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Schoolgirls “Faint & Vomit” at Sight of Penis


Schoolgirls and teachers were so shocked at the scandalous display of the male sexual organ undertaken by a young exhibitionism maniac that some fainted and others began vomiting.

The youth apparently breezed into the girls-only Calcutta school, entered a classroom, and in full view of teacher and pupils brazenly stripped off, and lewdly began making indecent gestures at the scandalized onlookers.

The boy’s actions apparently caused several girls witnessing the strip show to faint and vomit at the sight of the indecency.

Guards seem to have thought nothing of a young man walking in to an all-girls school without a reason, nor did anyone bother to report the incident to police afterwards, though papers seem to have delightedly reported the incident.

The school principal denied the penis exposure event was as serious as witnesses have made it out to be, and one security guard claims the boy only took off his shirt, and that some have exaggerated the girls’ reactions to the ordeal.

The principal has however agreed to increase campus security after several parents complained of the tremendous trauma their girls endured.

Some speculate the boy lost a bet and was so forced to be an impromptu exhibitionist, while others feel he was suffering mental problems.

“A mentally deranged person will not take off his clothes after entering a classroom. This is a clear case of exhibitionism by a pervert,” said one observant psychologist analyzing the case. “Such people normally don’t have a partner. Such acts are outbursts of increasing frustration and stress.”

Via Times of India.

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