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Strike Witches Lynette Bishop Oppai Dakimakura


The Pantsu Witches’ resident British witch Lynette Bishop will be receiving an official dakimakura, the second witch to get the honor following Sanya’s Low-Leg Lolimakura.

Fellow fans of the 501st Brigade’s second largest pair of oppai are sure to be ecstatic.

The revelation comes by way of light novel magazine The Sneaker’s August issue, which also included the following pages concerning the series:


Gertrud’s little sister is in the bottom right.


This page mostly deals with the Strike Witches Nintendo DS “Blitz in the Blue Skies!” and PS2 “A Little Peaceful Days” game adaptation.

There is not much content besides that, and still nothing new on the much-anticipated 2nd season, making the Lynette dakimakura the focal point of this issue’s Witch content.

The Lynette dakimakura will likely become available for Japanese pre-orders in the coming months, but will remain a difficult to get treasure internationally much as the Sanya lolimakura was.

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