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Teacher Beats Wife’s Udders with Baseball Bat


A teacher has been arrested for viciously beating his wife’s udders with a metal baseball bat, apparently in order to sabotage her milk production.

The special school teacher (41), a resident of Okayama prefecture, apparently nursed a severe grievance against his ex-wife and resolved to do something about it through underhanded methods.

He visited his wife’s family home, a dairy farm, on two separate occasions in the dead of night, first beating the breasts of no less 11 cows with a shovel, and on a later visit attacking the udders of 8 cattle with a metal baseball bat.

His objective was to ruin the farm’s dairy production, and in this he apparently succeeded; the cows soon had blood mixed in with their milk, and had their output reduced by the intense stress of this mammary abuse.

Soon the milk output of the ranch was halved, and the farm incurred veterinary costs of some $6,000.

Police later arrested the man, and he has been charged with interfering with the business of the farm; it is not clear if he will be charged with animal cruelty offences.

Via ZakZak.

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