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Agnes Chan, Moral Crusader & Gravure Idol


Agnes Chan, UNICEF “ambassador” to Japan and fervent opponent of artistic freedoms, seems to have made quite the career for herself selling her own youthful image as the object of men’s lusts, and this celebrity charisma is surely the only reason she finds herself at the head of an organisation so intent on enforcing its morals on the world.

Below you can see some appealing swimsuit gravure featuring her, taken sometime in the early 1970s, when she was apparently not yet even into her twenties. Interestingly, she is now very keen that such “young idol” images be banned…






She is said to have enjoyed a tremendous boost in popularity after starting to model (for the time) skimpy miniskirts and bikinis, then becoming known for her singing, and only much later would she become a resident of Japan and Sokka Gakkai cultist, eventually leading to her being granted a UNICEF sinecure.

Some can’t help but wonder if her reasons for railing against the evils of pornography aren’t in fact personal ones…


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