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Taiga Aisaka Loli Mizugi Figure by Kotobukiya


This especially moe-some figure rendition of Toradora!‘s heroine Taiga Aisaka from maker Kotobukiya will soon become available, much to the delight of her fans since this might well be the best figure of Taiga yet.

That enthusiasm will likely prove useful for international fans of the loli tsundere – the figure is a Dengeki Daioh magazine exclusive, and much footwork will be needed to acquire her outside of Japan.

The full name for this figure is 「『とらドラ!』 逢坂大河フィギュア 絶叫デザイン水着ver. / Toradora! Taiga Aisaka Figure Zekkyou Design Swimsuit Ver, and as can be seen it seems loosely based on the swimwear alluded to in the anime.

She is a 1/8 PVC figure being sold exclusively through the May issue of Dengeki Daioh magazine, a not uncommon practice for limited-item crazed Akiba.

The only other Taiga figure available for order is the Brilliant Stage Taiga by Megahouse, a competent figure with two swappable faces, but with both faces being somewhat off.

Thus, the Kotobukiya limited edition mizugi version is currently the best Taiga figure available in sight, and she is indeed a beauty:


Little Taiga comes equipped with this flotation device, lest any she venture too far into the deep end of the pool.


As appearances would suggest, the ring is removable.



The sculpt on her is excellent – using her gigantic hair-bun hairstyle solves what likely would’ve been troublesome problems with her normal hairstyle, while allowing for these intricate textures to be added.

The seamline behind her bangs looks fine, especially as they would normally be obscured by the protruding bulge of hair in front of it.


The color on her mizugi is very cute, as are her multiple pink ribbons.


The face is lovely. Eye proportions and spacing are spot-on, and the exaggerated loli eyes easily draw the eye’s attention.

From a distance the face appears to be in a sort of “soft-focus”, as if she were designed more towards the manga-style rather than the anime version. This might be the one problem some fans may have with this figure.


Taiga’s deliciously flat chest is accurately depicted as well.



Taiga after having enough courage to discard her flotation ring.


She does have an interesting spot under her back ribbon where the swimsuit gives a flash of Taiga’s backside…

This will likely not be a problem for any fans of the figure, however.



Since the likely difficulty in acquiring this figure was alluded to earlier, a explanation is in order:

This figure will not be available for sale through normal channels. She is a magazine exclusive limited item, requiring purchasers to get the July issue of Dengeki Daioh. Inside is the order form through which the figure can be ordered, but with a cut-off date of June 26.

Only Japanese residents are advised to acquire the magazine (quickly) in hopes of getting the figure, because of both the impending deadline, and that international orders will not be accepted.

International customers will need to turn to auction sites such as eBay or Yahoo Auctions following the planned October release of the figure, unfortunately.

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