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What the Japanese Want in a Partner


A recent survey has uncovered just what it is Japanese men and women say they want from a partner in terms of both looks and mental characteristics, and what they look at on a date.

The results may make interesting, if unsurprising, reading…

The survey covered 2,032 men and women aged 12-79.

Their sampling methodology is not disclosed, but the survey was commissioned by a hair clinic, which may explain some of the results…

What physical characteristics are most desired in a spouse?

By men:

1. Not fat (47%)

2. Good looking/cute (40%)

3. Has a full head of hair (19%)

4. Not greasy (17%)

5. Slender (8%)

By women:

1. Not fat (46%)

2. Not greasy (39%)

3. Not balding (36%)

4. Good looking/cute (19%)

5. Tall (19%)

It seems fat, greasy and bald men are the least desired by women, which may leave certain demographics in a quandary…

What mental characteristics are most desired in a spouse?

By men:

1. Kindness (57%)

2. Fidelity (45%)

3. Similar values (36%)

4. Seriousness (26%)

5. Fond of children (23%)

By women:

1. Fidelity (67%)

2. Kindness (67%)

3. Reliability (55%)

4. Similar values (52%)

5. Can work (42%)

The relative importance of physical and mental characteristics is not dealt with, though it is not hard to guess what tendencies such results might display.

What physical features men and women pay most attention to on a date?

By men:

1. Clothes

2. Hairstyle

3. Eyes

4. Legs

5. Mouth

By women:

1. Clothes

2. Hairstyle

3. Eyes

4. Hands

5. Nose

We have to wonder at the survey’s decision to exclude “breasts” from the ranking…

Men who fear for their marriage prospects after seeing these lists can of course rest easy: Japanese women apparently value one quality above all others, even if the Bowdlerised results here are too polite to mention it…

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