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Online Schoolgirl Trading All The Rage


A trio of men who traded homeless schoolgirls online in a “sex relay”, with the girls being kept for sex, have been arrested.

The three men, a salaryman (34) and a dispatch worker (29) of Aichi prefecture and a self-employed man (30) from Nara prefecture, were indicted for violations of child welfare laws after it emerged they had been trading a number of runaway schoolgirls online for the purposes of sex.

The men, none of whom had met in real life, used a BBS to pass middle school girls between themselves, and whilst keeping these girls they would avail themselves of them sexually.

The salaryman apparently became tired of keeping two schoolgirls for sex, and so offered them up for adoption online: “Won’t you take these two girls off my hands?”

Seizing his chance for a harem, the self employed man took custody of the two girls. He later traded a surplus schoolgirl to the dispatch worker.

It is likely the site in question was host to other such trading, though this is not clear.

Two of the men admit the charges, whilst the other denies them.

Via ZakZak.

There appears to be a thriving subculture centred on the keeping of pet schoolgirls in Japan, the details of which you can read in the previous article on the subject…

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