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Woman Loses Virginity Six Times, Nearly Dies


A woman who lost her virginity six times with the aid of repeated surgery finally found herself at death’s door after her weakened immune system succumbed to disease.

The Russian lady contracted a venereal disease after her sixth hymenoplasty, a procedure in which virginity is “restored” through surgical reconstruction of the hymen, which was intended to be an anniversary present for her husband.

When she married at age 24, her husband discovered she was not a virgin and admitted his disappointment that he was not first to deflower her himself.

Just before their anniversary, the woman underwent a procedure to restore her virginity. Her husband enjoyed the gift so much she continued to give it for the next five years.

By her sixth and latest hymenoplasty, doctors advised against the procedure at the risk of damaging her health. She signed a waiver releasing the doctors from liability, which was as well as she subsequently contracted an infection as a result of the surgery.

Her immune system, having been weakened by the annual surgery, is blamed for the cause of her near fatal trip to the ICU to combat the infection.

Via MosNews.

Sexual and surgical excess seems to be disturbingly popular in Russia of late…

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