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Schoolgirls Shun Miniskirts! Long Skirts In Vogue?


Observers of schoolgirl fashion have been surprised to note a sudden boom in the popularity of low hemlines and lengthier skirts, with the mini-skirt now considered passé in some schools, and skirts routinely reaching down past the knee.

An intrepid reporter who visited several schools was shocked to discover nary a flash of thigh at all, with all skirts seemingly more modest than ever, so much so that it seemed the school dress code was uncommonly strict. A teacher soon corrected this misapprehension: “For two years now it has mostly been long skirts you see…”

A variety of reasons for preferring longer skirts are given by the students:

“Short skirts are just…”

“Skirts just have a cute shape.”

“I don’t want sock tan-lines, so I wear the skirt down over my socks.”

Naturally, practical or theoretical considerations have almost no bearing on female fashion, and schoolgirl skirts seem to be no exception.

2ch’s response is typically scathing:

“Whichever way you look at it, long is the least fashionable.”

“Long skirts are only permissible in 2d!”

“Japan is finished.”

“If it is too long thy just look like delinquents.” [delinquent schoolgirls have long preferred long skirts in Japan]

“I’m glad I won’t have to keep lowering my head whenever I’m going up a flight of stairs behind a schoolgirl.”

“Miniskirt boom ends.

Bloomers abolished.

Loli banned.

Sukumizu on the way out.

What’s going on?”

“I’ve lost my reason to go outside.”

“Ugly ones are better with long.”

“Finally the age has caught up with Marimite.”

“Make it more like Thai student uniform!”


“Like this, right?”

“Japan must follow Thailand!”




“Which is best?”


Via Itai News.

Of course, regional variations may be at play here; similar research conducted in Tokyo last year revealed hemlines were as high as ever

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