Rotten Penis Tribe Kills Hundreds


Concern has mounted as hundreds of boys have been killed by tribal penis snipping gone awry; in the latest incident four children are suffering from gangrenous affliction of their penises after a botched circumcision, leaving two with severe penis rot.

One boy’s penis was so severely infected after the rite that his glans has already rotted off, while another is still receiving treatment for gangrene of his penis.

The other two boys fortunately only suffered “merely septic” treatable infections to their penises.

The man suspected to be responsible for the circumcision, a “secretive” initiation rite employed by the Xhosa people of South Africa, has been arrested for his actions and is accused for preforming other circumcisions in the past.

Provincial regulations in Transkei, South Africa state one must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible for circumcision, while most who received the operation were between 13 and 14-years-old, making these operations quite illegal.

The circumcision rite has come under scrutiny in the past, as it was suspected to be leading to the spread of AIDS after the same unsanitized blade would be used on multiple penises, in addition to several hundred reported deaths as a result of complications from the penile hack and slash.

Three deaths have already been reported this year, but it is unclear how many illegal operations have occurred since the Xhosa schools where the rites occur are often in remote areas.

The school where the four boys received their circumcisions has already been temporarily closed.

In an unrelated case, one man was arrested recently for performing a circumcision on a nine-year-old boy.

Via Independent Online.

Although genital mutilation in Africa is usually associated with lingering tribal and religious practices directed at women, it appears men do not escape this scourge either…


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