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Louis Vuitton USB Memory, 4GB = $500


Pricey French fashion brand Louis Vuitton has long held sway as the most popular status fashion accessory amongst Japanese fashionistas, with its purchase the key to unlocking the heart (and legs) of many an avaricious maiden.

Thus it will come as a relief to more technologically minded fashion followers to learn that USB memory is now available from the label, though at quite a price…



The “iconic” Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite is an other standard 4GB USB memory stick in a shiny casing, and is available now.

Since Japanese apparently love Louis Vuitton to the point of profligacy, they are offered a price of $515, whilst the rest of the world gets a merely exorbitant $450 pricetag… By comparison, a stick fit for a peon might be shy of $20.

Via Itai News.

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