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Eroge Taliban Take Over: All Fetishes Banned in Eroge


The EOCS adult game censorship regulations imposed in response to feminist criticism have finally been revealed in detail, and it seems they are shockingly draconian, practically banning all pictures and text which stray from the missionary position.

Not just rape and loli are now banned; all group sex, kinkiness and anything else which might cause trouble or offence is banned, whether in pictures or text; it is difficult to characterise such a sweeping ban as anything but a complete victory for opponents of freedom of expression and sexuality.

The full list of what is now completely off limits to adult games published through traditional channels:


(Some terms do not have clear English equivalents)



Gang Rape



“Reverse” Rape



“Reverse” Assault



Student Council




Train Molestation

Enjo Kousai (Prostitution)







Pregnant Women



The ban covers all pictures, text, packaging and even the names of the publishers themselves.

Euphemisms are also banned, and the list will be added to as required. It seems the only major omission is homosexuality; it is also not clear whether the ban on pregnancy and conception means games must now feature obligatory contraception…

The source is a publisher quoting the EOCS guidelines for the benefit of their own partners, so it is still not a direct announcement, but seems as close to one as can be expected. This also confirms the previous publisher misgivings that a game featuring nekomimi and consensual pregnancy would be banned under the new regulations.

Details of how this may affect publishers and retail channels are covered in the previous articles, suffice to say it seems the retail trade in such games will be undergoing a severe contraction.

With such a spectacular success in censoring so broad an array of deviancy, it seems only a matter of time before a similar assault is launched against anime and manga, to say nothing of the wider pornography industry…

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  • Anonymous says:

    Feminists know they cant do jack shit about real stuff, so they target fictional stuff abroad so they can feel like they’re doing something in their life and could die happily. (which I wish they would, RIGHT NOW)

  • From “” (eroge company’s official site). Their english isn’t perfect, but the message gets trough:

    “Currently, The bill that allows to limiting the content (It is censorship. Isn’t it?) to all EROGEs is being discussed in the Diet because intellectuals and politicians said “Japanese EROGE were being problem and troubled with the foreign country. Therefore we should make EROGE hidden away from foreign country, and also its content should be limited and censored”.

    Okay, now we trusted the word what they said at once. So we blocked you to make stay away from the trouble.

    …Do you like that?”

    If not, please tell your idea directly to Japanese government and politicians. For example, you can write the letter to the administration of Japan directly from here:

    Or, you just can talk your idea about this issue at your blog or other media to inform the existance of this problem to the public. It would be very helpful for us.

    If you do so, we might be able to recover the “Freedom of speech” and the barricade lying in between us would be taken away.

    Please help us.

    We hope this separation would be only for short moment.”


    …I’ve “sent a letter” myself, and would like to encourage anyone reading this message to do the same, following the link provided earlier. Just remember to make an intelligent and well thought-out response. Saying something like “what the f*ck are you doing, idiots, lol” will hardly help.

    Together, we might still be able to stop this stupidity. Let’s not give up without a fight!

  • No one will probably be able to read this with the length of this reply, but..

    You remember how everyone is talking about how the end of the world will finaly come? Well, this is it, the end of the world is finaly coming.

  • Everyone plz do not PANIC!
    I’ve thought of the perfect solution for our little problem.
    First we’ll kidnap all the skilled workers from our favorite eroge companies and a few bad ones to make the good ones look even better.
    (We should also get some anime companies as well)
    Then we shall take refuge in the higest moutain in the Himalayas we’ll create a secret society and go into hiding in our fortress of “HOPE”.
    Then when the year 2012 comes and ends the current world we’ll rise up and march on the plains of oblivion.
    There we’ll start a new world with as much rape and cat girls in our eroges as we want!
    Now come my children this is the Noah’s Ark of our time.

  • Anonymous says:

    They say loli anime/games and such makes people want to rape IRL? No i think it keeps people from haveing to do it to real people, without it otakus will go outside and there will be more REAL rape, and if that happens they will be forced to lift the ban.

  • Banning any of this, whether you agree with it or not, is an assault against freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of thought. Its not real people, its hardly advertised for (not at all in most countries), and if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

    Its all about uptight snobbish twits trying to control people, control what you can use , control what you can play, control what you can watch, control what you can THINK. Stop trying to protect people from everything “evil”.

    I want my evil.

  • Anonymous says:

    if EOCS is truely a self imposing, self-regulating body, and if it also operate in the interest of eroge industries, what about any chances that this all turns out to be a ruse? what about the industry agrees to lay low until media firestorm is over and reemerges/resume business?

  • that’s like.. everything is banned.. i’m a woman, and i find hentai good too once in a while.. if this thing moving on the the mangas n animes.. this is crazy.. i’m a yaoi fan too (no offense to those who hates it) and if this ‘bull-fuc*in-policy’ goes to the yaoi / yuri (again, no offense..) too, that’ll be the end of japan.. literally. then they should ban those guro and gore stuff too cause it’s not good for the brain of some ‘psychopaths’ out there..

    train molestation, student council, bondage, gangbang, binding, incest, nekomimi, rape(which eventually turn to some consensual sex anyway).. WHY????? dudes!! it’s called FETISH for a good reason: it’s FETISH FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!! only a portion of ‘otakus’ out there who are willing to turn them to reality.. others.. just find enjoyment through the fantasies but know their limits as well! this is.. absurd..

  • Anonymous says:

    Words cannot express the feelings I have right now.

    You cannot even have girls in your games.

    Not even if it’s consensual and loving sex.

    This is just retarded.

    And why student counsel? What does that have to do with it!?

  • Idle Hands says:

    If this goes through, and moves on to anime and manga, you just may see Japan’s economy collapse. I don’t know about anime, but I’ve heard that 40% of printed literature in Japan is manga. I hope to god this censorship is stopped. While I think some things in eroge and hentai manga are just damn nasty, a ban is bullshit. It’s just drawings, it’s not real people.

  • Okay, honestly, I’m female and I like a lot of the stuff listed there.

    Fucking feminists ruin everything, it’s just like how black people try to ruin everything with “this is racist”. Just look at the new Transformers movie and how they are reacting to it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not all black people feel that way I loved the transformer movies. And yes i’m black. The only ones who get upset are Niggers. Yes I said it. If you understand what the word means then you know why I used it. Ignorant jack-asses who get bent out of shape over anything, or when someone is acting black. What exactly is acting black any way. I have had black people tell me I wasn’t black. So I ask them;
      “Why because I don’t say son, cuz, or nigga, or is because I wear my pants properly and don’t wear shirts that are long enough to be a dress. Oh wait I know its because I actually graduated high school, have a high I.Q. and money
      that was earned by working legit jobs instead of selling drugs?”.
      The last part usually pisses them off but out of the several times I have said it I have never been given a answer. I even had this argument with an ex girlfriend I left her shortly after and haven’t messed with a black girl since they irritate me and my friends and family find it funny.

  • Why are they listening to those ugly, old, fat, unattractive, desprate-for-cock feminazis from europe? It was the USA that whupped japan’s ass, we are their masters, why are they listening to other countries criticisms? America hasn’t officially said a damn thing about banning hentai stuff, listen to us and continue your hentai ways or get whupped again!

    • Anonymous says:

      Equaling anal fisting and gang bangs to “physically and emotionally damaging acts” as if this was always inherently the case is beyond ignorant. You ever heard of informed consent? Real feminism is about the sexual liberation of women to enjoy sex in whatever way they want as much as it is about social equality in general. And yes, feminism really has helped womankind – in both instances. You’re being ignorant here as well.

  • Ahahahaha. Seeing phrases like “freedom of expression and sexuality” next to a list that contains items such as rape, gangbang, loli, bestiality, torture, brutality and assault is very amusing. Make me give a fuck about this.

    • Have fun whining when they take away from you what you care about. Of course it never occurred to you that those things happen in real life all the time, and therefore can be used as plot devices to tell a dark and sad story (we’re mainly talking about visual novels here). But what am I wasting my time trying to enlighten some random ignorant fuck on the internet.

  • Anonymous says:

    this is against the free enterprise concept.

    also, if they are going this far, then how about banning all childrens movies, which when watched closely, are NOT for children. for example, in the movie “Happy Feet,” the penguins are singing songs about sex and fucking.
    Is this what we call a “childrens movie”. i think not.

    this ban will never hold.

    There is a reason that these games are FANTASY! It is not meant to be taken seriously.

    as for it expanding to anime, sure go right ahead and WIPE OUT A FUCKING CULTURE! YOU RETARDS HAVE NO RIGHT TO BAN ANY OF THIS!

  • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

    That’s it. I am fed up with this blatant policy of stupidity and ignorance these feminists pigs are full of. I shall now evaluate the stupidity of the failed to get fucked feminists (FFF) by examining each and every one of the bans and a few of the ones that did not make the list.

    Note: I fully believe that all of these topics should refer to 2D only and find it incredibly stupid that people care about the rights of people who do not exist and yet take away the rights of those that do. I am fully for a holocaust (no actual killings just wiping the damned radical feminists off of the earth) of feminists and do not hesitate in saying I’d become their Adolf (who ironically enough was also christian…the same religion as most of these feminists). One may see this opinion as a bit radical but I am a huge proponent for freedom of speech and expression and believe censorship is horrible and believe it is even worse than rape. Censorship not only in some cases gives life to rape but it also misleads and takes away the equal rights all people of the world should have. My issues to censorship is not purely pornography or hentai but any type of situation where the freedoms of humans is taken away. Now on to the complaint.

    Rape: In 2D there is no real way to say but rape in eroge actually helps the female species in real life. It helps prevent real rape by allowing the possible would-be rapists to find their jollies with people that do not exist. It does not hurt anyone unlike actual rape. The feminists no doubt believe if the concept of rape is gotten rid of rape will cease to exist. Needless to say that is not true. So long as humans exist on this earth rape too will exist. The concept of rape by either man or woman is given into the basic structure. All people have a chance to turn to this action the majority never do. It is instinct. Humans are animals and pleasure and copulation is one of the basic instincts of life. The others being eat and sleep. Mating is an instinct and if one is unable to get a mate sometimes animals will resort to rape in order to spread their seed if you will. Others do it simply out of pleasure. Take another primate if you will called the Bonobo. The bonobo species is constantly having sex (all types of sex with all ages and all genders) and oddly they are stressed less, less likely to erupt into anger, live longer than most primates, and is a closer community in general…let’s say rape did manage to disappear from the current time. All one would have to do is look at animals and nature and they’d see it again. There is no way to completely stop rape even real life. But what’s mindboggling is that these feminazis actually believe that striking at the non-real portion of rape that they can deal a blow to rape itself. The truth of the matter is they know perfectly well that they can’t do anything about rape as such have gone to the one thing they can get at. These feminazis know perfectly well that the rape limits could skyrocket which is why they don’t care. It is not a “Christian nation” so why should they care about what happens to it. They no doubt think that by doing this they will be able to get rid of the rapists all in one fell swoop. The other reason they have yet to attack their own nation (no doubt the U.S.) is that this Japan incident was a test case. Now that it has worked they will get bolder and bolder in their demands until they have completely eradicated sex itself causing the destruction of the human race…lol.

    Gang Rape: Does this count threesomes? Even the porn industry is allowed this and yet the fake 2D eroge industry is not?

    loli: I have said numerous times that I have nothing against lolicons or even pedophiles. They can’t help it. It is a notion that they have grown up with one way or another. People do not just all of a sudden become lolicons or pedophiles after playing an eroge. There is something more behind it. Ironically these same feminists who say ban the lolicon are actually one of the biggest followers of the one who promotes it. In the early days of the bible and even the later days, and even in the early 19th century the age of a husband and wife were often radically different. Pedophilia is constantly mentioned in the bible and the same Mary that was “Jesus'” mother was probably only 12-14 when they got married. The idea that she was an older girl is completely false especially considering the fact they married quite young in the bible. The truth of this can be found in the accurate translation of ancient hebrew to the present. Most bibles say the Virgin Mary, the only close to accurate ones however say a young girl (not a woman). The fact that she was a virgin also meant she was under the age of 16 as the majority of society married by 15 in order to spread out and live long lives with their spouse. So based on their own fuking religion pedophilia is permitted in the bible. The fact that lolicon isn’t is simply stupid since it is not fuking real.

    Assault: Oh yes because rabid screaming fangirls do not assault actors and singers at all. Besides how can one get a rape eroge without assault. I’m pretty sure the concept of rape implies this. So banning simple assault? Stupid.

    Brutality: From who? The man to the woman or the woman to the man. Brutality is often a result of alcohol or drugs not pornography or hentai. In hentai it often is meant to show real life situations. Their is more brutality in everyday school life (in Japan) than there is the majority of eroge. (Occasionally a rape brutality hentai/eroge appears but that is for the same reason as the rape ones. It is to make sure that it doesn’t happen in real life. Brutality is definitely among my least favorite of the genres of eroge but when used in a story form it can work. Rape can give a lot of emotion. Hey feminists pigs if you read this go watch kara no Kyouki (garden of sinners..i think) (spelling is wrong but I don’t care). The third movie is the biggest example of how Rape can be used to make a story work.

    Reverse Rape: This is just another way to escape the reality that women also rape.

    Girl: By far the stupidest and most ignorant not to mention fucking idiotic ban yet. Girl ban? That means what exactly? No more eroge with females…that only leaves males left. You fucking hypocrites. You try to ban actual sex unless it is of the malexmale genre…I was under the impression most of you swine actually were against homosexuality as well. Is it possibly because you do not wish to anger some of your fellow female feminists. Well guess what with this action I have no doubt you’ve just made things worse. This shows exactly why people should not listen to feminists they are hypocrites and considering one of the ten commandments is more or less though shall not bear false witness or lie they should burn in eternal hell for this. At the very least they should burn.

    GirlxGirl: I am unsure what the “Girl” ban above means so I’m inclined to think it also includes lesbian love. Now this is going too far. It is not just men you are fighting against now but women as well. You are not fighting for the rights of women you swine are fighting for the rights of your own god damn mother fuking morals. You don’t believe in same sex marriage and want to try to prevent it. How stupid. There is no doubt now that each and every one of you feminists porkers deserve to be cooked.

    Compulsion/Coercion: Considering you’re banning the only reason you were ever considered for marriage you might as well commit suicide. The act of compulsion in my opinion should be categorized in the same area as seduction and temptation. Both could easily fit under the guidelines for compulsion. Hell half of the male species would never have gotten together with a female (or male) if they hadn’t been compelled in some way or another. Not to mention this is a hit against people with obsessive compulsive disorders. Compulsion does not necessarily mean stalker but we all know where your little piggies minds are…frying in God’s frying pan.

    Adultery: I find this one laughable. Very laughable when you consider the fact that it is often the woman who helps perform the adultery. Seriously it is not usually the man that is forcing a woman to have sex outside of wedlock but it is usually the feminine charm and wiles that make it so. In eroge I’m taking this to assume having sex with multiple women around the same time or having a harem-type game. Well yet another reason to go back to the bible, in the old testament many of the famous people that we christians know of either committed adultery (Daniel or was it David…maybe both?) or often had multiple wives or sex with maids, etc…. This idea of multiple lovers etc.. may become a reality one day if you feminists keep pushing it. Mind you the human race will kill you all off so you aren’t any part of it but still…

    Student Council: What? School setting I guess…still weird as hell. But have they ever heard of fucking college!

    Bestiality: Because males and females always have to be careful about being fucked by random non-human animals. Seriously how does this effect anyone. I highly doubt that this would happen in real life? If anything it is simply because of the idea that…I have no idea! This one doesn’t make sense from a useful perspective. Getting rid of one of their dislikes seem to be the only thing going for them. I can understand from a disgusted perspective but that would and should not be enough to ban it. Its peoples opinions they should count.

    Train Molestation: Not to say it but some women actually do like it. Just saying…and it’s not always the women that are felt up (males get it to). This whole ban is useless to everyone but the Japanese where it actually occurs. Seriously though they are banning eroge but allowing the actual porn to stay alive. The priorities of these morons continues to astound me.

    Bondage/Binding: Some people like it Kinky. It’s not just in hentai or pornography. S&M play is a stable part of the sex industry and anyone can do it. Honestly I have a friend who likes to be bound when having sex…says it makes everything much more intense and exciting. Bondange and S&M play is basically the same thing as skydivers. Not everyone likes doing it but some do and they do it for the thrill of it. Yes most bondange in eroge is of the forced kind but not all of it. Some of it is voluntary and is a way for young couples to experience a bunch of different ways of loving one another.

    Prostitution: Obviously the feminists aren’t too concerned about 3D since that is how they make their income to fight. Pity the pools who actually pay them. Come on though prostitution? Even God forgives prostitution anyone remember the other Mary (who also was probably around the age of 12-16 as resorting to prostitution was a way for them to make money while not being wed and most of the men back then probably preferred them young). Jesus forgave the prostitute and there are reasons people resort to prostitution. You can’t judge someone simply because of this.

    Incest: Oh come on? You serious? Yet another fetish that I must resort to using the bible to explain away. Incest for all intents and purposes is the only reason we are alive today. Hell you have sex with anyone even once and you’ve committed incest according to the bible. Remember Adam and Eve? The only two people who had the first children. Those children had to have inbred and so on and so forth. We are essentially all products of incest. I find nothing wrong about lusting after a sister or brother, or cousins, etc…. I don’t care for mother son or father daughter incest (as one or the other is usually forced…not always though) but these are still fucking 2D characters and the bible gives plenty of examples of when parents made love to their children or siblings did the same. Hell with Noah’s Flood the Incest was made even more awkward since there were only a few people around then too. Hence the bible and effectively God promotes incest.

    Torture: Not a fan myself. But each person has their own opinions and rights. One could argue that torture could simply be words rather than actions. I remember playing an eroge where brats were bullying a young girl…one could argue bullying as torturing. Hell torture could be argued in the fact that most feminist’s voices hurt the ears. Hell their very existence is torturous to male and female otaku alike.

    Confinement: So eroge with people being in a safe house or something to hide from the yakuza should be banned? Confinement is a vague word. It could mean the confinement as in physical or setting boundries. It could even mean solitary confinement in which a main character is confined within the span of their own existence.

    Violation: Called Rape, Sexual Harassment or In the Moment Sex. I’m pretty sure all women are violated when they are penetrated but it may just be me who thinks that. Hell men too can be violated with the sexual (subtle) advancements the girls make on men.

    Slaves: And yet they promoted actual slavery for many many many many many very many many many many years.

    Pregnancy/Pregnant Women: Because their love life is effectively over? This is by far the stupidest thing that they are trying to ban. I myself am not a fan of this however banning pregnancy is basically saying put a stop to birth. So they’d prefer sex to be done without any consequences. Way to go feminazis your stupidity continues to grow. Pregnancy is a result of sex hell they only thing worse than this would actually be the banning of conception.

    Conception: You have got to be fucking kidding me! This is basically the same thing as pregnancy and they make it be separate? The fact their banning conception also means they are banning an idea, a notion, the origin, a design, a plan, and basically the birth of baby jesus. That egg was fertilized somehow after all. Why not just go full force and ban actual sex!? Idiots the lot of them. Considering they should be focusing on so many other issues right now going after this is probably one of their worst and least effective. Way to go in giving them a step up Japan. You’ve inflated their egotism even more.

    The one good thing about this is that it is only one company doing this. Sadly this company shall now go out of business but hey that’s life (and their fault for giving the feminazis ground to stand on). It will only be a matter of time until we see the full result of this action and here’s hoping that everything goes well for eroge and the feminazis burn in eternal suffering!

    Hail Hentai!

    • Anonymous says:

      I looked through your post a bit more carefully now, and you’re using a myth from the Bible to justify incest as perfectly normal? What’s wrong with you?

      The more I read, the more I’m starting to hate you.

      • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

        It happens. I am perfectly fine being hated. Since you seem to adamant about the whole incest issue allow me to enlighten you on my personal opinion about the matter.

        Technically if you follow the bible (I merely used this example since most radical feminists seem to be Christians) then you believe that all people were derived from Adam and Eve. I’m not sure about you but based on that fact alone we are all related. I was not justifying incest I was saying according to the bible it was accepted.

        That is simply based on the whole bible concept. If the bible were not true I do have other reasons for saying why incest is in certain instances acceptable.

        I suppose the idea of incest all comes down to two things. Ones opinion on sexuality (meaning man-woman, man-man, woman-woman). I personally have nothing against homosexuality and although many people believe it wrong I honestly could care less. I am straight mind you but if others want to get with the same sex I don’t really see how it is my problem.

        The same is true for incest. Now I am disturbed when a father takes advantage of a daughter or a son takes advantage of a mother and do not agree with those principles. Actually I don’t agree with the taking advantage or rape with any of this. However despite this not all incest is rape or ignorance.

        If actual love is involved and in many cases even if consensual lust is involved I don’t see anything wrong with it. I will refrain from using yet another bible reference but many do exist for those curious. One has the freedom to do whatever it is they want. If they wish to fuck the brains out of one another by all means. Sister and Brother, Sister and Sister, Brother and Brother. Hell there are even cases where the Son marries the mother (to very odd results oedipus complex). Is marrying a distant cousin or is even having sex with a distant cousin wrong? No. Love escapes all bounds and to use a term often used in the bible love is unconditional.

        Now I often ask questions of which I look for answers. Exactly why is Incest wrong? What makes it bad? Why is their such a taboo on it? Why? What? When did this thought originate? Etc… I do not simply follow because the bible or some other religious doctrine says it is wrong. I am my own person.

        If you take the science approach to Incest it is similar to how people inbreed dogs. It slowly deteriorates the original structure but not unless it happens over many generations. So scientifically it is dangerous to the survival of ones future family but not after it only occurring once. One also has to take in account that the only one affected by this is the baby of the mother or someone even further down the line.

        If one decides to look at the idea of incest from a society point of view it is considered wrong usually because of religion or law. But why is it so? Everything goes back to the why question. Without an effective answer I shall continue to believe that Incest is acceptable.

        To clear something up I am an only child and have had no feelings for any of my relatives. I do not really like the idea of incest but until I can be given a reason why I shall tolerate it.

        From The Hated

        Hail Hentai!

    • NotAnonymous says:

      LOL! That would be hilarious! XD But that would actually offend ultra religious people if that happened. (a hentai game with Jesus would kind of offend me even though I’m not an insane religious person)

  • hmm that was is a long list,


  • Fuck those feminists… it’s not like us men want all the world for us, goddamnit!

    Oh, and as something to point on, i took 20 and did not spot Yaoi and/or Yuri. Way to go for baiting the fangirls, morons! I also spot ‘conception’ there. Ooh, my Development Biology charts are so going to get censored.

    Well, although i can still live on yuri ^^

    • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

      Actually Yuri is no doubt included under “Girl”. So it looks like yuri is included as well. Yaoi is obviously not represented among the ban…that would make some feminists pretty upset. Seriously how the hell did they discover this? I bet you anything one of them is a yaoi otaku. The filthy traitor.

  • Anonymous says:

    when I started reading this article I was against this ban but after reading the comments I’ve decided it’s a good thing because it would make you sad little losers cry and cry and cry some more into your crusty socks.

    you know you’re pathetic when furries look down on you.

  • Gradation says:

    Great, all the good eroge are now banned Someone needs to go to those feminist and just bitch slap all of them. Come on, Rape, Gang Rape, Gangbang, Bondage, Binding, Violation, Confinement….I’m so hating now.

  • Anonymous says:

    Conception? IS THAT NOT THE PURPOSE OF SEX?????

    the fuck? “come my husband, I think we are ready to have a child” BANNED

    that makes me so angry, I had to keep myself from filling this post with random curses

  • Anonymous says:

    I am trying to wrap by head around the objections to these bans.

    Would people be as upset if these “bans” only corresponded to loli, rape, gang rape, brutality etc? Essentially actions of morally malicious intent.

    Also, people abuse the whole Freedom of Speech (expression) idea. The founding fathers would have slapped someone’s wig off if they were thought to be abusing their first amendment rights. Also in Islam, where freedom of speech originates from, it was only freedom of speech within reason. As such, I fail to see how gang rape has anything to do with freedom of speech.

    • I am trying to wrap by head around the objections to the objections to these bans.
      In case you haven’t noticed this is fiction, not real stuff, look I don’t like of none of what you said(loli, rape, gang rape, brutality) but since I don’t like it I just don’t look.
      “As such, I fail to see how gang rape has anything to do with freedom of speech.”
      The problem is not the gang rape itself, the problem is that just because some people don’t like something everyone now should stop creating any FICTIONAL works with it.

    • Freedom (it doesn’t matter if it’s freedom of speech or freedom of something else) goes as far as it doesn’t harm others. Any objections that are based on morals (You can’t depict this! It’s morally wrong!!!) are nothing but utter bullshit.

    • I could agree with you, however, these are simply pictures. Nobody is being victimized with these games. And there are no grounds to punish anybody for looking at violent fetishes in their own privacy as long as it remains private(and as long as it is not real).Whereas lolicon or gang rape in drawings or games don’t bother me in the least, the real act itself disgusts me to no end. Besides, these ARE NOT the only fetishes being banned, other perfectly harmless ones are being thrown out as well.

  • I am more confused than anything else, I don’t get into a lot of the fetishes on these lists, but drawings are not real, why are they getting so worked up over something so meaningless.

    • They’re getting up in arms about it because they’re insecure with anything that they personally wouldn’t do themselves, IMO.
      That and they have total god-complexes going, to want to control others the way they do.
      Extremist feminists need to die, it’s that simple.

  • Anonymous says:

    the problem is the recent plea bargain made in america in relation to the loli/beastiality/rape/shota/tentacle
    H-manga trail. the person was arrested and convicted for having the hard (no pun intended)copys of the books.

    this ruling is not going to be contested because while we care strongly about this,
    no one else does. this is a victimless crime and in a few months the developers will make thier own games and put them up on the internet. hopefully

  • Professional Troll says:

    Ok now I’m all for women’s rights and everything but has anyone noticed everytime they ban something popular something worse takes over, ie Women made prohibition and now we have a Mafia. Thanks women but your place is somewhere other than making laws. At this point I could say something degrading or demeaning like your place is in the kitchen but that’s just mean…..but I do want a sandwich though. -claps- ladies

  • Distrance says:

    What I don’t get is that why hentai is assaulted as such, when if you look at the ” real ” pornographicy over the internets, there’s probably atleast 2000% more of that, and it’s ” real ”, too !.

    Needless to say, this sucks big time and I don’t get why Japan is agreeing to this, this is gonna affect their sales ALOT O_o.

    … in fear I await the day anime and manga will be banished.

        • Distrance says:

          Im not quite sure what you guys are talking about. I never said all anime is porn. What I said is that why they are banishing almost all forms of eroge, when there’s much sicker stuff over the internet, and that’s ” real ” porn too.

          And for the last sentence, I said it as in ” In fear I am waiting for the day Anime and Manga may be banished ”. Of course, I was kinda kidding, but with all this stuff happening.. who knows what’s next.

        • I did not claim that either. I’m saying that wanting to get rid of pornography entirely because you think only “cheap crap” has it is sitting on a high horse. Nobody forces you to watch it. It becomes perfectly apparent with your question “is it really worth it?”. What is worth what? Even if anime and manga were nothing but hentai, there is no “price” you’d have to “pay” for tolerating it. Except your hurt moral feelings. But that is your personal problem, not society’s.

        • Anonymous says:

          There is no high horse. I don’t recall watching pornography during Cowboy Bebop or Fullmetal Alchemist. There is a surprising lack of pornography in GREAT works, and high amounts of it in cheap crap.

    • Anonymous says:

      Does the fact that you don’t personally like them mean that it’s okay to entirely ban them? If you accept other fetishes being banned and only care about your own, there will be no one left to protect yours when they come for it!

      Though in this case, they banned loli already. But nonetheless, your comment makes you look like a very weak-minded person to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    It actually looks like there are five ‘categories’ of ban here, and the specific terms are probably more like guidelines. Translated list is each row, but if you line them up on that chart it looks like each column is a category.

    First column is Rape, Reverse Rape, Gangbang, Train molestation. Second column is loli, shoujo, school council, enjou kosai, pregnancy, pregnant women, conception. Third one is gang rape, adultery, bestiality, incest, violation. Third one is sexual violence, reverse violence, bondage and torture. Final column is brutality, compulsion, coercion, binding, slavery and confinement.

    When grouped together they make a lot more sense. Essentially, non-consensual sex acts are banned in the first column. Loli is (still) banned and they’re closing the loophole that used to see loli avoid the outright ban (never stating ages, but characters obviously underdeveloped, i.e. shoujo). It doesn’t matter if it’s ‘consensual’ (Enjou Kosai), it doesn’t matter if you say they must be 18 because they’re in the student council (the only explanation I can see for that being in the list), being or becoming pregnant doesn’t prove they’re not underage.

    It’s hard to see much of a difference between the first and third columns. I suspect this is an abuse-of-trust catchall. Adultery is another one that seems odd in this context and I assume this is lost in translation somehow. I can’t see any way you could enforce a ban on it.

    Fourth column is sexual violence. Bondage in this case would probably be the more extreme and violent kind, especially given one of the other categories is torture. This is most likely a ban on the sort of extremely violent porn which would also be banned in 3D in most developed countries. Snuff, torture, beating, that sort of thing.

    Final column is basically your catchall dehumanisation / coercion stuff. Forcing compliance with threats, slavery, imprisonment. The ‘binding’ one here could be refering to classic rope bondage, which if so is surprising considering that for better or worse Japan is kind of famous for that and in the world of 3D it’s got a fair bit of cultural significance. I think it’s probably more likely that what they’re specifically trying to ban here is restraining to prevent the victim from being able to resist.

    I get the impression that this could be a little less terrible for freedom of expression etc in Japan than it appears. I guess we’ll have to wait for some official clarifications on it. How severe it turns out to be will also vary greatly depending on whether the panel reviewing the games is able to use their discretion or not. If they enforce it to the letter and so on, then they’ll probably destroy the whole industry. But it could just turn out to be a minor blip that ends up cutting out the extreme fringe of the market. There’s a ton of fetishes which this doesn’t ban, too, so I can’t see it being the absolute end of everything. At least not yet – it’s a slippery slope.

  • Anonymous says:

    … This guys are just endangering themselves. Heck they should already stop going outside. Well not that their houses are a safe place to hide. They would soon feel the wrath of some rich otaku, they might already recieve a bullet to the head as we speak.

    • It is the beginning of the end of the world. Soon, we will be slaves to moralfags who can sentence us to death at any single deviant act from their definition of “normalcy”.
      This will be followed by a rebellion led by against the Moralfagacy. Anarchy, orgies, lolirape, guro, vore, furries, and all sorts of extreme sexual violations will follow for one century, ending with nuclear warfare over the increasingly rare virgin lolis. The world as we know it will then end, and Earth can finally begin healing from the disease known as humans.

        • Feminism fights for equality. You mean like the 1917 marches in England where women demanded the right to vote while half a million men with no right to vote lay dying in French mud. Did these women say a word demanding the right to vote for all men? Nope. Radical feminism also influences all law making, for example by pushing the 1 in 4 lie onto governments, making unfair and cruel laws against men the world over….so if there are more of these non-radical “nice” feminists who only want equality……why do you do nothing while law after law is passed in country after country taking the rights of men away? If you’re so into equality, why haven’t you demanded that all women be fairly represented in dangerous jobs, no you only want fair representation in high paying or glamourous jobs. No woman ever marched in protest because the mining industry or the construction industry are exclusively male. I shouldn’t have to explain THIS … the “non-radical feminist” is nothing but a myth.

  • Anonymous says:

    what’s going to happen is it will push all the eroge makers underground. you won’t find they products in local stores but at comic markets etc. The ban is is self imposed so it’ll only be slightly harder to get your content. any self respecting otaku will have no problem gettin hold of such content. The ban will get the damn feminists off their backs. After all this has died down, and the feminists have a new target, things will pick back up again.

    in saying that, this is why I hate feminists. All they do is moan. You don’t see them tackling the porn industry in america. Or do anything about abuse in 3rd world countries. They should learnt to fix their stupid domestic problems in their glorious america first before sticking their noses into other countries.

  • What the hell? I’m female and I like to watch some of those anime ( “it seems only a matter of time before a similar assault is launched against anime and manga”) and I’m pretty displeased. I mean, I like to watch bondage, rape, slave and brutality p0rn. It’s just fun to watch and kind of displaying sexuality. Fuck off feminists (I’m female, for sure!), every normal man / human should know no one should treat women like that (if they don’t want to (@slave for example)). :/ I hope someone could do something against it.

    Okay, to bann lolirape isn’t bad, but it won’t decrease the pedos.

    And, but you can find everything what’s listed here in yaois, too. Just to inform…xDD

    • > bann lolirape isn’t bad

      You don’t seem to realize that banning anything opens the door to banning other, more benign things. This is what started this mess in the first place.

      I mean, who needs icky gross Freedom of Speech anyway?

        • Anonymous says:

          I find it interesting someone can get off on cartoon depictions of child rape. Very disturbing.

          This isn’t free speech. This isn’t speaking your mind in a debate. This is you justifying getting off to dirty drawings of little children.

        • It doesn’t need to be justified. That’s the whole point. Someone feels like it, so he/she (I bet the thought that women draw this kind of stuff too never crossed your mind) draws away. That’s all there is to it. As long as you don’t understand this you haven’t understood what freedom of expression is.

    • NotAnonymous says:

      Those are my EXACT thoughts. I can just imagine the wikipedia pages…

      Hopefully, eroge makers start taking the action needed to stop this. This is not going to go over well with all the eroge otaku in Japan. (especially considering they are eroge’s main audience)

  • The student council one kinda got me scratching my head… In any case this will is quite a revolution happening right before our eyes. We can only speculate if this is merely a dark age for eroge and the ban will eventually lift or if this will be a permanent and unhealing scar forever? Unforutnately things look to be the latter…Unless of course eroge companies band together and fight it, but ‘they’re’ the ones who agreed to the ban in the first place. I’d give it at least another year or two before making a judgement call on the outcome of this revolution, but if in two years and ban has strengthened further…I think our eroge we have now prior to the ban will become valuable antiques.

  • oi, what the hell?
    why the HELL are nekomimi banned ?!!

    someone tell me what’s wrong about that?

    then you should ban all cosplays all together? no they really aim at catgirls, i mean really, what do they have against catgirls?

  • Anonymous says:

    # Rape
    # Loli
    # Gang Rape
    # Sexual violence (陵辱)
    # Cruel sexual play (鬼畜)
    # Reverse rape
    # Shoujo
    # Forbidden sex (相姦)
    # Reverse sexual violence (逆陵辱)
    # Forced (強要)
    # Group sex (複数プレイ)
    # School council (生徒会)
    # Bestiality (not catgirls or vampires etc)
    # Bondage
    # Coercion
    # Train groping (車内わいせつ)
    # Enjo Kousai (wikipedia link)
    # Incest
    # Torture
    # Bind tightly (緊縛)
    # Pregnant
    # Rape (強姦) (another way to refer to rape)
    # Slave
    # Pregnant woman
    # Imprisonment
    # Impregnation

  • Anonymous says:

    Nyaaa! This is crap. People that overreact to fantasy need to jump into a pit and die. People that put pressure on countries that they don’t even live in need to stop being so bitchy and stick to their own soil…and then die. Super-ridiculous feminazis may not have been responsible for the exact content of this self-ban, but they pretty much started the landslide…or slippery slope, if you will. Equality is fine, but idolizing superiority of either gender is crap. Only women ruing the world would be no better than only men. And I’m a woman too. Screw the bitches that started this. Idiots. Plus it makes all women look like whiney, stupid, over-reactive morons that can’t tell that real life does not equal fantasy and privacy is supposed to be private. I swear…

    Complain to ban one thing, many other things come with it. Banning and censoring things is a no-no in my book. I don’t care if you don’t play eroges and never plan to, banning one thing can lead to utter ridiculousness down the line, so you should care.

    Plus who the f cares what people do in their private lives? Oh wait, a lot of idiots do apparently. Humanity makes me cry tears of rage/hate almost daily nowadays. I seriously hope those responsible in any way for this find their way to the nearest pile of dog poo and fall in it. Stay solid, eroge makers and publishers. I hope you guys make it through *air fist*

  • MusicalNote says:

    This makes me laugh.
    So we’re allowed to have men fucking each other?
    Too bad I’m not even remotely attracting to yaoi…

    The situation cheeses me off though. For the love of god, when did people lose their spines? Conception? Train scenes? These are perfectly acceptable! This is where being so freaking worried about being politically correct has taken us, to bowing down and kissing the asses of the nearest figure claiming to be ‘objectionalized’ or ‘discriminated against’ on the base that they have a vagina or some other bullshit excuse.

    I’m all for equality and the VALID fights related to it, but this is not it. This is being a coward without a pair of balls to their name that takes the easiest route so the poowr wittle ‘feminists’ (as they dare call themselves) awent offwended. BAAAAAAAAAAAW I say, BAAAAAAW. Fuck the femenazis.

  • おれの名前シロです says:

    There goes feminist cunts ruining it for everyone again. Thanks, ladies. NO SEX FOR YOU EVER! NO BABIES! You will now all become lesbians because no men will ever fuck you nasty, feminist, bitches who want nothing more than to take away our pride.

    You don’t want equality, you want to rule over men! admit it or I shall slaughter thee and…-deep breath- BECOME THE GOD OF THE NEW WORLD WHERE ONLY WOMEN UNDER THE AGE THIRTY-FIVE ARE ALLOWED!

    Thank you, have a nice daaaaaaaaaay. 🙂

    • Hey, stop raging at feminists and realize that the Japanese industry did this to themselves. All the feminists did was send a few angry letters to a single eroge producer of a single game.

      They didn’t have to comply. But they did.
      The Japanese news didn’t have to blow it out of proportion, but they did. They didn’t have to claim there’s a ban on rape when no announcement as such had been made, but they did.
      EOCS didn’t have create these insane new restrictions, but they did.
      Eroge producers could’ve stood up for themselves, but they didn’t.

      Don’t blame the feminists – they simply started off the chain. I for one blame the Japanese themselves.

      If this ban really comes to fruition, we’ll probably see a lot of eroge producers move to digital distribution to bypass the ban, or they’ll all drop out of the EOCS.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am just in awe of what happened…

    Come to think of it. The dissolution of Studio e.go! might have been a prelude to this ban. 山本和枝 never explicitly stated why she left Studio e.go!, but since then she has made a new brand でぼの巣製作所 and distributed her game digitally. I am not sure if this bypass the ban but a lots game producers will likely follow suit, seeing Lilith and Norn have been doing that for a while. The eroge market doesn’t have capacity to accommodate 30+ romance eroge each month WITHOUT loli, shoujo, and student council. A lot of eroge makers will probably go under or start making baby bottles. I hate to be right about this, but started collecting eroge was a great idea since we won’t be seeing a lot of those for a while. I hope this ban is just temporary.

    – Simon Cowell of Eroge

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s like they are trying to kill the very culture of Japan …ironically by Japanese too..

    Meh , this is not gonna happen. Once a traditional culture would always be in the blood. If they want this to stop , they gotta burn themselves alive and make a new age for Japan.

  • Is this going to end up fucking-up the upcoming “Boku no Pico” eroge, or is all shota (both boyish and femme) still protected? What about futanari? Do they even make “baachan” (granny) ero there?

  • that anon earlier says:

    I BAN missionary position pfft why not ? might aswell take it all away instead of all the good stuff… shitty people doing nothing for our world just making it more shitty >_< lets make a war against the people who ban loli nad reap!! we all know its a good thing to have in games and pictures… atleast some people wont reap a loli because of thoes ero games right ?

    • Still, there are concerns that there may be people who would take this as a initinative to start making the bans.. lawful.

      Already there’s evidence of a drastic chain-combo after a certain idiot put up rapelay on Amazon, hence starting a violent reaction. And it’s not stopping now.

      Call it irrational paranoia but i believe that this will ALSO affect normal anime and other fictional materials. You can see how n4kk3d faries for art is bannable in UK.

  • Ziggenrat says:

    Aren’t they by doing this making some of the things that some people who are adults and do it by their consent illegal?

    I mean some people are really into bondage, you can find that stuff all over the net. Well does banning it in an adult game seem rather silly by comparison?

  • kimiyoribaka says:

    I don’t think the term freedom of expression really should apply to this kind of thing. It’s not really expressing anything.

    That said, shoujo? really? and student council? what are they trying to do here?

    And seeing as this is a within company notice, doesn’t that mean the real list might be longer…

    • It is a form of expression. By god, if women going to art schools can call menstrual blood dripping onto paper art, then making an entire game around a genre is too. Everyone who is into art will consistently tell you that even if it’s in poor taste, or not executed skillfully, or even if it’s not a unique idea – as long as it makes someone FEEL something, it’s art.

      In that case, Eroge is far more artsy than most porn, because it’s very character driven rather than just “Hey, let’s make a video of a chick taking a cock up her ass in various positions”.

      By banning all of those things, they’ve essentially said you’re not allowed to tell anything but the most vanilla of vanilla stories.

        • You really do have a poor understanding of freedom of expression. Simple answer: they don’t. Nowhere is it written that every form of expression must refer to political, social or religious issues. And even if it was, a constitution that defines free expression like this would be morally wrong (Yes! I said morally!) and needs to be reformed.

        • Most likely they’re talking about shota, except extending it across all forms of little boys. Shota implies that there is an older woman having sex with a young boy. I suppose an older man is possible, but I’ve never seen any like that.

          loli is much more common and therefore it’s spread to be anything physically sexual with underaged girls, no matter who else is involved.

    • Anonymous says:

      I got this when I went to minori’s official site

      “minori official website.
      This website cannot be browsed excluding Japan.

      Some foreigners seem to be having an antipathy against EROGE.
      Therefore, We prohibited the access from foreign countries, to defend our culture.
      Sorry for you of the fan that lives in a foreign country.”

      I feel so sad now…

      (Btw this can be bypassed with a Japanese proxy.)

      – Simon Cowell of Eroge

  • moondoggiebuiscuit Redux says:


  • Anonymous says:

    I’d like to rage like everyone else here, but does anyone know how this is being taken by Japanese people (particularly 2ch)? Surely there are some individuals who would step up to the plate and begin at least a petition or something…..right?

  • Meidoganekko says:

    *German Suplex a Feminazi*

    *Canadian Destroyer an EOCS member..*

    *Pile Drivers a Feminazi*

    *Ganso Bombs an EOCS member*

    *Psycho Drivers a Feminazi*

    *Schweins an EOCS member*

    *Joker Bombs a Feminazi*

    *Dead Valley Drivers an EOCS member*

    *Slicebreads a Feminazi*

    *Kudo Drivers an EOCS member*

    *MUGIbombs a Feminazi..*

    And so on…

  • NotAnonymous says:

    Wake me up. Wake me up from the nightmare… I pinch myself, yet I don’t wakeup.

    Well, as I said in another post, eventually everything in eroge will be banned. Just wait until ANY form of an H-scene in general is banned.

    Sankaku Complex, 2009 XX:

    “EOCS has now imposed the new regulations for eroge! The fetish of the penis inserted into the vagina is now banned due to manic ‘feminists’ and religious groups’ complaints. Fans of a niche genre known as “ero” or “H” will now be disappointed to know that the penis+vagina fetish is now banned. Certain groups are now also trying to request a ban on the inclusion of female characters because they may be moe. The government of the Republic of Japan is greatly considering the ban as it may protect the nation’s youth.

    News Articles:

    -Sazae-san banned in Osaka for inclusion of female characters.
    -42 year old jailed for owning the moe anime ‘Clannad’; jailed for life
    -Feminists describe Japan ‘Ours’.”

    Let’s look at the English eroge that will now be banned from production in Japan…

    -Kana ~Little Sister~ (incest)
    -Yume Miru Kusuri (drugs, loli, pregnant, rape, etc.)
    -Crescendo (prostitution, rape)
    -Figures of Happiness (loli)
    -Princess Waltz (loli)

    (I’m probably forgetting some “violations”)

    Japan will soon be communist. Burn in hell the close-minded idiots that forced this ridiculous ban.

  • Ex-Otaku-V3 says:

    yea yea ban porn, ban the word “porn” too as there will be no more “porn” ever exist in this world.
    fcking rules & regulations, even prostitution are legal at japan WTF they ban it for?
    no point eh?

  • Anonymous says:

    … under this new restriction… where there is no pregnancy… what on earth would that restrict? does that just mean that there is no longer a way to have like, the little family end? Does that mean that even if you don’t SEE the act, and the girl gets pregnant, it can still be banned? does sthat mean they could ban an “all ages” game like CLANNAD simply due to the fact that theres pregnancy? Goddamn these idiots and their censorship.

  • Anonymous says:

    FFS, the Japanese go from eating the Chinese to being a bunch of goddamn pussies who roll over to the demands of a bunch of feminist dykes? See what happens when you allow loli to be banned? Tis the end of the eroge.

  • Anonymous says:

    basicly feminism isnt behind this but basicly it is… it started the domino effect and look what theyve done.

    basicly big things like this never comes up with anyting good in the end. people have committed murders/suicides etc from smaller things. if there would come rapes. murders. suicides or anything that refers to bans. EOCS will get all the blames. also feminists. thats like end of their story.

    like mostlikely if these bans start rolling. i bet some ero lunatic will get info about people in EOCS. especially info about those who voted for these stuffs.. and hunt them down. or even that femnazi group that started the whole thing. who knows. they might end up dead pretty quick. not all feminists are *nazis* tho. i know some and theyre pretty cool and they dont care about stuff like these. theyre thinking about bigger and real problems. also they thought these bannings are completely stupid.

    and like said. i bet these bannings will just make people commit crimes more and blame the bannings then. who wouldnt? perfect reason to do crime.

  • Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this just as bad as taking crack away from an addict? Won’t they just go out and take what was once, freely available to them? I half expect Rape, Child Abuse, Assault/Brutality, to become alot more rampant on the streets.

  • grapefields says:

    As Saint Thomas Aquinas has said, “what holds true for the Church in the past holds true for the present”, and has been re-affirmed in the 60s and has been re-affirmed up to today.

    I think we must also take heed of what Levinas has once said about The Face. The face of the Other overflows the idea which the self has of the Other. The face of the Other transcends the distinction between form and content, because it reveals the idea of infinity to the separated being. The revelation of the face of the Other to the self is necessary for separation.

    The face to face relation of the self to the Other is an ultimate situation. The face to face is an ethical relation, and calls the freedom of the self to responsibility. The face to face relation of the self to the Other does not integrate the self and Other into a totality. Nor does the face to face relation integrate the self and Other into each other. The self and Other are transcendent to their face to face relation.

    Thus we need to control our totality expressed in these fetishes and re-establish a more proper relationship with the face encountered with the Other.

  • Anonymous says:

    soon they will ban cosplay too ;P no more even irl goth/sweet loli costumes etc. pretty much IRL will get banned soon too. *like we would care tho*

    but like.. ffs.. lolis etc banned… pretty much everything banned? what the hell?

  • Anonymous says:

    oh.. i think this is good time to start raping IRL. lolis etc will be victims.. oh yes. add gang rapes and other banned stuff there.. do them irl. blame the bannings.
    good excuse to do all of these IRL.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, em bitchs can never pull this off here in America, that’s why they just move on picking on the little guys oversea. Not our fault that the Japs are missing their backbones.

  • uhhhhhh… so isn’t this EOCS bullshit just an industry advisory group with no balls anyways?

    And this ‘ban’ was created as a sop to politics to PREVENT ACTUAL LEGISLATION by giving the facade that the industry would police itself?

    When all the porn-game producers start to go out of business I’ll be concerned. Otherwise everything will be business as usual in 6 months when the foreign feminazis find another crusade-of-the-week to stick their nose in.

  • Actually, it might not be such a bad thing. These regulations will get anything possibly objectionable out of stores (including online), and will thus make it almost inaccessible to the unsuspecting foreigner and vastly reduce the exposure to the general Japanese public. Since there is a demand, the market won’t just vanish, but develop a powerful self-publishing infrastructure (although quite a few companies probably won’t make it due to the immense financial stress), which will result in unrestrained, unrated creativity. Japanese politicians are not inclined to draft some stupid legislation anymore, as the material will have mostly disappeared from their eyes, and what will remain of the rated eroge industry will provide a look of harsh self-regulation. To overzealous foreigners it will look like Japan took swift and decisive actions against all the deviancy, and they’ll shut up too.

    Or it could just be me having snapped and spouting nonsense optimism.

    On another note, that picture is hot. RIDICULOUSLY HOT.

    • relentlessflame says:

      Re: the political angle… yup — that’s exactly (almost word-for-word, actually!) what I’ve been saying too. This is about making a big giant show so they can say “See, world? We addressed your concerns!” …and then go on doing what they’ve been doing behind closed doors. That isn’t to say the transition won’t hurt some companies, but this is a lot more about politics than it is about actually changing business practices.

  • This can’t be true >..<

    does this include furry, cosplay, yuri, tentacle, masturbation, etc????

    Student Council? O.O wow, they're specific. guess the Discipline Committee will have to do…. i dont mind class reps too ^ ^

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s a good thing the hypnotism/mind control fetish is such a fringe group, I was going to have a major conniption if that was added, as opposed to the minor one I am having right now.

    Clearly the best way for otaku to protest these bans, are to suddenly rape the hell out of women, and blame the ban for their sudden uncontrollable sexual urges. Oh sure, they get thrown in jail, but the rest of us who somehow breed will tell our children, and grandchildren, of your noble sacrifice.

  • What the hell is ECOS thinking? Okay it’s official. ECOS are a bunch of retards. They are just asking to kill off one of Japan’s largest industries.

    This is all about the rating business now. What the hell!?!? Seriously. When Japan’s unemployment rate reaches 40% and their country is in a 100 trillion dollar(don’t know the yen equivalence) debt then the ECOS will realize this is not a laughing matter!

    • Anonymous says:

      IIRC the eroge industry isn’t one from which Japan’s economy profits at large. They are typically created by small teams, are often not well advertised, are mostly contained to being sold in specialist shops, and rarely provide substantial profits to any of the parties involved in either production, transportation or retail. As a comparison, manga, anime, collectables and related merchandise, however provide jobs, much larger profits and encourage trade, while working in relationship with a much larger number of other industries, hence expanding the market for a very large variety of goods.

      • Exactly. It’s the same reason they can’t ban actual porn either, it’s too big an industry.

        While anime is still FAIRLY niche, putting in these same restrictions would result in Akihabara taking up arms and revolting, taking over the country in the process.

        That would be kind of cool, actually.

        But yeah, eroge seem either doomed or forced to remove the ero elements. Which I’d actually approve of, somewhat.

        Have to actually get CREATIVE.

        • Anonymous says:

          Angry much? Your words are chaotic and it’s 5:30 AM here.

          “Eroge are a subset of VN” contradicts “an intersection of porn and games, be it VN or something else”, hence the confusion.

        • Illiterate? I wrote “or rather, an intersection of porn and games, be it VN or something else.” The “subset of VN” comment was because most people perceive eroge to be visual novels.

        • Anonymous says:

          Eroge is a term for games containing sexual content, not a subset of visual novels. Do a bit of research and have your mind blown. O,o Also, same anon since “IIRC”. Namefag myself perhaps?

        • What the above anon said. The console ports get superior sales because of pre-established popularity.

          I haven’t played that many eroge yet (mainly due to not having enough time), those few I did play are mainly the usual essentials from Type-Moon, Key, Leaf and the like. While I wouldn’t say the ero scenes are out of place in those, I can see why people would say they were only thrown in to boost sales (well, actually I don’t see why people say that about Tsukihime). I did, however, not say that super-original, innovative and creative eroge in which the ero is inseparable from the game’s plot and character development, greatly adding to the overall experience, exist en masse. I said it is possible for one to exist. If worse comes to worse, I’ll have to make one myself one day, maybe teaming up with Atma in the process (only partly joking here…)

          Also, you make the erroneous assumption that eroge = VN, so the statement that VN don’t need porn to be good is kind of redundant. Eroge are a subset of VN, or rather, an intersection of porn and games, be it VN or something else. They exist for the purpose of providing fap material in addition to a compelling story and gameplay (although it seems they often fail at the latter two). So yeah, eroge NEED porn to be good. If they had no porn, they wouldn’t exist. Something that doesn’t exist can’t be good.

        • Anonymous says:

          The PS2 ports get their popularity due to a pre-established fanbase, a wider market, receptive of the games’ content and, of course, the almighty advertisement machine. Especially in the west, where a lot of people picked up the game based on the popularity of anime adaptations, when available, word of mouth and sites like this one. The original selling factor nevertheless remains ero content.

        • A lot of the better (plot-wise) eroge, like Kanon or Utaware, shove ero-content in odd places in order to sell more copies.

          They’d do fine without it, and, for that matter, look at all the PS2 ports of popular eroge. THEY don’t have porn and they usually sell better than the original PC version, being on a console and all.

          I’m not saying that porn is bad, I’m saying that visual novels, as a medium, do not NEED porn.

          “Restrains freedom” my ass. More like it forces them to find another way to draw sales…

        • Anonymous says:

          Creativity would be the last thing you could expect out of your average eroge creator. 😛

          I have yet to find a Visual Novel that doesn’t demonstrate all the skill and imagination of a garden variety fanfic author and/or choke on needless melodrama, spoiling an otherwise good story (yes, I do have high standards, and yes, I have played games by Key, Type-Moon, you fledgeling weeaboos).

          All the possible date sim gimmicks have been done to death, so all that remains is hybrid genres. Hybrid genres have been tried, with a predominance of badly done JRPG-styled 2D ones, the occasional attempt at 3D wielding terrible results. Ero-RPGs, of course are one subgenre with a long-lasting tradition, and I wager they’d be the ones to adapt most easily to the new conditions.

          Then there is the occasional action/adventure game, like GunxKatana or DesBood (made by Illusion, they recently got heat for RapeLay, in case you have forgotten, which sort of was the trigger for all this feminazi hate, from Brittan with love :P), which are less than mediocre, and Illusion’s games are imo the eroge with the best 3D graphics in the market, incompetence in the animation department aside. Savior wasn’t that bad… Is what I’d like to say, but then I figure not many people have my nostalgia of Fade to Black’s (the first 3rd person shooter ever created) environments.

          Bottom line is, creative pervs on their ‘puters is a false hope, best left unsought.

        • How very narrow-minded of you to think that ero content and creativity are mutually exclusive. If anything, having to abandon ero elements restrains authors’ freedom to express what they feel like expressing. You sound a bit pornophobic to me.

    • …I’m… almost positive that the eroge industry isn’t “one of Japan’s largest industries”.

      In fact, I think it may well be one of its smallest… this will have no effect on the overall economy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Feminists started the whole thing. heard about domino effect? as far as i remember. feminists have tried to ban ALOT things and those things have allmost allways started domino effect.. but most of bans have been removed after awhile because theyre useless and just plain stupid.

      things like this usually will be cancelled… but hey thats how the world rules. this thing is just provoking people to go rape lolis etc irl.

      oh and alot people said *yay there will be more traps* hey… you thought they wouldnt ban traps too? soon yaoi and yuri + futa will be banned too. oh not to mention shota…. oh yes.. was guro mentioned? it will be too.

      basicly when everything or most of things get banned. thats when riot starts. im not joking. its same as those french who tries to ban internet just bcause some french presidents wife is popsinger and she said she dont want that people download her music. like.. that was an example.. if stuff like completely ban interwab in europe or in world.. or stuff like dreams and fantasies… who knows what happens next? anonymous is able to do alot things. basicly it can do anything anon wants.

  • Anonymous says:

    So I’m not completely clear about his, is this a total ban on produciton by law, where it is now illegal to prduce anything like this? Or is this some sort of of voluntary ban?

    I’m not totally grasping the circumstances here…

    • It’s not a ban on production, I don’t think anyone can legally do that.

      It’s just that, for all intents and purposes, 18+ games can no longer be sold on the retail market.

      Of course, this doesn’t include Comiket or direct distribution, so…

  • Anonymous says:

    Hmm… I predict an outburst of ultraviolent shooters featuring the above banned content as a supplement for the soon-to-be defunct eroge industry. Would make for pretty weird crouch and taunt animations at least. Also, brutal incestious nekomimi ganganging rapist loli futa clones with big guns assaulting an all-female prison/baby factory in the all new “Slaves on a Train II”.

    • Actually, there was no way to stop this in the least.

      The eroge developers were just told their games were being restricted, straight up, no arguing.

      In a no-win situation, violence is the logical response.

      Blow up the EOCS HQ.

      Do it, Akihabara. I believe in you.

  • PokeNirvash says:

    Goddamn you, EOCS! I hope eroge otaku kill every last one of their members! Or at least protest them to the point where they can’t take it anymoe and they just HAVE to let the fetishes run rampant in eroge again.

    But until then, we will always have the internet to get our fill of rape, loli, and the like. For me, BDSM.

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe when this ban takes affect there’s going to be massive suicides of otaku’s and ?Hikkiormi’s?. And hopefully the goverment will see that and undo the ban. (Wishful thinking)

    But I doubt that’ll happen.

  • In protest, I shall commit Adultery by going out to Assault, Brutalize, Violate and make a Slave out of an Girl who is in the Student Council, who often does Enjo Kousai and loves “Reverse” Rape. Then I shall Confine and make a Slave out of her, get a few of my friends over and Gang Rape and Gangbang her while she is in Bondage. While I’m at it, I might as well get her brother and her pet do to bang her as well, commiting both Incest and Bestiality. In the end, the girl will experience Conception and become Pregnant. All this because of my Compulsion.

    I guess that covers everything. (^.^)

  • Okay, seriously, I’m getting even more pissed now.

    What the FUCKING FUCK is the Akiba crowd doing about this? Slitting their wrists?

    People can’t just ACCEPT this. It’s bullshit.



  • Anonymous says:

    ok now this is provocation by some feminist group why not just say “lets ban all things made on computer that has anything to do with females” and wtf with baning girls in eroge games,is it that they actually meant to say dont make erotic games unless they are yaoi
    why the hell are they making damn fuss with games like pornography in real life is not offending.
    and then thers baning euphemisms omg this is so annoying…

    • Yangth says: