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Rape Rampage Seaman Flees in Stolen Swimwear


A Leading Seaman in Japan’s navy has been arrested after he broke into a brothel and assaulted two employees, fleeing in a stolen one-piece swimsuit. His cryptic explanation for his crime, “I did this as I’m dead”, only adds to the bizarre nature of the incident…


The 26-year-old seaman, serving on the Destroyer DD-114 “Suzunami”, apparently broke into a brothel by smashing a lock on the front door, and then proceeded to strip off and commence his rampage.

The establishment had not yet opened (or perhaps had just closed, it being 5AM), but two female employees (aged 33 and 31) were present, and they bore the brunt of his perverted rampage.

Just what he did in the brothel is not clear, but after 25 minutes he had apparently left one of the employees injured after biting her, and he had also robbed them of one of the swimsuits they wore as part of their work, which he escaped in, leaving the clothes he came in.

After being apprehended he was charged with trespass, rape, assault and theft (of the swimwear); it is not clear whether he actually had his way with the employees.

His explanation for his rampage answers little: “I did this after I died.”

Via Sankei.

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