you have something to prove your faith.

      Also, I thought you were talking about US high schools at first. Most of the mare whores, especially if they are preppy.

  • Stupid animals!! Doing sex in a very young age…You think you’re a great man or woman just by doing that?! Thank God I’m a Muslim. In our religion, we were taught not to do free sex, because it’s haram (prohibited). Sex is not prohibited when you do it with your husband/wife, but with your friend or sibling? It’s a real “NO!”