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Saber Ero-Armor Dakimakura


A new dakimakura featuring Fate/stay Night’s Saber wearing a lovely, if dubious, battle attire of mostly lingerie and flowers is coming from the same Chinese circle that is releasing the gorgeous Mio Eromakura.

This Saber dakimakura, from circle 紫源亭, will be making its debut at this summer’s Comiket alongside the aforementioned Mio-makura.

They will both run the steep (but not unexpected) cost of ¥14,000, which could make buying both a worrying prospect, as ¥28,000 equates to a small mountain of doujinshi…

If forced to choose between them, the Mio dakimakura might be the closest thing to an objectively better choice – the head proportions appear to be a little off on the Saber pillow, although it is undoubtedly still a thing of beauty.

The circle will be at Comiket 76 on the second day at booth B03b, more information is available at their website.

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