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Okinawans Rage at Textbook Lies


The Japanese government’s attempts to revise history textbooks to suggest Okinawan civilians were not butchered or forced into committing suicide by the Imperial Army to keep them out of American hands has run up against near unanimous opposition from Okinawans, surveys reveal.

The main historical issue in question is regarding the massacres of Japanese (Okinawan) civilians by the Japanese Imperial Army towards the end of the Battle of Okinawa, the successful but costly invasion of the islands by US forces towards the end of WWII.

The traditional historical account, favoured by virtually all international historians and Okinawans, is that the Japanese army forced civilians to commit mass suicide, often directly ordering them to kill themselves and their families, and in all cases insisting they would be massacred by US forces if captured.

Japanese army units are accused of treating the civilian populace with brutal contempt even prior to their complete defeat, and abundant eye witness testimony from both Japanese and American sources generally convinces all but the most staunch revisionists.

That the invasion resulted in the death of some 150,000 Okinawan civilians, and over 100,000 Japanese soldiers is not seriously disputed.

Textbooks describing the events of the battle previously described the massacres as being the result of “日本軍の強制”, “compulsion by the Japanese military”, but in recent years a sustained effort by the ministry of education has seen efforts to force all textbooks to describe the civilian deaths as being “集団自決”, “mass suicides”.

The consensus amongst Okinawans appears to be that this is completely unacceptable.

In a survey of a thousand students from five of the archipelago’s universities, 99.4% felt that it was “important” to learn about the battle, and 86% knew about the massacres of civilians by the armed forces of Japan.

84% gave as a reason for the mass suicides the fact that “they were forced into killing themselves by the military government’s refusal to countenance surrender to the American forces”, whilst 4.4% gave the pathetic response that “they sacrificed their lives for their country, dying a beautiful death.” The rest did not know or gave other responses.

90% of participants were aware that the “army compulsion” account had been removed from textbooks, with 81% saying this was “not right,” and a mere 2.8% saying it was “right.”

However, in similar surveys conducted in the rest of Japan, 8% said the butchered Okinawan civilians died a “beautiful death”, and only 66% disapproved of the revision of the textbooks.

Okinawa, along with Hiroshima, are generally some of the most extreme advocates of Japan’s staunch pacifism, so such results are not entirely surprising.

The issue is made all the more sensitive by the strong independent cultural identity Okinawa enjoys, having only been formally annexed to Japan for 150 years, prior to which it enjoyed quasi-independence.

There is also a strong independence movement in Okinawa, which does not generally see eye to eye with Tokyo on historical matters, and none of this is helped by the relative poverty of the islands, and the stressful concentration of US forces there.

Of course, if 2ch is to be believed the noble Imperial Army was merely clearing up treacherous spies…

Via Mainichi.

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  • Klingengeist says:

    Oh some of my ancestors were killed by the french in the napoleon wars.

    Makes no sense to hate people of other nations for something their ancestors have done since the humans crawled out of their earthen holes…
    But historical facts shouldnt be changed/whitewashed.

    Sadly mankind doesnt learn out of past mistakes or wars. Love dies fast but hatred lives on for generations… see blood feuds.

    BTW, the american on the pic should be fat, not slim. ^^

  • Okinawans were treated as second class citizens by the Japanese back then. The Japanese didn’t even consider them human. They even strapped explosives to Okinawan civilians and forced them at gunpoint to charge at US Marines invading the island.

  • Why are every body sit here and post? get out there and do some thing about it if you realy care.

    particularly i dont really care, “whats done is done”. 2012s are what’s the Mayan strongly bealeves, hopefully that’ll fix the human race once and for all, face it, Otacku is the best in this current state.

  • Anonymous says:

    Japan is the bad guy at WWII and that’s the truth
    they lose and they become pacifist.
    But deep in their heart they are soldier and with become pacifist they may calm now but like Volcano they may explode sometime with very great power.
    That’s why America pay more attention to them.

    Just take it Japanese, you are war loving country don’t you? Keroro proves that ;p

  • i would say it is right that history is taught correctly regardless of contrary opinion, but unfortunately it is quite prevalent that history is told by those who win, and there is in essence no ‘objective’ history, especially in such theaters as war and conquest.

  • The picture gives a very, very inaccurate concept of what a typical American woman looks like. Most American women DO NOT have blonde hair nor do they have blue eyes. The picture shows a German woman, not an American woman.
    The Majority of American women have either brown or black hair.

    • Gloglablyn says:

      There is no such thing as a plain and generic “vanilla” American woman, you have to add something to it like Anglo-American or African-American.

      That being said I think I read in National Geographic or some such thing that blond people are slowly dying out. It was stated that like only one out of every seventeen women on the Earth is born blonde. Makes you wonder.

  • Sorry for my bad English. I am from Japan. I myself suspect those Japanese main media (such as NHK) supporting “compulsion by the Japanese army”. Did you know this opinion? (sorry for Japanese language only) This professor admits the fact of mass suicide using grenades. The gist of his research is as following: “ it was the local volunteer brigade members who delivered grenades to the residents to suggest suicide. This fact is endorsed by plural testimony. Imperial soldiers rather rejected the proposal from civilians to deliver arms for suicide.”
    Concerning this argument, it should be remembered that plural media reported last year (or two years ago?) although more than 100,000 people is said to have gathered in an assembly held in Okinawa to protest the government, the actual number of participants was some thousands.
    Calm judgement would be required to read about this sort of controversial issue.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the article. If the source is indeed credible then everything is just a ploy from NHK trying to frame the Imperial Army for something they didn’t do and upset the Okinawans. The article said that this Captain Umezawa actually rejected the proposal of the local defense brigade to commit mass suicide using ammunition. And the “military order to commit suicide” was made up so people can get pensions from the government.

      Still, I have a feeling that Okinawa was pretty much abandoned by the Imperial Army by withholding ammunition, as if they didn’t care what would happen to it. Goes to show that Okinawans are treated like second-class citizens in Japan. So that the Okinawans raged so hard at a fluke.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s all because of Imperial Army’s propaganda. Allies soldiers were portrayed to be pretty much like cannibalist who would torture and often eat their captives, when in fact Allies POWs are much better treated than Axis POWs, even though it’s true that sometimes they “take no prisoners”. Japan soldiers has the lowest rate of being capture alive because they would kill themselves rather than “being tortured by the Allies”. A lot of the surrendered soldiers were surprised at how nice they were being treated(consider they almost resorted to cannibalism near the end of war). Japanese soldiers, on the other hand, committed atrocities 100 worse than the Allies. They have no value for human lives, combatants and civilians alike. Allies POWs have a death rates of 27% in the hands of Japanese, seven times higher than that of the German and Italian. Here is what happened to this poor fellow, who was in the movie “Flags of Our Fathers”. Contains EXTREME GURO descriptions:

          That aside, while Imperial Army higher-ups were behind everything, Japanese people aren’t completely innocent either. They really should think for themselves instead of letting the military brainwash them.

  • Anonymous says:

    if the American economy sucks, how is it for the rest of the world? we american pigs are the biggest consumers of crap from other countries. my shoes are from China, my shirt is from the Philiphines, my computer is from Japan etc. where america goes the rest of the world follows. Health insurance? when compared to the rest of world? not too bad. America bashing is popular, but deep down inside many of you know that you need us more than we need you. enjoy living in youre hut/shack eating berries and leaves, while a Mexican cuts my grass, a Canadian writes my tv shows, iam eating Taco Bell serve by Nigerian immigrants enjoying freedoms that many of you will never experience

  • Forlourned says:

    The stink of revisionism was experienced by myself when I was in Japan back in ’04. I was flipping thru several stacks of manga magazines and stumbled across a story about a doctor that traveled thru much of China during WWII. I had to assume that it was popular since the chapter was in the 200 range or so. What smacked me upside my head was that chapter covered the incident that was later named ‘The Rape of Nanking’.

    The details where brutal and spared in no favor of the Nippon soldiers and several pages followed as he witness the mass shootings and women being dragged into buildings with lurid faced young men and older higher ranking leaders assigning who to which area was for death or rape. Then I assume death of which was not drawn.

    One page showed the imagine of the doctor in the background looking down into a door as hunched over men silhouetted with only their twisted up eyes seen. I was to guess that they where enjoying the fucking. with the screams of the women being raped draw white in the darkness. His hesitation and horror was complemented with a rifle butt to his head for stopping to witness this and he was dragged away. He later then protested to a general(or some higher ranking officer, I didn’t know) and suffered a beating afterwards for it. Because he was Japanese his life was spared. I looked at the older takubans and it looked like he came to China well before the war began.

    The last three pages moved away from the actual plot and became a historical summary of the incident. It showed the stairway of dead bodies and other grotesque images to further the impact of this disgraceful legacy by the Imperial Forces of Nippon.

    I damn myself for not buying it even when I was taken aback about the audacity of the author for showing this. Indeed, this chapter was never compiled into the takuban of which I looked for later in the year.

    I learned about the Outrage by the news media commentators and population complaining about this “fantasy” cooked up by the author. Hell, it might of been this site it was so long ago. And that was about two weeks after I put down that magazine when I read about it. I rushed outside to try to buy it, but I was too late and everywhere I looked. It simply disappeared. The pressure was so great the creators of the manga had to put in a apology in the magazine and explain to everyone that it was a mistake on his part for sensationalize the history of Japan during that war period.

    Remember this. They do not teach these parts of Nippon history at school and you’ll be damn hard pressed to find it anywhere else there.

    It simply.




    Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  • Do Fillipino history books suck it to the Spaniards for giving them Jesus and some Spanish cuisine and language, while ignoring all the atrocities they commited there like in the Americas?

    • Anonymous says:

      Filipinos are probably masochists with death wishes. That’s why they hated US for fending off the Japanese and burst their dreams of “dying a beautiful death” in the hands of Japanese.

      Ungrateful people are ungrateful.

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL? Filipinos want to die in a beautiful death in the hands of those Japs? Are you in dope or something?

        Sorry to say, but majority of those Flips back in the 40s would rather suck the dick of those liberating GIs than to those Japs who had nothing to do but giving them some bukkake treatment.

        gb2 to history classes, kid.

  • Koto-Chan says:

    = Continues to hate americans. Its a confusing matter for me since I am Japanese/Filipino but they used Filipinos as one of their toys and killed the japanese using nuclear warfare. Well I cant say anything but its better to settle things like these through peace talk but again its history once done it should warn us that these things should never happen again

      • Koto-Chan says:

        Well I truly believe that there are things such as these that will never show its face in common media I appreciate your efforts Forlourned. After all the winners will keep on hiding some of the facts that have tainted history in the case of america the usage of nuclear weapons (A. Bomb) in a war which showed tremendous deaths despite this usage no one even paid attention on this war crimes of the americans since they are the winners after all

        • Forlourned says:

          koto-chan wrote:
          “Well I truly believe that there are things such as these that will never show its face in common media I appreciate your efforts -********-. After all the winners will keep on hiding some of the facts that have ta~”

          Did you even watch the video from that link I posted -several TIMES- that had quotes from JAPANESE SOLDIERS?!

          Who the fuck is hiding what?!!! The winners where the Allies in that war and primarily USA on the Pacific side. Atomic bomb deaths? More people where killed in the FIRE BOMBINGs then the two atomic bombs!

          Watch the goddamn video before you spew out this conspiracy shit! Wiki the fucking info about the leaflets and deaths! Google the shit on all about every single bit of information before you lay another turd.. It’ll clean out the rusted sack of shit hidding up in your noggins.

        • Anonymous says:

          The Imperial Army were giving many chances to surrender but they rejected the offers, when they were clearly losing the war. They had the intention of bringing battlefront to their home soil and inflicting maximum casualties on Allies troops so they can negotiate for better terms in a peace treaty. Also at that time, the Japanese military practically had the whole country under their control. The entire population was mobilized into factories and arsenals to produce vehicles, military equipments and supplies, things that would be otherwise used against the Allies troops. They were in a state of Total War. Even non-combatants could be considered hostile targets because of their aids into the war effort. Doesn’t completely justify what happened, but 1) Japan could have surrendered before they dropped the bombs. 2) the civilians were also part of the military. When they refused to surrender, the Allies did what they had to do to end the war.

    • You do know that Japan invaded the Philippines at the beginning of WWII and took thousands and thousands of Filipino women into slavery to be used for sex by the Japanese army, right? Name one bad thing America did to the Philippines… name one.

      As for nuclear warfare against Japan??? The bombs dropped on Japan were not ‘nuclear’, they were atomic. Education is SO important. It is also well documented by all responsible historians that those two bombs, which killed far less people than the Japanese army killed in China, actually SAVED millions of Japanese lives… and is the sole reason that Japan is not a Soviet state today… the Soviet Union was prepared to invade Japan and totally destroy it, men, women, and children, and set up gulags which would have imprisoned nearly all Japanese people and taken them to Siberia so the Japanese islands could become a vacation land for Soviet leaders, along with valuable farmland to feed the Soviet people. The U.S. Also had over a million troops ready to invade Japan. There would be no Japan today if the U.S. hadn’t used the atomic bomb.

      It’s also fact that the U.S. was solely responsible for rebuilding Japan after the war… every penny, every company that formed, from Sony to Nissan exists because of rebuilding efforts by the U.S. after the war.

      So, Japan attacked the U.S…. we had to fight back, but we always realized it wasn’t the average Japanese person that was our enemy. And we proved that after we ended the war by making Japan a major 1st world nation.

      Facts, facts… PLEASE read history books!

      • Anonymous says:

        Read hisrory books? The victorious write the history books. The USA, in this case. Quite obvious thet the use of nuclear weapony (A-bombs ARE nuclear weapons) is… well… “justified”.

        The Sovjet Union had already lost quite a bit of land to Japan and was not ready to invade at all. Had Japan not attacked the USA and concentrated the forces against the russians they would’ve probably won.

        Again, the victorious write the history books, so of course the russians were not almost defeated. Yeah, right.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Name one bad thing America did to the Philippines… name one.”

        You’re asking for it. LMAO.

        300,000 civilians perished during the Philippine-American War thanks to the scorched earth military tactics and brutal interrogation techniques employed by the ever glorious US military.

        Shitsucks. Those Americunt pigs often dub the war as “Philippine Insurrection” while it was fought in a newly-independent nation. What gives them the right to call it an insurgency, huh? It’s apparently an invasion if you ask me.

        And oh, you might want to read this one, too:

        I highly recommend to read it as a HISTORY book.

        • Anonymous says:

          Don’t blame your failure to thrive on US. How well does the economy of a country develop depends on lots of factors like geographic locations. At least Philippine is better off than Laos, Cambodia, Burma, etc. If anything US actually gave you guys democracy and a chance to vote for your leader.

          And Philippine will be better off in the hands of Japanese? Go tell that to the Chinese! Japanese soldiers raepd and killed 300,000 Chinese in six weeks during their occupation of Nanking. If US didn’t intervene, Japan would have decimated your country. And you won’t even exist because Japanese raepd and killed your ancestors. It’s ignorant people like you that cause the demise of your own country.

        • Anonymous says:

          Heh, it would be better if the Philippines fell in the hands of the Japanese after the Spanish were kicked out.

          Americans taught us individualism and what happened? Where’s the unity among the people here? Have we equipped with collective minds long before (yes for the good of the nation and society), the country would have been in the same ranks as South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan.

          Sucks for this country.

        • Philippines etc etc …

          There are lots of distortions due to political or social agendas when it comes to history.

          One bad thing the US did? It didn’t treat the Philippines the way it did Cuba. Why did Cuba get independence and the Philippines did not? Okay, part of it might be that the Germans, Japanese and others were eyeing it as a potential subject state. The US was there already, why free it from the Spanish to watch the Kaiser or the Emperor walk in and take it?

          The numbers killed in the Philippine American War are highly disputed. And attitudes toward the US presence in the Philippines were quite divergent depending on the situation. Some of the rich wanted them there to curb the unwashed masses’ desire for land reform, some of the unwashed masses wanted them there to stop the exploitation by the rich “datus” (aka local chiefs or powerful families).

          No one was spotless in the affair, but as an imperial power, the US was generally better behaved than other similar occupiers, turning over most of the governance of the country to Filipinos within a fifteen years and granting full independence as scheduled in 1946. That date was in place well before WWII.

          The ability of critical self analysis and historical accuracy stands in sharp contrast to many cultures that are motivated by self interest of the rulers or power elite.

          Worth mentioning, the US did not teach about the extermination and concentration camp/reservation treatment of Native Americans until the last thirty or so years. Before that it was an untidy skeleton in the closet that most chose to ignore.

        • Put into context, there was a major outbreak of cholera during the war the took the majority of lives of soldiers and civilians alike.

          It’s easy to spit out numbers without any regard to the conditions of the time.

          Also should be noted is that the US courts did in fact place in trial and find guilty commanders who took part in war crimes against the Filipinos.

  • I’m not surprised, it’s not the first time the Japanese government tries to “correct” history textbooks to clear any blemishes regarding the actions of the Japanese in the past, and I doubt there’s a country who didn’t do this already.

  • Anonymous says:

    i hate america blah blah blah.. i bet, if given the chance many of you people would give up youre first born child to live here. enjoy living in youre third world countries, Canada included (Americas bitch).

    • Anonymous says:

      lol, atleast our economy isn’t down in the drain due to mismanagement of our country. There are tons of people without proper health insurance/care or even homes in your country and all you can think about is how other countries are ‘inferior’ to yours? That’s just sad.

      • Anonymous says:

        if the American economy sucks, how is it for the rest of the world? we american pigs are the biggest consumers of crap from other countries. my shoes are from China, my shirt is from the Philiphines, my computer is from Japan etc. where america goes the rest of the world follows. Health insurance? when compared to the rest of world? not too bad. America bashing is popular, but deep down inside many of you know that you need us more than we need you. enjoy living in youre hut/shack eating berries and leaves, while a Mexican cuts my grass, a Canadian writes my tv shows, iam eating Taco Bell serve by Nigerian immigrant enjoying freedoms that many of you will never experiance

  • softbanker says:

    Wow lots of rage goin on here. History is what makes us as today so you spineless bastards just shut the hell up and just fap which is you all are better at doing than whine about the past.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sorry to go away from all the discussion there but Is that an egg in the burger in the picture? As an American I don’t eat eggs in my burger like that… I might try it now, but is there some relevance to the random egg in the burger or is it just there to be there?

    • Castronaut says:

      I think it’s supposed to represent America’s penchant for tasty yet heavy and unhealthy food.

      I know that Red Robin serves a burger with an egg on it. However, I’ve never been able to summon up the courage to eat it.

  • first of all, for all the bitches who do not know that “America” is a continent.

    1-The North Americans are the pigs.
    2-The South Americans are the Latins.
    3-Anyone who denies these facts is a motherfucker.

    Thanks for your attention.

  • History is History.It’s nothing personal and we did nothing to each other only our ancestors. My German mother told me she felt guilty for the Holocaust to which I replied “It happened before you were born, and your part Jewish.”

  • mechwarrior says:

    Once they start revising their history books, there’s no knowing what they’ll do next. Japan, for its part, were the Eastern NAZI’s, with their scientists conducting live vivisection, their armies raping hundreds of thousands of women, and enslavement of conquered nations. This is not disputed. But it will be once those textbooks get changed. Then its only few steps away from forgetting altogether. Then the cycle of history starts all over again. Total bullshit.

  • welcome to the club, everyone. american poloticians have been rewriting history in textbooks for years now. the goverments of the world WANT their people to be ignorant to things that happened in the past.
    belive it.

    • Anonymous says:


      I taken that you have never even read an American History textbook. We didn’t make any attempt to cover up anything. Atrocities against Native Americans, slavery, social segregation, Vietnam War, etc. Everything, even things that we are not proud of, are in the history textbooks, unlike German or Chinese textbooks which probably deny Holocaust and Tiananmen Square Massacre ever happened. No one is going to believe your vague statement without factual supports.

      • I take offense at the “German textbooks deny Holocaust” statement. This is just ridiculously untrue. Actually, we were continuously taught to feel heavy guilt towards our past at school and by the media, starting at a very young age. I don’t think there is quite another country on this planet where children and teenagers are more aware of the atrocities committed by their ancestors.

      • actually I majored in american histroy and miored in world history, and my comment was meant to to be taken in a generalized context. it was vauge on purpose.
        oh, and if you don’t think the american goverment isn’t attempting to rewrite “facts” in textbooks, you should probably take your ass back to college and read a textbook or two as you said.
        didn’t say they were trying to hide the facts, only rewriting them…
        a subtle change is still a change…
        those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, so believe nothing you hear and half of what you see.

        believe that!

        • lol yeah, US American textbooks do little to hide their past. Unless you’re reading ones for elementary school children, its all there, sometimes in heavy detail and sometimes not. There are thousands upon thousands of textbooks which are written about the same topics; obviously you’ll get some ones with censored material but these are rarely employed in schools/universities.
          History is a topic that covers years,decades,centuries and so there will always be a small (or large) margin for doubt. It takes thorough research and until you can back up what you claim to know, its best to keep silent.

          *side note: being it is the internet, where anyone can find almost anything related to anything-giving your profession or key of expertise without any type of valid proof is…lol useless*

          with that said i am also working to be a history major

        • Anonymous says:


          I can say I teach American History at Harvard too. If you want to be credible you need to show evidence. All you did there was just reiterating your point without giving proofs. For a student studying history you made a pretty poor argument. What happened to your thesis and antithesis?

  • bongo bongo says:

    I still don’t get why they change things in history. Like they tried to cover up the “comfort women” and “the rape of nanking”. My grandfather fought as a guerrilla against the Japanese in WWII but I don’t hold anything against them. I just wish they didn’t try to wash themselves clean instead of learning from what they did.

    • Anonymous says:

      Germany and Italy walked away relatively clean from what they have done, when they have more prominence than Japan. Japanese got so much shit on them because people in Asia don’t know how to move on from the past. What’s the point in holding grudge when everything was committed by people from previous generation?

      • Anonymous says:

        Walked away realatively clean?

        You must be joking, or thats the logic that Japan tryes to enforce in own peoples mind to cover its crimes.

        In germany, none of the crimes were denied, covered or forgoten. The country and its people reflected and deeply reminiscent of the WW2 events and own countrys guilt at it.

        No attempts are ever made on common or official level to cover or forget the events, in opposite – everything is made to make sure all people know, the evenets woudnt be forgoten and such thing could never happen again.

        Some would say theres cultivated culture of “guilt” in Germany, and its true, but it doesnt make them uncomfortable or hurt in pride.

        Thanks to that acceptance of the guilt, everyonem absolute most of the nations that fought with Germany in WW2 by now had forgiven them, on both social, political and cultural level.

        There just not such thing as “Fucking german Nazis” attitude realy around Europe or even ex USSR (while much of east Europe steal mourns over USSR because it didnt accept its crimes, despite crimes of german being more severe.)

        Its different for Japan – its still often hated and despised for the WW2 events in asia, and it doesnt much lessen with time – because instead of accepting and apollogising for their guild – just like Germans did, Japan tryes to cover it up thus insulting the memory of the fallen and raising the hatred of the victims.

        For Europe and all countries envolved – WW2 is just a historical event, noone cares about Italy, Germany e.t.c Its things of past generations, bad period for all.

        Its different with Japan. And it disgusts me every time i read about the attempts to cover the events on Great Pacific War in Japan, and japanese people knowing little to none about those sad years.

        I am German btw.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah, I’m german and I thing all this guilt crap should finally stop.

          I was born after WW2, my parents were born after WW2, my grandparents were small childs during WW2. Politicians talking to me about guilt should just shove it up their ass.

          BTW, germany admitted what was done and apologised and paid huge amount of money to compensate. In fact we still pay billions every year.
          Other european countries worked with the nazis, and did nothing after the war.

          The fucking catholic church worked with the nazis. The church taxes invented for this shut them up quite nicely.

          Germany started the war, but now there are decades of apologising and paying. Enough is enough.

          Now the other guilty parties should finally start doing the same.

        • Anonymous says:

          And why do the future generations have to bear this guilt when they had nothing to do with what happened back then? And not making remarks about something isn’t the same as denying it.

  • Anonymous says:

    In case people still haven’t realized. This is SanCon. Most of us are Japanese sympathizers here(Hell, we practically worship Japanese culture). Japaneses are always right. Take your political discussions elsewhere.

  • Anonymous says:

    Okinawans don’t really consider themselves Japanese. Infact they have their own language aside from their regional Japanese. It’s kinda like the issue between China and Tibet because of what happened in history. It’s no surprise to see Okinawans rage so hard because of how they were treated back then.

  • Isn’t it just plain stupid to post comments about ‘stupid Americans’ when you can barely read the back of a box of cereal? An uninformed opinion is less than useless, it’s dangerous. Educate yourselves before spouting off. Japan started WWII, America ended it. And ALL Japanese people were treated better during and after the war by Americans than they ever were by their own government. This is hard, proven fact… not pimple-faced revisionist idiocy. It was unfortunate that ANYONE had to die in WWII… but, let’s ask the Chinese in Nanking how ‘good’ the Japanese army was… where 10’s of thousands of women, aged infant to 90 were raped to death… not killed with swords or guns… continuously raped until they died. As for the men of the city, they were used as sword practice, or shipped to Unit 731 to be experimented on, many infected with diseases, then dissected while still alive. I’ve seen real interviews with Japanese former army soldiers who talk about both of these things… it’s real, it happened. They were swept up in a mass hypnosis, turning them into animals. They know that, now… most couldn’t stop crying when they talked about their experiences. Americans didn’t kill Japanese… the Japanese politicians and armed forces have all the blood of the dead Japanese on their own hands. READ, EDUCATE YOURSELVES.

    • Gloglablyn says:

      Finally someone else that has done his studies, there is no doubt that the Imperial’s Greater-Asian-Co-Prosperity-Sphere would actually only benefit Japan and turn the former colonial Asian countries into the oppressed once more.

      BUT I have to add that the Imperial Japanese Army contained some of the bravest men that ever existed. Their combat performance proved that they could be a superpower one day.

      I’m just glad that they are on our side.

      • Anonymous says:

        Seriously, those guys commit seppuku rather than surrender. That’s just about as brave as it gets. If Japaneses could take down China back then, they could take just about any countries. For some tiny islands they sure pack some firepower there.

        • OigoMiEggo says:

          Depending on the circumstances, the mass army suicides might have actually been rather cowardly…

          I mean…if they fought to the end or made a feint-surrender then took to guerrilla warfare or organized uprisings, that might have been more brave. I understand that they might have thought that the enemy would take satisfaction in ripping them apart, so they killed themselves to deny them the pleasure/honor, but still, suicide can go both ways in cowardice and bravery.

        • The article is about how the army forced thousands of civilians to ‘suicide’ after murdering their families. Maybe they just wanted to share their bravery.

          Also, does the same follow for modern suicide bombers or did they just not finish their Terrorism for Dummies book, the final chapter must be on how to walk away

      • WWII had two fronts. A European front which was mostly Germany and Italy against England and France (though France lost early on and was occupied through most of the war, with the Vishy government which was a puppet of Germany). This war officially started in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. America was not a part of this early part of the war, in fact, most Americans considered it just another European war, and it was none of our business.

        The second front of WWII was the Pacific war… this came about because of Japan’s aggression toward it’s neighbors, and attacks on the Philippines, a U.S. protected country. But, it wasn’t until Japan attached Hawaii (Pearl Harbor) in late 1941 that America declared war against Japan (we were forced into it… it was a completely unprovoked attack that killed 2400 Americans, many of them Japanese Americans, there was no other way to react to the attack).

        So, Japan started WWII for America. Again, please, read real history books, don’t get your facts from blogs or a wiki… history is too important to just make things up to suit the moment. You, all of you, lose so much by not knowing the past.

        • No need to get all agitated. I am well aware of all that. We get taught world history quite thoroughly in German schools. Actually, four friends of mine and myself delivered a 5+ hours lecture on WWII in 9th grade. I was really just arguing semantics with that question, since the anon wrote “Japan started WWII” (without mentioning the pacific theater of war), which struck me as too dubious of a statement.

      • Castronaut says:

        Japan started the conflict in the Pacific theater by invading mainland Asia and attacking the United States. by the time fighting started in the Pacific, the European Axis powers had were well into their part of the war.

        So, yeah.

        However, if you really want to go to the source of sources for World War II, you should place the blame squarely onGavrilo Princip’s shoulders.

        He’s an asshole.

        • Anonymous says:

          Damn straight that guy fucked over the world for about 50 years with all of the rebuilding and what not… also is one of the reasons America got so powerful. If you don’t like America then you should be putting your hate toward this man.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually a lot of the blame can go to the french because the french and the British both were extorting money out of Germany after WWI which allowed Hitler to gain power because of the insane poverty at the time. Had they all just left each other alone, or totally crushed Germany and got an unconditional surrender out of them.

        • Anonymous says:

          the nations that made WW2 and WW1, truly WORLD wars were the British and a little blame can go to the french as well. Only these two nations had world empires at the time and without their participation in the war of 1914, and 1939, it may of have been European conflicts.

        • Anonymous says:

          US wanted nothing of WWII until we were dragged into it. What were we supposed to do after being attacked? nothing?

          That was a stupid time in history we all did stupid things. Get over it and let the people who lost families have their say Okinawans deserve to be heard… last I remember that is what the article was about…

        • Gloglablyn says:

          Shuu, Hitler’s Germany did precipitate it during the Invasion of Poland (1939) as the catalyst for both France and Great Britian’s governments to declare war on Germany. But the United States remained “officially” neutral until Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor (Sunday December 7 1941).

      • Anonymous says:

        I love when people with no factual retort default to shut up and die. Really though people we all know war sucks, but it can’t be avoided sometimes. Aggressors must be quelled lest we want to let them rampage endlessly.

        • MelancholyMomo says:

          Wow. The manufacturing of weapons helped their economy, so wouldn’t it be obvious that the general american public benefited from it..? Forgive me but I thought that would be obvious so I didn’t include that in my argument.

          and.. going indepth would be too much of a hassle so.. yeah.

        • Castronaut says:

          If you want to give grief to someone/thing about benefiting from post-WWII militarism, you need to focus on the military-industrial complex and the politicians who support it. The general American public, in truth, hasn’t benefited one damn bit from the bloated monstrosity.

        • MelancholyMomo says:

          To the anon above.. I guess i didn’t explain my point properly..

          I was writing about how America benefited from WW2, by providing firearms and other goods.. which they have continued to manufacture to benefit from.. The nation that attempts to bring world peace is also the country that has ‘fueled’ most of the wars of today.. of course i am not denying China and other nations involvement.. but i was just explaining to the America ftw guy that America is not as great as he is trying to make out..

          p.s. Respect your betters..

        • Have to disagree there, the Nazi’s were nowhere near taking the UK. We won the Battle of Britain, we invented Sonar to stop the U-Boats, Hitler was getting nowhere. I doubt we would have been able to liberate Europe without America but in no way were we going down.

        • Anonymous says:

          Are you a retard?

          Americans were dragged into the war by Britain the first time and second time by Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. If Americans didn’t intervene the Nazis would have owned your sorry ass. Many of their sons, fathers, and husbands lost their lives to defend the freedom and liberty you take for granted. Americans didn’t “fuel” WWII. Get your fact straight.

        • MelancholyMomo says:

          America also fueled WW2 and many of the wars in recent decades.. benefiting of them..

          and guys we are talking about wars here.. countries at war understandibly care more about their own survival then ethics and morality…

        • Do you prefer letting other countries start World Wars? I mean, we can let that happen so that you in Canada will get killed by the greater of two evil war machines.

          I’d go with the lesser of two evils, my friend.

  • CanadaMann says:

    I predict that there will be some comments leading to the killing of Chinese people during WWII, in this thread.

    more importantly I predict that users from Western countries in this site will support Japan instead of China in this issue.

    it’s the American Logic that has applied to all its allies.
    Japan is one of them.

    • I must admit, I have always wondered if the wiki entry for the Rape of Nanking is viewable in Japan.

      Maybe it just refers to a noticable presence of the Japanese army in the Nanking Safety Zone.

      By the way I love a certain subset of post war Japanese culture knowing this and that’s sometimes not easy with a Chinese partner.

    • Anonymous says:

      If that did happen, you’re the one starting it.

      And I’m quite sure most would be supportive of the Chinese / Korean sides, because mass murder/rape/etc is never acceptable.

      *is user from Western country*

      • Anonymous says:

        You don’t represent the whole western community. I think Japaneses had the right intentions to unite Southeast Asia under its rule. But the execution is just off. They should have come in as the liberators to people under the rules of oppressive regimes, not some nutcases go around and cause all sort of atrocities. Their huge ego just caused them the war.

        • Gloglablyn says:

          Why do you think people establish governments? They do so to protect their rights and be able to preserve their concept of Justice and Freedom.

          But sometimes those ideals and concepts crystallize and then take a life of their own and lose their resemblance to the group consciousness that gave it shape, that is often when revolutions begin.

          “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” -Thomas Jefferson

        • CanadaMann says:

          Now you see what I meant.
          The worship of japanese hentai manga has now turned into excuses of japanese’s slaughters.

          I know nobody will ever learn anything from this.
          Morality is DEAD nowadays.
          what people value is no more JUSTICE OR FREEDOM, but entertainment.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are right. If the opportunity presents itself, the Chinese would have done the same to Japanese, so did other countries in Southeast Asia. It just happened that Japanese experienced great progress in economical and military developments because of their open door policy, they leaped into the superpower of Asia and capable of such feat.

        • Anonymous says:

          agreed. The ‘unity’ that the Japanese government was potraying was anything but. It was a copy of Western exploitation on a more severe level, and in some cases (like Korea), the attempted erasing of resident culture. The East Cooperation hemisphere or whatever it was (i forget exactly) was that only in name. The other name, Japanese imperial empire, is the correct label for the details following occupation.

          Now if only Japan would simply apologize more definitely…

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s pathetic. The atrocities the Japanese commited in the Rape of Nanking was not just an error of ‘ego’. Historically, the people of that region have been brutally violent with each other for thousands of years. It (what happened in Nanking) was just the Japanese taking advantage of an convenient opportunity to express long standing traditions of killing your enemy in horrible ways.

    • CanadaMann says:

      Something similar:
      (Suppose a country that is not an ally of USA)
      If the country tries to get a leader through election, and finally get one that is not pro-America,
      “There must be cheating in the election”, and if the result is a pro-America one, there will not be such rumor.

      If a leader that is against America, and wants to get reappointment, his election will definitely get some big troubles like “cheating in the election”.
      However if the leader is pro-America, nothing will happen in the election. Medias will never question anything deep, EVEN THIS LEADER HAS BEEN IN OFFICE FOR MANY DECADES.

      Democracy? Freedom? Truth? History?
      Only USA controls the definition of all these, so?

      • Anonymous says:

        …because Asia is one united conglomerate that totally doesn’t harbour resentment and animosity between its constituent nations.

        Oh wait!

        Or maybe you could realize that the American 7th Fleet and nuclear umbrella are major factors in preventing an all-out Eastern Asia arms-race.

        Of course I wouldn’t expect that level of geopolitical awareness out of someone who can’t stop making fallacious sweeping generalizations.

        • Gloglablyn says:

          So true in the second paragraph, and if the United States wants to slow down her decline she had better learn to listen to her neighbors a bit more and re-learn to co-operate with them like she did in the past. She may even be able to grow a bit more and flourish.

          And yes I am personifying the country, this is based on the stereotypical design on the headline pic.

        • I do not believe that Ichiro really meant Asia as a conglomerate which exists in unity internally, and I highly doubt he actually meant what he said about Asia destroying the states. His reply was merely a response to the egotistical and narcissistic comment made by the original poster.

          That being said, it is true the US is one of the most powerful nations in the world, but the Western world does not consist of USA alone.

        • Anonymous says:

          People love to give retaRd comments base on generalization. They never try to do some little research before make a nasty little offense comments. Considering all of us came from little potato Africa and migrated everywhere. We just like ants from the same hole. Then after migrated, we begin to call that “ant” monkies, chimp, or devil white “ant” as someone said above. Stop the generalization, that is so dumb to the extent it not even funny.

        • Gloglablyn says:

          Not all Mexicans are Mestizos, and not all Mestizos are Mexican, do not generalize all Mexicans as in being one category.

          Would an African-American, for example, not be offended if he was told that Americans are all WASP’s? Yes he would.

          Mexicans come in just as many shapes,sizes, colors and creeds as United Statesmen.

          Yes I typed it because the U.S. isn’t the only American country out there, so they shouldn’t call themselves American, because there aren’t even any general traits that categorize them, except for being overweight.

          I’m serious too, perhaps good teeth, when compared to Eastern Europeans for example. Our class has been trying to conceptualize the “American” but they are doomed to fail.

          The Aztec heritage still plays a major role in many people’s lives over here, from religious influence, to some of our cuisine, even our national flag has the Legendary Eagle that took that serpent, perched on a cactus nonetheless.

    • You’ll all die by cannibalism. Those that aren’t so ravenous as to eat their brethren, will come join the Canadians by becoming one with Europe.

      The food has to run out sometime, Anonymous.

      It’s just a matter of time…

        • Anonymous says:

          2. In the states, almost anyone can get a firearm if they want it that badly, that raises the likelihood of gun-violence.

          Yeah, you really don’t know what you are talking about, do you? Criminals will get guns regardless of whether they are legal or not, because they’re CRIMINALS, they are going commit crimes anyway, so why not commit one more by getting an illegal firearm?

          A gun doesn’t turn someone into a criminal, criminals get guns to make committing crimes easier. And do you really think that there will be so many home invasions if everyone has a gun? Do you really think that people will break into your house if you can fight back against them?

          Criminals commit crimes because they’re cowards, they form gangs because there is safety in numbers, they use guns because most people DON’T HAVE THEM, because they believe the lie that guns, merely by existing, raise violence, and that actually HAVING one of those cursed things gives you a supernatural urge to kill people.

        • Gloglablyn says:

          Actually, It is exaggerated, sensationalist yellow journalism. The United States, the biggest consumer of said drugs has the worst problems. Here you won’t often find street gangs of 14 year old minorities killing each other for a consumer product. In fact it is quite safe. *Story warning*

          This morning a convoy of four black pickup trucks, each bearing the Logo Policia Federal (Federal Police) drove through our neighborhood here in Matamoros. Each truck had at least four heavily armed and armored Federal agents just looking for suspicious behavior that would lead to a drug bust.

          You would never see that happen in the states because:

          1. Americans can be very phobic towards federal government involvement in private affairs.

          2. In the states, almost anyone can get a firearm if they want it that badly, that raises the likelihood of gun-violence.

          3. Lastly, American Cops (Locals) are more concerned with their career than trying to make their community a better place to live.

          Signing Off, Gloglablyn-

          Hope to come back later and chat some more.

        • Hold on, somebody suggested the UK as the place to go for Forever Autumn?

          Well watch out for the War Machines – UUULAAA!

          Seriously though, the Martians did actually invade. The government changed the history books a few years ago to make the latter half of the ninteenth century more exiting to teach in school. Who wants the truth rather than a palatable lie.

        • I wouldn’t worry about it. Not many Canadians are very good at French either. We’re a bilingual country, but that hardly makes us a bilingual people. 😛

          Also, no offense taken, just joking around, as per usual. 😀

          So…The UK has the perpetual fall, is it…

          Looks like it’s time to relocate the family.

        • Gloglablyn says:

          Try the UK, and no offense intended at all. Some of my nicest customers were winter-Texans that sometimes come down all the from Canada.

          I’ve met some interesting Quebecois as well, but my French-skills are as useful as my unloaded Mosin Nagant Rifle.

        • Bears? Moose, my friend. Moose and Beaver. We have bears, but they aren’t as common.

          Also, sun is overrated. Too much of it, and you die.

          Snow is ick too, however. I prefer fall. Anyone know a place on earth, that’s pretty much perpetually fall? I’d like that world…

    • Gloglablyn says:

      Firstly, I agree that the American military should be reformed and that slowly we should return our nation’s military to where it belongs, the nation itself. But I am deeply offended that you do not like bacon. jk

      But in all honesty, those troops will be there to help when Kim Jong Il, or whoever is really in power, finally decides to start World War III on your land.

      Granted, the United States military was never intended to be a world police. But due to historical events, things just turned out that way.

      • I’m not quite sure what you mean by “reform the military”. If the military stays home, then the battle grounds would likely be on our home soil rather than theirs.

        The best approach is to cut off the enemy bull testicles before they attack. Not that we have been perfect at it, but it has generally worked. I feel safe at home.

        It’s been about 64 years since we had a World War. Note that the previous record was 21 years.

        • ^

          i dont know about that. While, yes the US is the strongest military force on Earth, it does have a major problem faced with manpower shortage for physical occupation and logistical operations. Yes, the N. Korean army is mostly obsolete but its sheer size will cause some hefty problems for invaders. The chinese military is just 10 years or less from almost equalizing in 2nd tier advanced weapons and tech. (Russia as well). While it is US superiority in tech., there has been problems in the field where outnumbered soldiers do suffer because of their simply numerical inferiority. Im only saying that while the US is still #1 by a clear margin, that margin is rapidly shrinking and that margin doesnt show the vulnerablilities.

        • “While the US army can be debated to be the world’s strongest, it is nowhere the largest (China and N. Korea are immense forces).”

          Size doesn’t matter. The US military is the most technologically advanced force in the world. In this day and age, the number of personnel doesn’t matter when the least can kill the largest. Nuclear armaments aside, the US has more than enough advanced firepower to bring old age Chinese and North Korean technology to its knees.

          Of course, China is trying to catch up…by attempting to acquire US technology to reformat into their own.

        • I was waiting for someone to fix (Rangers) are not green berets it was eating me considering im a army man, and N.Korea doesn’t have a larger army then the us even tho they are closeing in china does tho

        • Anonymous says:

          Army Rangers are not Green Berets and have never been Green Berets. Rangers are better trained than general soldiers in the U.S. army and you could think of them as special assault troopers as they are much more conventional in role and operations than SF. In general they also deploy in a bigger massed number than SF will.

          Green Berets are Army Special Forces. Their roles in recent history have been to act as forward infiltrators and as liasons with local peoples working in concert with those locals to do whatever special operations are required of them.

          Navy SEALs are Naval Special Forces. Their roles range from recon to direct action to counterterrorism. They also receive more training for working in the water than other military branches to go with all other training. Hell week is what breaks most candidates and occurs 3-4 weeks after the start of the program.

        • Gloglablyn says:

          If only you had a name Anon, well I will not argue that U.S. bases serve a vital purpose, but what good will it do when the people that are supposed to be protected learn to resent their presence?

          Back on topic, boys will be boys and they will do stupid things such as rape women or cause a ruckus because they may miss their girlfriends/wives/or Xboxes back home. But I believe we need to try to have a good ARMY rather than a large one, and that means indoctrinating these servicemen to treat locals better.

        • Anonymous says:

          it seems you dont understand the policies of the current US military and its importance of having bases around the world. The US military, indeed IS a world police and perhaps the most vital one. Stationed in various nations from Germany, Korea, Japan, Saudi arabia, Iraq, Afganistan and other various nations and bases, the US army helps to maintain the status quo order. Many nations do find the presence of military bases bothersome but for the most part, do not especially wish them away. Military bases, much like tourists spots, bring income to the local regional shops and also establish a set feeling of security.

          On strategic levels, if the US were to withdraw from military that it has occupied for decades, many people in those nations will feel suddenly unprotected. This is especially true of S. Korea and can be applied to other nations, even Germany (recent Russian activity possibly?) The bases serve as first response teams, first to deploy and defend(attack) the enemy. These bases are well positioned for the most part around the world, giving the US (empire) global reach and spread of shield.

          The US army currently is in peril because of its decreasing number of available soldiers, thus we get the national guards deployment in some cases to abroad. While the US army can be debated to be the world’s strongest, it is nowhere the largest (China and N. Korea are immense forces). Also in this day and age, noone wants to go fight and possibly die for such cheap pay. With modern luxuries offering a sin filled life, soldiers are becoming less inclined to risk their lives for something they may or may not believe in.

        • Gloglablyn says:

          Well Navy SEALS are the elite operations branch of the Navy and the fitness requirements alone are bound to break most recruits within the first week.

          BUT my opinion is that the Army Rangers (green berets) are more extensively trained that Navy SEALS.

          The problem with judging military units is the same problem you come across when you judge a tool or firearm. You would not use a scalpel to hammer in a nail, nor would you even think of using a hammer to perform a heart bypass.

          The same argument could be said of military forces, they should only be judged when performing the tasks they were intended for accomplishing.

        • Actually, I agree with you there on deploying the National Guard internationally. That’s a problem. This can easily be solved by increasing the other branches so that proper training can be given to the respective soldiers.

          I hear that there is a shortage of Navy SEALs. Very few people qualify; you have to be the badassest of the badasses.

        • Gloglablyn says:

          21 years, just enough time to breed a new generation of cannon fodder… he he he.

          Seriously though I meant reform as in make it more elite and specialized than it is now, the notion of extending the contracts of National Guardsmen to be mobilized to go overseas is ironic. IRONIC because they are National Guardsmen, they are trained to guard the nation itself, during times of unrest or disaster they are supposed to be the federal government’s dependables.

          I’ll just stop and finish my guacamole now, yum.

    • AmericanOtaku83 says:

      Gloglablyn wrote:
      Do these artists think Mexico and the U.S. are the same now?

      Are you kidding? My state is quickly becoming part of Mexico again. Just ask Presidente Schwarzenegger.

      As an American, I am well aware of America’s flaws. We are not perfect. But if America were to suddenly disappear, the rest of the world would go down the toilet.

      And on the matter of World War II, all countries involved did horrible things. War is a horrible thing and it makes people do horrible things.

      The Japanese government should not try to hide the truth about the past. In Germany, denying Nazi war crimes, especially the Holocaust is considered a crime. The US does not hide the truth about the their war crimes, even though they may try to. It’s pretty easy to get information these days.

      • Anonymous says:

        Try to get information about torturing people for information in Guantanamo. Try to get information about how said people were abducted from all over the world.

        Tell me why shithead Obama does everything to prevent courtyards against the torturers. Yes, he can, that bastard.

        Yeah, he will close Guantanamo, but at the same time an even bigger illegal jail is built to replace it. This is what he calls “change”.

        Not hiding the truth? LOL

        • AmericanOtaku83 says:

          I’m an American too. A peacock-worshiping liberal American(in that I prefer MSNBC over Fox News in that the former is a legit news organization). I think the invasion of Iraq was as illegal and meaningless as the German invasion of Poland in 1939. More importantly, George W. Bush lied to the American people for the reason for going into Iraq as Saddam Hussein was not a threat, had no WMDs and had nothing to do with 9/11.

          And I am well aware that Osama bin Laden and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are assholes. But so are people like Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps because all of them are using religion to promote hatred and intolerance which is not what it was meant for. God(and yes, I believe there is one)wants us to love and respect our fellow man, not use His name as a reason to kill people.

          And as for Okinawa, I think the US should remove it’s troops from there because they really don’t want us there.

        • Anonymous says:

          I highly doubt 99%+ of the entire world hates us; If you give a rural Afghani farmer half a chance, and they’ll still move here. Now why do you think THAT is?

          Usama bin Laden and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are fascist bigoted criminal madmen who use a noble religion to justify their crimes and hatreds.

          I bet that you could infer from my earlier wording that I am an American. I don’t think that we “illegally” invaded Iraq; that would be like saying that we “illegally” invaded Germany in the ’40’s. If you had done your research, you would see that at first, we had HAD decent support for the invasion of Iraq, but people lost their nerve after we had to stay to clean up our mess, with the people we had just thrown out of power shooting at us.

          And for reference; “infidel” means “one without faith”.

        • AmericanOtaku83 says:

          Osama bin Laden and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad considers all 303 million Americans to be infidels and the all deserve to die. After the US illegally invaded Iraq, 99.99999997% of the world hates us and want us all dead. That’s what I mean by infidels. Most of the world(especially Europe)views Americans as the enemy and people like bin Laden and Ahmadinejad are the good guys, regardless of who’s president.

        • Anonymous says:

          Infidels? Not believing what?

          In god? If he really exists he’s the biggest bastard in existence, probably busy masturbating to all the war and poverty in the world without doing anything against it.

          The lies told by their gouvernment? Would be nice.

          The truth? Sadly lots of people need their eyes opened.

  • TsubasaNoTenshi says:

    A similar situation is at hand with the History of Bulgaria textbooks, describing the 500 year long slavery under the Turkish empire. The 500 years of butchery and inhumane treatment towards Bulgarians is now described: “Noticeable Turkish presence in that period”

      • TsubasaNoTenshi says:

        Imagine: “Prior to their acceptance in the EU, Turkey apologizes for their 500 year long noticeable presence for on Bulgarian soil…”

        It still remains rediculous even if they apologize.

        • LOL most Koreans living in the US would rather drive Japanese car than Korean (this is changing because Hyundai got much better in past decade)

          Only things Koreans really want back are the historical documents and treasures that Japan took.

          Oh and correct all Japanese history books based on international view, not Japanese view

        • Anonymous says:

          hatred can only be let go once the victims have been properly reconciled. It is impossible for say Korea to demand physical reparations for occupation and killings during it but all it wants it Japan’s recognition of wrongdoing and a simple national apology. Germany did that only decades after WW2 and apologized to the jews and etc.

          thats why we see a lot of jews who dont care if their car is german and will buy german

        • Anonymous says:

          gimme a country with a clean history record that built without bloodshed =.=
          Countries built with blood, effort, and many things. All for the purpose of the better tomorrow, if you cant build a better tomorrow, at least dont try to bring more wars in. =.=
          It kinda stupid for keep hating each other, like the Jews and the Palestinians =.= how long now?, from the time the Jews move from Egypt to the that area….

        • ha! you got to be kidding me. Sins of our fathers is not of our own?

          So if the country you live in was built by your father murdering innocents you don’t have to apologize?

          ‘i don’t have to share, my dad stole your livelihood and gave it to me, blame him.’

          So much for equality.

        • Gloglablyn says:

          Well I, for one, have already let go of hatred, because ultimately hate will do more harm to you than to your enemies. I will not accept any apology that a Japanese representative issues for the Bataan Death March. It is because the Japanese people who exist now are not the same ones who perpetrated the offense, therefore they have nothing to apologize for.

        • アノニモウス says:

          As a Bulgarian, I don’t see any reason for the Turkish people to apologize. The sins of our fathers are not our own.

          If everyone goes out taking vengeance on each other for events that happened before they were even born, then humanity is going to become extinct overnight.

          History exists to prevent us from repeating the mistakes of our forefathers, not to cause more hatred (we have enough of that in this country as it is).

        • Gloglablyn says:

          Then it would be ridiculous for the Japanese government to have a permanent seat in the U.N. security council, because the many Asian nations that suffered the occupation of the Imperial Japanese Army would never forgive it. And I’m being nice by calling it occupation.