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Mother Makes Man’s Head into Soup for Daughter


A woman has been found guilty of decapitating a man in order to make his head into a soup with which to cure her daughter’s mental illness, which she had her daughter drink.

The woman, a resident of China’s Sichuan province, apparently believed her mentally ill daughter could be cured of her affliction if she were to drink some healthy human head soup.

To this end, she first got a 76-year-old into a drunken stupor with the aid of a friend, and then bludgeoned him into unconsciousness, after which she cut off his head and, with the aid of her husband, cooked the head together with duck into a tasty soup.

She then had her 25-year-old daughter drink up the soup in the hopes that her long running condition would be cured. Her daughter was apparently non compos mentis at the time.

Despite her efforts to dispose of the bloody remains of the man, she was apprehended and tried, and was recently found guilty.

She has been handed a death sentence, but in an uncharacteristic display of leniency the courts offered her a reprieve in the form of a stay of execution, meaning if she can keep out of trouble for two years she will merely be sentenced to life imprisonment.

We do not hear whether her daughter’s condition was improved by the broth.

Via AFP.

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