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Saitama Mulls Lucky Star Uniforms for Schoolgirls


Saitama prefecture, home of Lucky Star, is considering a proposal to make the schoolgirls of the prefecture switch to wearing uniforms based on the design from the hit anime.


The proposal, submitted by the “Prefectural Anime Tourism Investigative Commission”, a group compromised of professionals in the manga and anime industry, suggests the current school uniforms used in the prefecture should all be replaced by one based on the anime, in the hopes that this will further boost the thriving anime tourism which has injected countless millions into the local economy.

The group intends further meetings to consider how to improve anime tourism in the region, and will report its final findings in 2010.

The prefecture’s tourism board is non-committal: “We’d like to consider the results of their deliberations for events and so forth.”

Via Nikkei.


The 2ch reaction is mixed:

Saitama has started up!

Saitama is just too amazing…

These will probably encourage sex crimes.

Aren’t these uniforms unsightly? Their colours are designed for anime after all.

The uniforms are ripped off of ToHeart anyway.

The colours are totally unrealistic.

Whichever way you look at it, these uniforms are from an eroge…

Tourism is for people coming into the prefecture. These look a huge nuisance to students.

Let me just go get my little sister transferred to a Saitama school…

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