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Crossdressing (?) Nagato Plays K-ON!’s “Cagayake! GIRLS”


This video shows a not at all unskilled performance of K-ON!’s popular OP theme, Cagayake! GIRLS, by a mysterious figure in Nagato Yuki cosplay.

As is usual with these sorts of videos, the major questions being asked seem to center on the gender of the hapless cosplayer, although with more fervor than is the norm, due to some visual hints…

The evidence brought against “Nagato” is mostly:

  • The lack of any chest.

A reasonable enough claim, although a mostly flat girl under that sweater would probably appear so.

  • The legs seem masculine.

This one is more open to debate.

  • Gigantic, bony hands bigger than the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!

This one could very well be on to something…

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