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Pool Teacher Takes “Tens of Thousands” of Loli Pics


A lolicon swimming instructor who used his position to take “tens of thousands” of photographs of the young girls using the swimming pool where he worked has shocked Dutch media, particularly as it emerged that he had already been subjected to an investigation some years prior for allegedly assaulting young girls.

The suspect was arrested at his home in Den Bosch this Monday on child abuse charges. Police have since reported finding “tens of thousands of photographs of a sexual nature” on multiple computers, over half a dozen hard drives, 10 cameras and several memory cards at his residence.

The images apparently mostly consist of photos the suspect took himself at the pool where he was employed as a swimming instructor, primarily dealing with mentally handicapped children.

Whether or not every photo among the reported tens of thousands are photos taken by the instructor himself is somewhat unclear, but it does appear evident that he had taken advantage of his position to amass a sizable loli gallery, as police are now reported to have found photos of 98 different girls in his possession.

It also appears that the extent of his loli voyeurism may be even greater than such reports indicate, as The Telegraaf is reporting that the suspect was the subject of a police investigation 5 years earlier following claims that he was “assaulting girls”. However, that investigation was “closed without result”, according to a local police chief.

In a happier world, perhaps he would have picked the obvious career choice best suited for him?

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